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One year since my Vas, yesterday was my reversal

Hi all,

My name is Eric (28), I underwent my vasectomy by Anthony Shaheen in Monterey, CA September 27, 2018. My reasons were that I have had too many medical issues for me to want to bring someone into this world. I had also had some Jerry Springer moments in my life where women have tried to have my children without my consent. The PTSD and medical history justified my want for a more permanent safety measure in birth control. My health issues are tied to herniated discs in my L5-S1 & L4-L5. As well as a diagnosed schizo-affective bipolar disorder. Please keep those in mind, I don’t believe in my schizo diagnosis but I don’t think that should be left out of my report. I think I’m particularly sensitive and have trauma that can’t be explained by the average Veteran’s Affairs doctors. I served in the Air Force for 6 years.

My vasectomy procedure was on a med exam table. Local numbing was the only tool. Unfortunately I felt just about everything. I proceeded to sweat myself to the point I was cold, clammy, and shivering. I assume the procedure went correctly. The doc was confident, didn’t leave any notes saying otherwise. My scrotum was as dark blue and purple as one could get. I will assume the healing went according to plan. I don’t remember anything that stands out as terrible. No infection.

After 2 weeks I began to masturbate as it has been a ritual of mine to get my mind off of women I am thinking about in the current timeframe. Not only was it more difficult to get to satisfaction, I felt less sensitive. I couldn’t stay as hard without really thinking about it. The second I stopped to give my arm a break I would quickly go limp. This is nothing like prior to surgery. Once I have given myself a marathon of a work out I could ejaculate, but it was definitely difficult. Difficult and very disappointing. No satiation mentally whatsoever. I felt so robbed. Hoping it would go away in time. Fortunately not much pain other than from healing. I feel so bad for those experiencing pain.

3 weeks in I start dating my current girlfriend. Sex with her is out of this world, she makes me so comfortable to be in my own skin. A great factor in determining what is wrong with me. It was so difficult for her to get me to cum that she thought it was her. I knew it wasn’t as I haven’t had difficulty like this with anyone in my life. It was too sudden of a change to attribute it to my 28 years of age (getting old). So, sex hasn’t really been fun for me. I talk about it like it is similar to a work out, that is more fun because of the little bit of sensation I have. Though, it didn’t make me crave it or pounce on my partner like it once did for me. I definitely had to step up my game in showing my sexual interest for my girlfriend so that she received what she needed from me, even if I wasn’t feeling it. I love her like no one before. After sex multiple times within a day, sometimes once every day, I would get congested and have pain. Leading to me not being able to ejaculate at all if I wanted to keep going. Which I didn’t other than for my girlfriend. We decided to take breaks.

During sex I couldn’t stay rock hard for the longest time. Slowly after practice, and focusing on pushing blood down there I could definitely make it happen. I couldn’t say it was easy. I would slowly gain back my ability to have stronger streams of fluid. None of which satiated the mental high following ejaculation. It was all a disappointment, but at least I could perform for my girlfriend.

Most of the benefit, I think, came from physical therapy straightening out my back. Along with tons of acupuncture. I have more sensation in my shaft where I didn’t before. I also had a steroid shot in my L5-S1. All have really helped my overall well being. At one point I had a cane because the motor function in my right leg left it paralyzed/ in sharp shooting pain.

All of those issues seem to be completely alleviated. Except for one last thing. My orgasms. They still remain bland and disappointing. I finally decided after about 8 months that my orgasms were not going to get better, and that reversal was the best option. The VA referred my to Dr. Eisenberg at Stanford Medical here in Silicon Valley in California. His team has been amazing.

My bilateral surgery was yesterday August 23rd, I plan on reporting my healing process here. I want to thank all who have posted here, be it a little different than my experience… But knowing I wasn’t going crazy and this is real definitely helps. I’m not the best writer, but hopefully this helps someone!

August 23rd: Surgery went much more smooth than I had ever anticipated. The team at Standford is not joke. I have never seen such a nice team of people who are so sharp and so happy to help. They put me under anaesthetic about 10am and finished the surgery about 12:00pm. I came to just fine, not in any severe pain. Definitely feeling like I shouldn’t move. They said I couldn’t leave until I peed. They gave me a receptacle to do so. I had to really focus, but I managed to get something like .52L out of me. They gave me a 5mg oxycontin for the ride home, which helped. I thought the road home would be more difficult (bumpy ride) but it wasn’t bad. I had myself in bed for the rest of the evening. Icing my balls 20 min on, 20 off about 3 times. My girlfriend kind enough to take care of me took care of everything except going to the bathroom. Going to the bathroom has been hard with the gauze and jock strap, but I’ll wait until Sunday til I shower, clean it up and go back to wearing some thong underwear. Emotionally, I definitely feel slightly more “whole” again. Which is weird, but I do have a good feeling about this. I have been holding back any excitement until I see results. I noticed myself getting hard yesterday just for kissing my girlfriend. That hasn’t happened in awhile.

Will add more as the days/ weeks go on. Best of luck to the community out there. Sending out my positive energy that things get easier for all of us.

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It is now day 10.

September 2nd: So far the healing process is more difficult than I had imagined. It’s just awkward to have something so sore between your legs. The incisions are on the sides now so the rubbing factor isnt fun. I find mens thong underwear to be my best friend. The jock strap given to me was really uncomfortable. It really keeps the nuts high up and out from between the legs. The sutures still rub a bit and its uncomfortable. But better than letting them loose.

The first week i had completed icing on and off every 20-30 minutes up to 10 times a day. The discomfort keeps my sex drive down. I want to have sex but definitely feel okay waiting.

Healing is going well. Incision sites are clean and free of dried blood. The sutures are almost dissolved.

Hopefully ill have more information to report soon! Definitely aiming to see how I feel Friday ( the two week mark) for sex with the girlfriend. Hopefully I can last longer, but I’m not confident I can hold longer if I feel healed.

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Forget about sex for a couple of weeks at least, you really don’t want to jeopardise such a delicate operation at this stage. I was still very sore 3 months post reversal, certainly didn’t feel like having sex at that time

You took on the risk of a reversal for better orgasms ?

Exclusively. They have been a major part in my life since a teenager. Have nothing been but a fragment of previous. They we’re literally worth undergoing being cut open, yet again, for.

Thanks for the heads up. I kinda feel that way, but doctors have all stated two weeks. I will give myself more time if I don’t feel right. But I’ve read multiple reports where men do feel okay two weeks or earlier and have been fine with it. Thanks for the response!

I was extremely gentle, without full sex, and was fine

Fair enough, was just curious. We all have our own reasons. Mine is pain as of now, but I definitely don’t like how things feel/hang either, it’s all kind of creepy being modified/butchered up.

Do you notice if things look more like they did? Or was that not a issue for you. My balls now look old, hang way lower and are bloated/congested, feel like they don’t fit my body. Even if I get better pain wise I can’t imagine playing sports like this.

Great question! After my vasectomy my balls hung different, much lower and had what I think is tubes floating around in there that bunched up weird. Now it seems secure, but there is definitely a lump on both sides in tandem to the testicle.

I feel awful for the brothers in pain. I had pain in the initial 3 months. Not as bad as anyone else’s awful ssymptoms. I am sorry you are in pain, that has to be the better reason for reversal. Though this orgasm thing I haven’t seen explained by anyone but myself. It’s sex torture, masturbation torture. Im too sexual for that, I have to try to get it back. Im 28, I should heal well. No guarantees, but it was worth it already to try.

September 10th, 2019:

I almost feel healed. The bits definitely feel like they hang differently now. Its interesting to feel like I have to learn how to walk a certain way now. Im sure they will adjust in time. My girlfriend and I had sex on Friday exactly 2 weeks after my surgery. Took it nice and easy, and things went rather well. I had very very little pain as the orgasm was coming to fruition. Since then Ive had sex 3 times and every time after has had 0 amount of pain. This, again, is taking it easy. Not taking my girl to pound town or anything.

My orgasms are not back to what they were, but they are definitely different compared to the disconnected “me”. In a good way. I feel that with some healing my orgasms may come back to normal. There is no longer any feeling of congestion. No feelings of pain. Mine were minor compared to most guys on here.

Overall Im happy with the reversal at this point. Ill be sure to check up on here soon.

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Hi @Eric_Greatwood
That seemed to be a very fast recovery. How are you feeling now? Any set backs?

September 16, 2019: Not really any setbacks! I do highly recommend CBD honey/ wax/ vaseline rub for the bits around the incision locations and between the scrotum and leg. It helps with chaffing/ stretching and pulling. The scar tissue has built up pretty thick. Which is slightly painful. Sex still doesn’t feel right, it has encouraged me to give it an extra break.

My girlfriend and I use amil nitrate (poppers) to loosen me up and make me more sensitive. It also allows blood vessels to open. Which is making it a much more smooth transition into ejaculation again.

Yes I feel my healing was relatively quick. Especially compared to others. I did religious 20 minutes on 20 minutes off ice for about 1.5 weeks. I’m now comfortable enough to do a light jog, though I don’t unless I have to.

I’m pretty close to be back to my old every day mobile and functional self. Other than the sensation of being fully healed in regards to sex.