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Open ended - how many of you got pvps after this procedure?


I was non registered user of this forum for quite long time now, it started when i was about to get a closed ended vasectomy. Thanks god i found this forum and got my mind straight reading thru a lot of topics and finally i didn’t do it. But still from time to time something bothers me. I cannot answer: Does open end vasectomy equals same problems as closed end which brought most of the users here ? I also heard about many that got out of pain thanks to going from closed to open-ended. Please guys with open-ended vasectomy — share a single post with you’re knowledge so I can see how many people are here with this issue after open-ended vasectomy. All of you guys feel free to contribute with you’re knowledge . It would clear my mind in this topic . Thank you !

Ps. Forgive my English i am not a native as you see :slight_smile:

In other words:

  1. How many of you are here because of open ended vasectomy ?
  2. Can open end vasectomy put you in same pvps and other issues as erectile dysfunction, weaker orgasms etc. as closed ended vasectomy can. In short/long term. Are there any evidence of that?

I had closed-end, but I recall reading some meta-research study in the Library here that concluded open-ended had a lower risk.

Same problems, you will have sperm leaking and painful granulomas forming. Don’t have vasectomy, and live a happy life

I had open ended almost 20yrs ago…got painful granuloma’s bilateral, when these were removed; unbeknownst to me (at the time) it was converted to closed end.
The granulomas returned along with hydrocel, cyst, heamotoma, congestive epididymitus, and neuropathy.
Subsequent pain was many times worse than before led to bilateral epididymectomy and severe chronic pain

I had an original close ended vasectomy . One side was perfect, other side had chronic pain. Got a conversion to open ended on the side w pain and it is better now. I have one of each at this point, so as far as I can tell its all luck. Weigh the risks vs. no condoms / more baby risks and that’s all you can do. This is probably the wrong place to fully contemplate it (aside from getting the truth about risks). There is a high percentage of guys here who will say to never get a vasectomy. While I had my pain, I was 100% in that group. Now that I’m better, Im glad I have it and wouldn’t want to go back. That being said, this is a great place to see the risks involved and if it goes wrong, you have to be strong to accept the pain and move on. I had come to grips with the idea of having testicular pain the rest of my life and accepted it. Im one of the lucky ones to get a fix and be better. Good luck.

Mine are both close ended. I had health issues away from my testicles after and last year was diagnosed with Ankylosis Spondylitis. It is an autoimmune disease and I do not have the HLB27 gene marker and know of no one in my family on both sides of parents that had or has it. I can’t say they are related I would have to search the internet for any studies but I have to admit it would be nice to know if I would be so miserable if I didn’t get it done. My issues are spine and joint related. Tendon and ligament attachments turn to bone over time creating very stiff joints and muscle spasms I am on a biological and sadly a causality of the opioid crisis as mine have been cut back by almost half. I lived a normal life before but now am filling out forms for FMLA protection at work. Just so you know pain in the testicles or area is not the only risk. Autoimmune disease is too.

I had open-ended vasectomy and pain started about 2 years afterwards.

Open ended for me, severe pain after about 5 days that seemed to get worse up until about 1 month in, plateaued and not improving at all now 2 months in.