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Orchiectomy uk 21/09/18

As Im looking at this as a very possible next step now as all else has failed so far, looking for anyone who has any info or experience on pursuing this route in the uk.

Will be going private route for treatment as its to much of a battle with nhs and waiting times etc.

As my pain is unilateral im hoping I would find it a bit easier to find a surgeon willing to operate.

Has anyone had this done in the uk or nearby and could recommend a surgeon, pm me if you dont want to post publicly.

A rough cost of this.

I am willing to travel if needed. I just dont want to waste money on numerous private consulations on urologist who dont want to help with extreme situations like mine.

I am planning on a few private consultation in a nearby private clinic in the next few weeks but im not so sure im going to get the help I need.

Im 8 months post epididmectomy and still off work, my job is as good as gone now, epididymectomy has totally screwed me up.

Thanks for any info!

I’m sorry to hear you’re still suffering raz. Please keep us posted. Was the epi removal suggested by your provider? Did the vas surgeon also perform the epi removal?

I’m just saying this because there are some here advocating blind trust in providers and that we are surgery happy/advocates on this site which is false.

I dont know where @Thissucks is from but you may want to reach out to him for advice.

I didnt have a vas…my pain started as pain in the epididymis which came out of nowere…deep aching and tender to touch, almost as if it was blocked.Unfortunately at that time i didnt know even to give papaya seed a go first.

After years of appointments it got to point were the only choice i was given was an epididymectomy. I was told the success rate were bad but as I was so pissed off for so long i went with it. My pain went from annoying for parts of the day to me being not unable to work and even sit. The pain in the epididymis did go funny enough as its no longer there the pain is now at back of left testicle, the last 8 months now have been a daily struggle and life sucks at the moment.

My pain now i can pinpoint to a small area on bottom back of testicle were im told the epididymis was cut from the vas…auct points out a bit…its extremely sensitive and my pain comes when it touches against my upper thigh…basically sitting or walking…most positions cause it to touch.

Its been pretty much the same since the epididymectomy and i truely belive removel would have a decent chance for me to get my life back again.lve done my research on it and i know how crazy this area of the body is and that its risky and might not work…but unless I heal up some in the next comming months i really dont have any other options, i could not continue to go thought my life in this condition without trying as my other side is untouched so i think id be crazy not to try at some point.

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I would agree. Based on your history I think orchiectomy is a viable option.

As ive said before I will try hold off a little longer but im finding myself bed bound more aften away from my children and laying.

I’m sorry Raz. I should have known you were an idiopathic pain guy. Were you given the option of spermatic cord denervation? What you were told about epi removal sounds about right based on empirical results of members here.

It seems you are proceeding on a logical path. You can take heart in knowing your original pain was not due to anything you chose to do or based on bad information. Again, sorry for not knowing your story. I wish we could put our histories in a footer of every post so it was clearer who we were and what our history is. Things can get mixed up here because there is no easy way short of reading a persons entire post history to catch up on who they are.

Its true…i was in disconfort that pushed me into surgery which caused the mess im in now which isnt as bad as if i would have caused this from a vas instead.

Denervation wasnt even mentioned to me in over 3 years of appointments. I did bring it up recently and my uro had heard off it but wasnt to sure on it and he did later consult to others and then said he didnt think it was a good option. I get alot of this being told things arnt a good option but then not being told why and not weighing it up against my situation/quality of life.

In regards to denervation i do not think its a good option for me as my testicle itself hangs to low after the epididymecomy and i feel its destroyed now and dont see point to try and keep it with denervation instead of removel. If my pain was both sides then yes but the fact that denervation seems even more risky than removel.

My uros main concern was that with orchi the pain could move up the cord into my groin…hes just not sure it will work. But its my life thats ruined and I do know its going to be a risk as there is no miracle fix.

He was considering doing it if cord block worked but hes now changed his mind after speaking to colleague’s who have said they didnt think it was a good idea. Its fair enough but they never met me and there not the ones laying on sofa all day. Its also a nhs thing, its not in their guidelines or recommed to remove for pain only cancer.

@1986raz, I don’t know everything regarding orchiectomy, especially not enough to get into technical aspects, differences in methodology, etc, but it seems there’s several different methods, and it seems some are said to be better options for guys with testicular pain, pvp/s, etc than others.

The differences I’m talking about have been discussed many times on this forum, so it might be worth reading through all the “orchiectomy” (search term) related posts.

Perhaps someone more fluent with what I’m talking about will chime in here to.

I’m not trying to influence your decision one way or another, but I do side with your thoughts regarding your options at this point.

Go slow, you only get one shot at this idea.

@1986raz, I would definitely look into what version @Thissucks had. He’s wrote some pretty lengthy posts about it. Seems this is the version he had.

Hi yes thanks @RingoStar

I have looked into it and have discussed with my uro, its seems a radical approach would be the only option for pain relief and removing as much as possible, cords etc. Problem is finding a uro that understands. I have a few different options im exploring locally and abroad at the moment.

I don’t know which part of UK do you live in, but have a look at BMI hospitals near you. Give them a ring, very good doctors.

Orchiemectomy tomorrow…nervous but I have to try this at this stage…will update here !

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Will be thinking of you mate, wishing all best.

Had my left testicle removed 12 hours ago.
Stomach/Groin were I was cut is still very sore…cant lean forword or really get up without help.

Dont want to get my hopes up yet but it seems like my pain in balls is totally gone.

My remaining one was giving me burning aching when laying last few months ( not as bad as the removed one) it seems that pain is totally gone there aswell.

very strange…is it possible this other sided pain was auct being refered from the bad side which I had epididymectomy on??? cant seem to find info on this when I google.

Still trying not to get excited as I know its still early days but damm it feels so strange to have relief…I pray to god it stays like this.

Just to refresh everyone…I never had a vas…Had longterm pain in epididymis (left side only)…then had epididymectomy (left side)…now had left side removed.


Glad you got rid of the pain. Your remaining testicle will ache and grow, so don’t be alarmed. It will be working harder as will be producing hormones for 2 now.

Hello, I wish you a speedy recovery from the operation and resolution of all problems.

@SomeGreyBIoke Will be prepared for that.
@Iliya Thanks alot

I will update in a few days when post surgical pain has gone down as I know there our others on here who are exploring orchiemectomy as a possible option.

Great news!!! Very happy for you!

Im 8 days post op now…the terrible pain I had is still gone. Some slight discomfort when laying but not painful, still a little swollen were testicle was but not much.

When im standing walking around im pretty much pain free (scrotum area).

Lower stomach still very sore at incision, feels like badly pulled stomach muscle feel and incision still stingy from time to time. Still quite hard to walk without being bent over slightly.

Hoping stomach/groin area recovers in next two weeks so I can try some normal daily activitys like shopping,driving etc.


Wishing you well. You’ve been through a lot, and I think you made the right choice. Your story (and some others’) has caused me to put epididectomy at the bottom of my list of surgical options. Seems like we read too many men made worse by it and none the better.