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Open ended vasectomy


How many on the forum have had a open ended vasectomy from the start like myself? I had open ended vasectomy from the start, research i did said it would have less chance of complications. From the start i was bed ridden for weeks on end the pain was instant soon as local wore off. Testicle pain, cord pain, abdominal pain, swollen testicles never settled, hydrocele, pinching in testicles, shooting pains in hip area, prostate issues, urinary issues. Just to name some complications.i do not think open ended vasectomy did me any benifit what so ever. I have always felt sick like a sperm reaction as well. I like @MikeO have had my gut destroyed from antibiotics and anti inflammatorys. And my head stuffed up from lyrica, anti nerve meds, and opiates.



I got an open-ended conversion. Didn’t help much…



Thanks for this post. I had a conversation with my urologist here in the States about this issue. I told him that I found Australian websites from vasectomy doctors that claimed open-ended was less likely to cause problems. But he didn’t think they were right. I think I saw a meta study that showed lower rates of PVPS, however. I’ll try to find it and post it here.



what’s the difference?



Found it:

rates of PVPS were compared in 3081 patients with closed-ended vasectomy and 3139 patients with open-ended vasectomy. This study demonstrated that 6% of the patients with closed-ended vasectomy developed PVPS, whereas only 2% of patients with open-ended vasectomy did



@Loz, I call bull on open ended vasectomy. I know of many that had their life ruined by one. Seems I posted a bunch about my thoughts in your “mystery to modern medicine” thread. I know of guys that had a sperm granuloma drop off the end of their vas, and land in the bottom of their sack. I can’t believe all the bs that surrounds the idea that open ended is “safer, or better”. It’s utter nonsense far as I’m concerned.

The inflammatory response to ones own sperm seems to vary man to man. The idea that a man’s body will gobble up all this sperm that’s leaking into the scrotom is midevil.

I’m glad you have already caught your vas urologist in so many lies. I was happy to hear it when you said your current reversal surgeon said he’s seen lots of screwed up men that came from him. I called him out as a liar a long time ago.

Hang in there brother. I hope you get some relief soon.



I never did get into the nerve damage aspect that is an equal to closed ended vasectomy. Urologists just cut through the vas where ever they find is best. I think either procedure has an equal shot at nerve damage at that point alone. Everyone’s vas is not the same. Some of us have more tissue, thicker, etc, etc.

When they break the electro cautery pen out for anything, IMO, that’s another problem to. Why don’t this kind/type of nerve damage stuff effect everyone? My best guess is, its purely random.



@jsh open ended is when they leave testicle end of vas deferens unblocked so sperm leaks out. The other type they block it off. @RingoStar i have always called open ended bullshit just another way to sell their product. Disgusting grubs. In reading this forum i have read a very minor few got better with open conversion. But i feel this a waste of time. If your going to be opened up go the whole lot get a reversal.



Open-ended or closed-ended, the real problem is that the scrotum sack is covered with thin entangled nerves, thinner than hair. Cutting through these nerves, no matter how, is the main cause of lingering pain, from my point of view. I’m no doctor. I’m no specialist. It’s only a guess based on basic research.
Doctors say it’s no problem. But everybody has different scarring abilities and there’s no way of avoiding snipping a nerve that won’t heal properly and leave you with constant pain.

Granulomas are another issue. A big one. Doctors also say they all go away eventually, but the truth is: they don’t. Like any other scar, they may be there forever, forming adhesion (my case), causing discomfort and a pinching sensation depending on how you sit, walk or have coitus.

I’ll repeat this for as many times as I can: it all comes down to selling a procedure that does not work for everyone. It’s not an one-size-fits-all thing. To me, doctors are no different than any other salesperson that will fuck you up given the chance.

But that’s me…

PS: I have a feeling that no matter how much information is available online. People trust their doctors. This is how it is supposed to be. Nothing will change until doctors are totally clear about this procedure.



@mdib All correct. Going in to find vas deferens in nut sack is like putting your hand in a bucket of poisonous snakes. You might come out ok if you are lucky.



Hi @derberlinersmurf you mentioned about open end conversion not helping. How are things today do you still feel conversion didnt help? I ask because this is one of the options my uro and i talked about. Doing an open end conversion on just the side of pain (left) vs a reversal.



@NC79 I actually talked to Dr P tonight about redo vasectomy on my bad side and he recommended against it and actually recommended right side only reversal. He stated reversal is the only reconstructive surgery and they actually have to do more disruption with redo Vasectomy and it can cause more issues vs. reversal. Also once you do redo vasectomy and if your still having issues then you have less VAS to work with for future procedures such as reversal. This is the second Dr to give me this advice. I hate to give up being sterile since it’s the only benefit I got but if it helps relieve some of the pain it’s a small price to pay. It’s also a difficult decision on one side only vs. both. I would like to be put totally back together if I’m going reversal but probably not worth the risk on my left side. Good luck on your decision.

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Uhm in the mean time:

They removed the epididymis on both sides
They cut loose a lot of shit
They removed one testicle

So no the open ended conversion had no use.

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hi @ Ben and @derberlinersmurf for your responses. Am sorry to hear of your ordeal @derberlinersmurf an do hope your getting some pain relief after all these steps you taken. @Ben appreciate the feedback about what Dr.P said, interesting he mentioned about one sided reversal (right) and leaving your non problematic side untouched (left). Am in the same boat just opposite sides and was recommended the same options 1. Open end conversion on left side only 2. Reversal on left side only. But as you stated mentally i regret the decision and if i go under the knife again to i do full reversal both sides and hopefully i can start physically and mentally recover vs one side reversal…this bleepin sucks for all of us…

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