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Orchiectomy uk 21/09/18


I think as it has such a low sucess rate any surgeon who is willing to preform an epididymectomy should only do it under terms that if it dosnt work or makes things worse should be followed by an orchiectomy.

I was left stranded by the NHS even though I told them I was suicidal after 9 months of daily torture. So its ok to remove a testicle and cut all its pipework off stich it up and put it back inside and then they look at you like you are crazy when you ask them to remove it?

After my epidimectomy I was even told that they thought my pain was being refered from somewere else…basically every reason not to remove and when I was able to argue back with all the knowledge which I had gained mostly through here I was still told they dont think its the right move.

Anyone else in uk please beware that Nhs have strict guidlines when treating testicle pain and are willing to leave you in tormenting pain. Lucky I had the funds to go private and found a uro who understood my situation and right away agreed that removing this already damaged testicle was a possible solution and statistically a no brainer because I was living in hell!


Was it removed inguinally or from the scrotum @1986raz? Wishing you speedy recovery mate.


it was done inguinally


How on earth is epidydymectomy still allowed and recommended is beyond me


I can’t recall any men it has ever helped/cured on our board. It’s possible there has been someone but if there has been I don’t remember.


I was told at my last appointment with the uro that did mine (epididymectomy) that he had did another 2 recently one uni and one bi and both guys were pain free after and this was pvp people.

I refuse to believe it and think it was to convince me that it didnt make me worse and justify not removing my testicle.

I still cant get my head around how any urologist can think its ok to do it and then not go any further when it makes it much worse.


Yep, I got totally screwed by epidydymectomy. The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get.


I think several surgeons moved from epi removal to SCD hoping SCD would offer better odds. All the literature says SCD is more effective but this forum isn’t raising a glass for either


scd seems like another surgery which is auct more dangerous than orchiectomy yet just sounds like a safer option or less embrassive.

When I had to sign paperwork before my orchiectomy it stated that scd was an option that has been discussed with me and that it is available although I would have to travel for it and I have not chosen it and favour removel. Basically it just said there was still another option.

Was an easier choice for me though as my pain was unilateral.

Still cant get an answer from any uro as to why when nerves are severed during scd we are hearing reports of people getting really bad nerve damage and why does this not seem to happen when its just cut during removel ? Something during scd must have a chance to damage the nerve in someway which it cant be fixed…i would really love to know the answer to this.


Me too. With SCD, as I understand it, they’re targeting the fine, microscopic branches off the GF and II, mainly GF. With orchiectomy or neurectomy, they’re cutting more of the “trunk” rather than the branches.


4 week update…

Groin Incision has finally healed up since thurday, no more stabbing pains no pain from groin area at all, but skin all around it is numb which is normal at this stage and dosnt bother me at all.

Having some aching were my nut was nothing major just around a 2/10 more of a discomfort than pain, is slightly more annoying when sitting.

I am assuming this could be because my testicle stuck itself there after the epididymectomy and it was ripped off the scrotom skin during removel. Im not worrred at this stage cause it still could be healing and imflammed still.

There is still some tiny lumpy mass inside were the testicle was aswell which is prob a small Hematoma which could be causing some of the discomfort but as ive read can take time to resolve. I can feel some hard scar tissue around there aswell from again were the testicle was ripped from.

So im still glad I went ahead, I no longer have extreme pain on touch in that area and a great pain improvement. Still not quite pain free yet which sucks but hoping for more healing over next few months!