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One year on and im a lot better


Hi guys, i have been a member of this site either as an account holder or lurker since the 18th of December 2017. I was butchered on the 6th of December 2007 with the pain starting on the 18th.

I made the decision to get snipped after my wife had some bad post natal depression and i didnt want to be a part of her feeling like that again or her body not being able to manage its own hormone levels by her being on the pill. I have to say although there have been times this year i have begrudged her and the pain i have foind myself in, she is not reaponsible, didnt pressure me and tried to be sympathetic.

The first 8 months or so the pain was utterly chronic at least 6/10 congestion pain. Unrelenting… the only way i could describe it is that if somebody had clamped my nut in their wisdom tooth. Occasionally the pain would move and i would have cord pain or pain in my hip.

In August i had a shitty bout of pain at the top of my knob… like a burning pain. But… by mid august my pain had reduced significantly. I still had/have the odd shit day and i have learned to manage the amount of times i ejaculate ( once every 2 days in my case)

I did try some conservative stuff which for me wasnt a great help. I tried 46.2 degree baths for 3 weeks to stop sperm production… i tried papaya seed for 2 months ( gave me really bad stomach pain) tried shit load of ibroprofen.

The reason i decided to write a post was really to thank in particular RingoStar. Without realising it your advice to me and others did have a profound affect in the way i saw my pain and it taught me to be patient and not rush into surgery whuch is what i planned to do. Thank you for the time you invest in this place.

I dont think il ever be completly the same but i am good enough now to be able to start to move on a but with life.

The organisation that can go get fucked by a burning pinapple however has been my primary care trust for offering fuck all help and support when i found myself in this situation. The drs and in particular original surgon where awful.

Guys i wish you all the very best. This is a great place to not feel alone


Thanks man, I appreciate that.

I wish you the very best as well.

Good luck brother.