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One Year Post-Vasectomy Stories/Advice


Folks, I’m curious to hear your one-year post-vasectomy pain stories. If you had an early 2018 vasectomy and experienced (or are still experiencing) long-term pain, I’d be curious to hear your story.

I had my vasectomy in March 2018. Since then, it’s been a real low-grade roller-coaster for me filled with pain, hope, progress, regression, and lots of frustration. The surgery itself was pretty uneventful. I laid around the house for two days while my wife and mother-in-law doted on our three boys (ages 5, 2, and 1.5 months at the time). It was the most relaxing I’d done in probably 6+ years!

Within 4 days, I began to experience prostatitis-like symptoms: pain and pressure in the perineum. Whenever I sat down, it felt like I had a golf ball wedged in there. I also had pressure and pain (1-2 on scale of 10) in my testicles. My urologist put me on cipro prophylactically, but I had a bad reaction (aches in my ankles and muscle spasms) so I ended up taking meloxicam and doxycycline. It seemed to help a little, but I chalk up the improvement more to time than anything else.

I continued to improve and thought I might be recovering by June. I’m a runner so I signed up for the Phoenix Rock 'N Roll Marathon set for January 2019. However, I just haven’t been able to get back to running. I didn’t run that marathon and haven’t run more than about 6 miles total in any given week due to pain in my testicles associated with running. I’ve run fewer than 50 miles since the surgery; I used to be a 50 miles a week guy.

Any sort of repetitive jostling sets me up for 2-7 days of continuous dull pain (1 on a scale of 10) coupled with more intense stabbing pain on what feels like the top of my testicles (3-4 on a scale of 10). I also have some pain intermittently when peeing or having sex but have no evidence of any infections.

More recently, it started to cause lower abdominal pain (basically right above the penis). Since I had laparoscopic hernia surgery 10 years ago (umbilical and bilateral inguinal), I returned to my hernia surgeon for a consultation, but he found no evidence of any hernias. The pain remains mostly centered around the top of my testicles. And it almost always hurts after any physical activity that involves something more strenuous walking (e.g. co-coaching my now 3-year old boy’s soccer team).

My experience is not nearly as bad as some of the horror stories on this site. I can manage most of the pain by being extremely inactive. But the surgery certainly changed my life for the worse. Anyhow, I’m curious to hear others’ one-year post-op stories along with any advice you might have to share.



I’m at 9 months. Pretty similar in some respects.

I will refrain from giving any medical advice, but I would recommend visiting a urologist who treats PVPS based on the library on this site (just google “PVPS specialists”). Hopefully there’s one in your area, if not some will do phone consultations.

Sorry you’re here. Best of luck.