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Orchiectomy next week

Hi, I am booked in to have right side Orchiectomy next week, I really don’t know what to expect or what life is going to be like with just one testicle.

I was looking for some advice from those that have been through this type of surgery.

I’m not having the testicle removed because of cancer or because of vasectomy, I’m having it removed because of chronic testicle pain, I think it’s called chronic orchialgia.

I think the surgeon said he would perform the same operation as if I had testicle cancer, to cut high and get most of the cord, does that sound right?

To say that I am scared is an understatement.


Thanks so much for creating this thread. I’ll definitely be following it, and I will definitely want to know the result. Unilateral radical inguinal orchiectomy is probably the next procedure for me.

My understanding is:

Unilateral = one side
Radical = takes out both the testicle and cord
Inguinal = incision is through top of groin instead of through the scrotum


I had mine removed higher up the waistline, near the belt line. one issue that still persists nearly 3 years later is numb patch in the inside of my thigh. In hindsight, I’d ask my surgeon not to cut any nerves going to the leg if I had to have it done again


İ am in a very similar situation. My problem is vas deference pain. 2 uro offered orchi. One uro offered partial removal of vas deference in open inguinal incision . Another uro ofered laparoscopic vas deference removal. One uro ofered targeted spermatic cord denervation. And last surgeon ofered denervation but laparoscopic. He will Clean vasal sheat (vas deference muscles) laparoscopicaly.

Dear chip… İ strongly recommend to see Dr Sijo through watsup consultation. He listens you and tries to help…
First try targeted SCD . İn orchiectomy they will cut spermatic cord. İn targeted SCD they will also cut spermatic cord. The procedure is same…
İn Turkey, Dr Ahmet Gudeloglu is also performing targeted SCD robotically. His hospital is Hacettepe Medical school. İt is the top university in Turkey. He is also very friendly and helpfull person. Turkey is a cheap and safe country. Medical health system is better than USA.
SCD and orchiectomy are same. İn both procedure they cut spermatic cord nerves. İn the second procedure the testicle lost is available.

First contact with Dr Sijo… listen Sijo…

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Completely agree. Contact Dr. P. At the very least, try a targeted spermatic cord block. It simulates SCD.

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Such a tough call. I have to believe that every man on this forum (most due to vasectomy) has considered having a testicle and cord removed at one time or another. Seems like such a last resort but, surprisingly, a lot of guys here seem to have gotten favorable results.

The alternatives aren’t without risk. Several here have reported poor results from cord denervation. I explored it considerably. I also explored open triple neurectomy and laproscopic GF neurectomy (since the II/IH appeared not to be my problem). Neither of those looked to be riskless.

I DO think there’s some statistical bias here against these surgeries. My guess (just a GUESS) is that many men get relief and then stop posting or never post here in the first place.

I wish you the best.


Vasectomy may cause chronic pain because of nerve cut.

Neuroctomy May cause chronic pain because of nerve cut…

SCD may cause chronic pain because of nerve cut…

Orchiectomy may cause chronic(phantom) pain because of nerve cut…

İnguinal hernia surgery may cause chronic pain because of nerve cut…

All of them are related to the cutting of nerves…

all surgeries has a risk of chronic pain…

Now i have trigeminal neuralgia in my left face. The pain scale is 10/10. The pain is the highest pain that a human can feel. For 4 years i have this illness. İ fell 4 time in a year and each attack takes 3 weeks. The solution is brain surgery … But it can cause more pain… Funy isnt it.??

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You are spot on. Good luck with the trigeminal neuralgia. I developed that 22 years ago. Still have some mild numbness near my left eye socket. I bet @Choohooo can relate to this. All started while getting a simple filling in my rear molar. While doing the filling, the dentist asked if I wanted him to replace the old silver filling in the tooth in front of it with a new white (porcelain?) filling, and I said sure. It went so deep it disturbed the nerve. Replaced the filling, then a root canal, didn’t work. Then root canal on tooth behind it, then removal of the first one filled. Still massive pain as bad or worse than PVPS.

Ultimately diagnosed with neuralgia and TMJ, given diazapam and fitted with a bite that got adjusted monthly. Took me a year to recover. Cost me over $10,000 since I have no dental insurance.

I still go to the same dental practice. My primary is semi-retired, but his son, son-in-law, and niece run the show. His son recently asked why I never got an implant where the offending tooth was removed. I asked him to read the notes in my file from late 1998. After a few minutes, he said “OK, I get it.”


Chip i dont know to express my best wishes in English.
i hope you will be painfree … Good luck and i will pray for you… Be god with you


You’re doing great with English. I’m a native English speaking American. I respect you and others attempting English when it’s not your first language. We recently had a priest from South Korea at our parish, and my youngest daughter joked about his broken English (he REALLY struggled with the word resurrection). I told her she should go to South Korea and try give a one hour speech in Korean or quit poking fun at him.

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Hey Chip! Following this! I have exhausted all medical intervention for chronic testicular pain (non Vas related) If you read my read my other post. I have considered removal, some days more than others! The idea scares me! The chronic pain has stolen so much from me already, my enjoyment of sex, masturbation… but I am afraid a removal would take my sense of masculinity as well… stupid probably…

Interested to chat further on your journey! This forum, although I am not in pain due to a VAs, has been a god send… just knowing I am not alone.

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Chip. I was in a situation like yours. I went through Dr. p here in Fl. We started with conservative measures with pain only persistent. I had enough and started the route you are nervous about. The surgery is no different then groin hernia surgery. My end result was a bilateral orchi. I could not be anymore pain free.

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Did your trouble start with a vasectomy, or some other way?

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The cause of pain was due to a vasectomy. They think it was due to a auto immune response.


If you don’t mind, what was the year/month of the vasectomy?

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What conservative and surgical measures did you try before orchi?

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The First surgery was dernervation of the right side. My body responded horribly to it and a huge hematoma developed that caused nerve damage to scrotal tissue. Pain was too much so I opted for a unilateral of the right testicle and removal of trigger skin that was damaged. The Left testicle Pain amplified few months after right side orchi. I didn’t try any surgical remedies for the left testicle. I gave in to have the left removed due to pain and the trigger skin spread to the remaining scotal skin.

November 2016 if I remember correctly


Today’s the day fellas, I will be one nut less after today. Thank you so much for all your kind words guys, it really means a lot, I just wish none of us had to go through any of this in the first place.

I’m not that scared tbh, I just want the pain gone, 15 years has taken it’s toll. I’m ready for this now, bring it on, I will check back later.

Cheers guys.


Good luck mate 15 years of pain such a long time for a we snip I am the same mate pain since day 1