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Open Ended Vasectomy anyone have anything to add?

ok im really needing to hear from people who have had or know much about open ended. I had a consulation an was told the dr would be willing to do an open ended vasectomy scapeless but with a needle. one insission the urology and no vas would be removed itd be cut and cauterized and left open ended. which the dr said makes reversal very easy if the vas is fully intact . office doesnt do reversals there but the dr himself does at another office he work between multiple places. I was told that rest is the most importand dont go motorcycle riding around for at least a week an more than 2 weeks or longer before going to gym etc. im 23 no children an the drs dont care about that. The dr i met with spoke of the complications 2-6 percent chronic pain 50 percent chance that a reversal would fix that an a 75 percent chance if he removed the cords to the testicles. Ive read of one person have much needed relief by having their closed converted to an open ended. i have about a month to make a desion before my insurance wont cover it. i met with a fill in dr who answered all my questions took my information an gave it to the urologist whod be performing my vasectomy an he agreed to be willing to do as i say. What would stop the dr from saying hes doing a open ended an doing as he wants as im opened up .

@rickydicky, This is the fourth thread you have started in the last few days, and it’s all the same stuff.

You do realize you are posting in a chronic pain support group right? None of us are going to tell you this is a good idea.

Honestly, posts like this are a bit offensive, and I doubt I’m the only one that feels that way. It’s likely the reason you aren’t getting many replys.

You can find numerous duplicate threads with the same questions you are asking by simply searching the internet, or searching here for that matter.

I feel like telling you to go do it. What could possibly go wrong?

From sexual side effects, to chronic pain, the possibilities are endless.

Keep in mind that disconnecting your testicles from their end organ (your penis) does not come without consequences. At minimum, your orgasm will never be the same.

If you are thinking about reversal now, vasectomy is not for you. Reversal is not what you are thinking.

If you decide get it done, let us know how it works out for you.

You don’t need to start another thread to let us know if, or what you decided to do. Simply reply to this same thread. By doing so, you keep your story in one area. It will be easier to find for everyone listing to you now, and for future readers.

Good luck.

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@rickydicky, I will add some more here beins your thread is titled “anyone have anything else to add”.

I’ve read all your previous posts, and the replys you got so far.

It’s interesting that one of the docs you seen actually gave you somewhat realistic odds for pvp/s. Did he tell you everything tho? I doubt it.

Keep in mind that pvps can happen right out the gates, to 20+ years down the road.

Some of the physical risks you are considering taking are, infection, hematoma, congestion, sperm granuloma, epididymis, nerve damage, recanalization, and then some.

Mental/physical possible risks, your orgasm never feels the same or not quite right. Your testicals hang lower. You have to wear supportive underwear indefinitely. Your erections aren’t as strong. You don’t feel the relief you’ve always known during and after you ejaculate. If you end up regretting your decision to have a vasectomy for an eternity, that’s super bad too.

A few corrective procedures beyond reversal are, de-nervation of the spermatic cord, removal of the epididymus, redo vasectomy, cryo abilitation of the spermatic cord, botox abilitation of the spermatic cord, orchiectomy (removal of the testicle), and then some.

Corrective procedures don’t always work, and can be quite expensive. These procedures can be failures, and can make you worse off as well.

I could go on, but for the life of me, I can’t understand why you would consider this at your age, especially after reading a bunch of posts on this forum. You are considering destroying your natural genetailia so you can have a bunch of sex with older woman?

Vasectomy certainly isn’t to be confused with everything down there works, functions, and is just like before. Don’t get caught up in that nonsense.

There are guys on this forum that are your age, and I bet all of us would likely give anything to go back in time, and walk away from this (more like run from it).

I don’t think I have anything else to say here.

Good luck

I was 26 and now 4 opererations and nearly 2 years later I still don’t have my quality of life back. You should buy a life’s supply of papaya seed powder and start eating a tea spoon a day. Get the same check for sperm as we got after our vasectomy and if you’re in the clear, go and fuck around and enjoy your life.

It dont matter if its open ended no scalpal or whatever. A vasectomy is a vasevtomy. I am open ended with crippling pain. Now reversal. Its just another name to sell their shit product. Save your money and run you will thank all us one day if you meet a real sufferer its horrible. It costs us our life relationship everything we had.

Thank you guys for giving advice but my problem is I can’t afford to have a child for me sex most of the time is filled with anxiety an paranoia I’m overly paranoid an I worry somehow where I’ll get someone pregnant and if I were to have a child my life is guranteed to be hell for one I wouldn’t have anything to do with it and two I couldn’t afford child support . So in my mind I need something more fool proof than condoms. In a sense if errcitle issues were the only issues I’d get from a vasectomy that in a way would help me mentally get through this life

@rickydicky, Considering how you describe your current sex life, I don’t understand how having erectile issues is going to help you get through anything, especially life itself.

I do understand your concerns far as getting some random girl pregnant, and everything that comes with that.

I do find it interesting that you are fully aware of the risks involved with vasectomy, and still seem to be strongly considering it. You seem to be coming up with reasons for why you must do it, like there was no other way out of it.

I don’t know what to tell you beyond what has already been said by several of us. I know life does change, people change over time, everything changes eventually, and so will you. No telling what will be most important to you in 5-10+ years.

One thing is for certain, you got a proper warning.

Good luck

as i think it sounds its not an easy choice either way everything has pros an cons . What concerns me about the local office is for one the nurse saying shes never heard of post vasectomy pain one red flag there an the dr who was filling in said it obivoussly exist an dr saying otherwise is a red flag to not go to. second problem is i called the office back asking if my partcular dr who would perform the vas open ended had experience or does reversals and or treatment for complicatios. was put on hold then told i wanted to know to come in for another consultation. my plan is im moving anyway in a few months to a much larger city actually wheere the dr i met who was honest works from. He does reversals daily he said and says he performs vases so tht they can be reversed. i take what a dr says with a grain of salt but he seems more honest about the risk and told of de veining which he said fixes most of the pain issues. I guess im confused on what people are experienceing for pain from the vas. it seems peple are having congestion isues but either having an open vasectomy fixes it or taking medications that reduce swelling. white willow bark, ibeprohen, and paypaya. I was reading to about the payapa seed powder daily is suppose to reduce your sperm count. most of the women i have relationswith are either to old to have chilren 45+ or have tubes tied, or have implants but id like to be free to just sleep with anyone i want. i use condoms and pull out mostly anyway so maybe i could go through out life or untill vasalgel comes out before having an unwanted pregnancy

I would have a read through this paper and have a good think.
It’s a very personal choice, but you will get few positive messages on a chronic pain forum.

Seriously? You are really uninformed and need to do more research.

you want to not worry about having kids right? Well have a vas and you are taking chances at the possible future outcomes (based on guys I have observed and talked to on this forum):

  1. you have congestion pain = blue balls. How do you relieve that? You ejaculate to relieve the pressure. Oops you are closed off via the vas now = blue balls gets worse. Open ended is the answer you say? If you are lucky enough not to have your body do it’s normal thing and react to the sperm coming into your scrotum like it was an infectious agent. That means you will most likely develop sperm granulomas = same thing as a closed vas = … I already explained that

  2. You have nerve damage from the vas itself with or without congestion on top (like a cherry). You have odd and random shooting pains nearly all the time or just when you want to have sex maybe - who knows - like a crap shoot of a crap shoot.

  3. you start going down these or other possible PVPS paths and you will be willing to try anything to get out of pain. You are worried about a relatively cheap procedure like the vas being covered by your insurance. If/when you get PVPS your insurance pretty much laughs at you if you want to go back to normal like a reversal. But they will pay to have more things cut out of you like your epididymis or your testicles themselves.

Reading this thread I see a lot of guys in pain (still after many years of not being able to fix their PVPS and countless 10s of thousands of dollars later) trying to be nice to you and help you out. And you keep rattling on about weighing the pros and cons. And FWIW I am a guy who got VERY lucky and got out of his PVPS for the ‘cheap’ price of an out-of-pocket 10k reversal.

You want to make sure you don’t get a girl pregnant. Get a vas and risk PVPS and if you are unfortunate enough to develop PVPS I guarantee you sex will be the LAST thing on your mind. You will be wishing to get back to the days when you could go more than 15 - 20 minutes without pain in your balls so you could have an uninterrupted nice / fun / care free thought.

It seems you are smart and realize the docs and nurses aren’t being up front with you. I can tell you are trying to use logic to overpower your gut feeling. Trust me and others when I/we say - TRUST YOUR GUT on this one. Think with your gut and NOT your dick.

Maybe you are like me and you need someone to be VERY blunt and up front with an explanation. That is what this post is for.

I will leave you with this one last story. On an old forum that was shut down by the owner for various reasons there was a man who struggled to get his life back after a vas turned into PVPS. He couldn’t do any of his previous fun things like hiking/hunting/etc. I don’t know how many years it lasted but I do know he ended his life AFTER he shot the nurse and doc in the office where his vas was done. Is this a very rare worst case scenario? Yes very much so. But what would be worse? Living in poverty having to pay child support or being in constant pain like a vice grip on your testicles every hour or so for the rest of your life?

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thank you for being very blunt and honest. All i was tryin to say is theirs no east fix for anything. Im paranoid about having a baby but really i shouldnt be so extreme. i always use condoms and pullout unless i know for sure the women is fixed or has an implant.the women im active with are all 35 an up mostly an any of them dont want to baby trap a man. Ive been reasearching the papyap seed powder thing. Thinking of doing it for 30 days testing an again at 90 . buy a home sperm test. I just have a feeling if it worked why oesnt any one have home studies or some evidence. Im about posotive to not bother going to the urologist i went to again . The dr i met i may in the future who knows speek to him once i move . he does reversals. doesnt remove any vas. does open ended etc an admitted to pvp. Im not saying i will just maybe concider him due to not having a bad vibe or constant lies. I may try to give it a few more years for vasgel to come out which im reading is around 2020.

I’m really trying to not call you a name to insult your intellectual level, but you’re making it hard man. I would bet all of us on this forum who have pain would trade in our pain for 10 more kids. No one can afford kids. No one. They change your life financially, but at least you can live that life with them. Not anything we can do due to pain. I suggest you see a psychologist to work through your anxiety, not get butchered in your balls.

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I have no kids but if I could trade, I would take on 5 of them to be out of this pain. I can barely even walk this point. Terrified to even take my underwear off as i loose support and end up in pass out pain. I shower with god damn underwear, take them down, wash the area as lightly as possible, up goes the support. This is a horror show so far. Even looking down is traumatizing, big bloated balls hanging, can feel lumps, penis looks detached at base when erect, like two separate pieces. I have zero quality of life, can’t work, nothing. Barely even leave the house. My wife’s life is screwed as well, not only you involved most of the time, this can f//k other people as well.

I think the one thing that people don’t understand is pain, I didn’t. I’ve even had shingles which was quite a bit of pain and a good introduction, but managed quite well. Plus things improved. Faced with never ending pain, this can have serious consequences on your mental well being. Im two months in and crippled, didn’t know pain like this could just last and last, I thought chronic pain was just sort of lingering nagging, I feel like I’m having my balls chopped off non stop. Sex seems such a ridiculous reason for all of this, at this point I would take a life of jerking off and no sexual relations at all to get out of this. And believe me, I was one highly sexed person, now it’s the last thing in my mind. I’m not only in pain, my sex life is ruined completely as well. It’s not like you can say welp, yeah I have pain but at least I can run around banging hotties all I want, if you have severe pain down there, you won’t be running around doing anything, nevermind having care free sex.

If I read just one of these stories here, no damn way I would have gone through with it.