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I feel at this point I have exhausted all my options and am seriously considering an orchiectomy on my right side. I know this topic is covered throughout the forum elsewhere but trying to consolidate folks’ experiences a bit here. So for those who have had an orchiectomy, please help me answer the following:

  1. Did it help, and if so, approximately what % pain relief did it provide?
  2. Did it make you WORSE? (my biggest fear naturally)
  3. How long was your recovery time?
  4. Any weird side effects?
  5. Any other things you’d want me to know about the experience?

Thanks everyone!


I had left sided, and It did help in my case, BUT! my right side which gave me zero issues developed problems after. My right testicle started growing, I can only assume it is trying to compensate for lost hormones, and started to hurt real bad. My epidydymis was full to the brim, could visually see it like a slug on the top of the testicle, and pain was relentless. Eventually I ended up with reversal on the right a year ago, and although still have post op pains, never had pressure pains since then.


I had a left side and the pain conveniently moved next door to the right. Had the epidermis removed in the right and nerve stripping of the chord, which uro said was 99% effective and turned out to have 0 efficacy. Result is I can never sit in a regular chair again. Remember, if they take the one, you’ve only one left before yr a eunuch. Just 2 cents


I had my left side removed 2 years after my original Vasectomy(2004). Second or Third Urologist by then I was seeing and it was more of a last ditch effort to stop the pain. He said that there is high chance pain will stop or at least be reduced and he promised I should be ok with my Testosterone levels. And so I had surgery early in the week. And I went back to work after that following weekend but on light duty(thankfully had very understanding boss). To me once the surgical area pain subsided the original throbbing and aching returned as usual. So I never really got relief after the ORCHIECTOMY. As for Testosterone my levels always stay on the low end of “normal” so I tried shots but being don’t care for needles I took my Family doctors advice and tried gel. So now daily I apply the gel.

My advice Don’t do it unless no other option remains. I had mine done way early and I was “alone” because many doctors kept saying it was in my head and I haven’t met Dr.P yet. I didn’t know about many men like myself existed and how many had the same exact issues and symptoms. Dr.P told me about the Yahoo PVPS group and I remember logging on and just crying reading some of the similar stories. I recall saying “Well IT has a name and there are many men in same situation. I’m not alone”

If I would have had a reversal within that original 4-5 years span I might have got a relief (I would have been happy with 50-60%) but that ship has long sailed.
Here is the link to my original Story and few comments from members here Orchietomy vs Lifelong Pain

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I started with the right side and partial scrotal removal due to nerve damage from a hematoma that formed after a spermatic cord block. Left side gave me problems soon after orchi. Testosterone levels kept falling and pain persist in scrotum and left testicle. I gave in and had Dr.P take out the left testicle and remove the remaining scrotum due to more nerve damage. Now I cant be more happier. I give myself injections once a week.


Fear of being a eunuch is a pretty interesting argument. I would contend that you were castrated the day you got your vasectomy. The only difference is psychologically it’s easier to accept because physically they are still attached. Your testicles serve two purposes, sperm and testosterone. You may not have been informed but your immune system begins destroying your testicles the day you were snipped. Vasectomy intentionally destroys your ability to reproduce so fertility is a nonissue. Many men, including men on this site, struggle with low T post vasectomy. Due to the medical stigma around TRT and doctors’ continual denial that vasectomy does not cause a change in hormones, vasectomized men shrink to a fracture of their previous selves and are told things like “low normal” in regards to their testosterone.

I don’t know about you but do you want a “low normal” libido, marriage, income, golf score? Hell no. I’m not advocating for removing ones testicles but what do you lose? You’ve already chosen sterility. Without both testicles, the medical community can’t help but get you back to “normal” as far as your hormones are concerned. If you are testing “low normal” now, do you think they’ll be satisfied with “low normal” hormones post orchiectomy? Nope.

If you can eliminate the pain and come to grips with the fact that, at this point, your testicles are actually holding you back from potentially getting the treatment you need, why the hell not.

What good are your testicles if they aren’t pulling their weight in regards to hormones and you no longer want to be fertile. If you can solve the pain problem, do it.


Your comment struck a cord with me @Choohooo, this is more or less what I were thinking. I’m doing better now post reversal on my remaining right testicle, but if things turn sour for whatever reason, second one is out. I’m fed up of this nonsense controlling my life.


No one wants to lose a testicle (or two). However, aside from the mental anguish that comes from “I lost my nuts,” it’s really not a big deal. In fact, there’s a chance you may be better off. Vasectomy isn’t good for both your testicles or your systemic health. It might not going to kill you but it’s not great for the body. I’m convinced that 20 years from now, when medicine improves, we’ll look back at vasectomy with a “what were we thinking” mentality. This is aside from the pain and suffering that all of us endure on a regular basis.

Testicles produce about 1500 sperm every second. That’s millions upon millions everyday. What if you injected millions of sperm subcutaneously into your arm every single day the rest of your life? It may not kill you but I’m sure your immune system could do without the added work.

As males, all we think about is free sex, spontaneous sex, no condom sex — and without hesitation we line up for our chance to be able to screw anyone and everyone without regret. It’s really funny how we willfully consent to melting the inside of our scrotum for a little guilt free pleasure. Only dudes would do this. I’m amazed it works out as often as it does.

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I’m amazed it works out as often as it does.

This is such a frustrating aspect to our situation. Some of us have been really traumatized by what has happened to us and when other people describe their experience with vasectomy it is unrecognizable. It’s sort of like if you are a woman and there is that certain man. That man who was so popular in college. That man who went on to be a powerful CEO. That man with the amazing reputation who everybody thinks highly of. The man whose name you hear on the news, and the radio, and on twitter. The man who no one would believe raped you.

I understand what you are saying. It’s either “a quick pinch and my life was instantly better” or “holy crap I was murdered on that table and my life hasn’t been the same since.”

Part of that is because urology pushes this procedure as a walk in the park. They do this intentionally. They need to calm men’s fears about their testicles so they can make money. The PVPS group is quickly shunned or hushed. This site is changing this. We finally have a voice thanks to @victor and the thousands of members that collaborate on here.

Urology knows we’re here, I promise.


I’ve stopped discussing it with anyone for this reason. It’s rare for me to even discuss things with my wife. I don’t really want to know anymore how other men’s vasectomies went. They won, I lost. It’s a hard thing to accept because it has consumed such a large percentage of my recent life. At this point, I look and act totally normal to those around me, so when I try and describe the trauma I endured, no one truly understands even those that helped when I was in PVPS hell.

Also, just to stay on topic. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If I knew an orchiectomy would relieve my pain without issue, I would have them removed tomorrow. At this point, my testicles are just painful decorations that have little use to me.

Thanks all for your replies. I think I’m going to hold out as long as I can, although, as all you know, every day with PVPS feels like a week, each week a month, each month a year, etc., and I’m not exactly the most patient person to begin with so this is pretty much living hell.

If you told me removal = 100% relief (or hell, even 80%) I’d do it in a heartbeat, but it seems like in many cases it causes more issues (although to be fair, where it’s worked people probably aren’t as active on this forum because they’ve gotten on with their lives, so I figured responses would generally skew negative).

Most doctors I’ve spoken with strongly are advising me against orchiectomy, so I’m going to try to be patient and continue with pelvic floor physical therapy (which so far has made me feel even worse after 4 sessions over 3 weeks, but I’m willing to keep it going for a few more weeks to see what happens). I have a couple of pain management appointments coming up too, perhaps I’ll have some success with different nerve blocks - still haven’t really tried GF or Pudendal.

A holistic doctor also has me taking some parasite killing supplements, lions mane, and BPC-157 injections (just a week so far), but I kind of think this is a a bunch of crap…just trying it all out of desperation.

So I’m really trying to take this day by day and pray that one day some improvement starts. My family had to cancel a Disney Cruise in July because of this - now rescheduled for December after Christmas.
So God I pray I am better by then because if I have to tell my 2 kids we have to cancel the Cruise again (6 months later!) it will break my heart and theirs (sorry if this sounds pretentious!).

Frustrating thing is I’ve had periods of feeling almost 100% over the last 2.5 years since the vas…but if I have to live the rest of my life in constant fear of 6-8 month long flare ups, I am not sure I wouldn’t just end my life…I’m seeing a psychiatrist too but the reality is, my pain is causing my anxiety and depression and no matter what advice he gives, it’s not going to cure my physical pain. I have (half-dark-jokingly) told my wife to find a new husband because I’m going to kill myself if I have to live the rest of my life this way. (in reality, I won’t do that, but many dark thoughts keep seeping into my mind).

Anyways thanks all again, it’s nice to have this forum. I wish we could somehow form a more public movement, get the word out there to curb people from doing vasectomies. Tell your wives to deal with an IUD…not worth the risk of ruining your hubby’s life. Some sort of anti-vasectomy march or something to get the awareness out there!

I suffered a number of problems post vasectomy, severe pain in my prostate, developed aleopecia areata, my testosterone dropped to 4nmol/l, ED, severe anxiety with depression, total semen volume was reduced, could not orgasm at all, and of course totally wrecked my sex life. Ended up losing my left testicle after failed epidydmectomy, and now reversed my right one.

Nowhere near the man I use to be, but still clinging to a hope that things will work out, but if not, I started researching TRTs and had visits to endocrinologist. Funnily enough, first question was if I had vasectomy, and he said great portion of his patients have been vasectomised

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Amazing isn’t it? If u make significant money performing vasectomies you are less likely to believe they cause problems. Its the way the human brain works. Like all of us, uros believe what is easiest to believe based on their own self interest/survival.

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Sad, especially since they took the Hypocratic Oath that’s supposed to elevate them above the rest of us. To me, that makes them worse. At least I still try to live by the oath I took as a military officer. To me, most urologists are hypocritical scum. They know they’re playing with fire when it comes to vasectomy but ignore the risk since they don’t feel the pain themselves.

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I had bilateral orchi december 20 ,2019 for me pain resolution is 99%


@johnnyg42978 I’d be interested to hear what you decided to do

How is sex life now?? And are there any phantom pain