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One year after reversal!

It’s been a while since I’ve been here and I figured I’d post an update.

I’ll recap why I had the reversal done In the first place.

Back in 2012 about a year after we had our daughter, my family Dr. recommended I get the snip as my wife has PCOS and pregnancy’s risky for her.
Everything was fine for the first 3 months post snip, just feeling build up of pressure that was supposed to be normal but other than that sex life was normal(up to 5 times a day). Then something happened that as best as I can guess was a rupture of some kind happened. The built up pressure went away when me and my wife were being intimate and I started noticing major changes, appetite went away, massive weight gain over night and sex drive came to a halt. Not only did sex drive plummet, but feeling down there did also.

Because my wife had PCOS, we both went through the standard fertility testing to find out what was wrong… I had a testosterone level of 1200 before being snipped, and afterwards it dropped all the way down to 200- 300.
I also started having sharp pains which got worse year after year until I decided to get the reversal.

I went to Dr. P in Florida for my reversal(I didn’t want to do anything fancy… I just wanted my plumbing put back to “factory original”) as most doctors said the pain was in my head, that I was just getting old and these changes were normal. Dr. P spent an extra hour on my reversal cleaning out scar tissue from what ever was happening due to the vasectomy.
One of my Testicles had been encapsulated by this scar tissue and was In very poor shape, and Dr p tried to save what he could.

All in all, the left one appears to be gone, shortly after the surgery it shrank away… but a year after the reversal, the pain is all gone and has stayed that way!!!
My first testosterone test showed a mild increase up to 360… but here a year later, I’m up over 600!!!(I consider this a win as I’m 10 years older and down one testicle)

Sex drive hasn’t returned fully but I’ve found that my weight is the part of the problem here. I went from 175lb to 230lb when my testosterone levels tanked… the extra weight seems to convert all extra testosterone to estrogen from what I’m reading and I’ve tested out the theory through long term fasting (I went an entire week without eating… it shuts down this estrogen conversion while your body is feasting on your body fat) and I can say sex drive came roaring back, along with proper feeling.

It’s been a long road and now I see the light at the end of the tunnel, as soon as I finish dealing with the weight that I’ve finally been able to loose since my t-levels have returned to normal.

For all you guys who have had issues with your vasectomy, getting the reversal can and does work!! At least it did for me.


Thanks for the update, glad to hear things have continued to improve!

Amazing story. I especially enjoyed reading the build back of your T levels even with one testicle. I had dropped to 285-325 but hit 750 about 12 years after reversal. You and I may not be proof, but at least we’re 2 data points in support of the theory that vasectomy can crash a man’s tesosterone.

Hi I have a date for them to remove my shrinking testicle will it alleviate the pain or am I stupid to think it will. According to my blood test my testosterone has plummeted but still within range. However my puterty gland is not functioning properly.i have a new urologist who is absolutely appalled at the state of my right testicle. The side that was reversed is fine although I am still sterile. I am in a bit of a dilemma can anyone offer some of their experience or some guidance please. The urologist said he sees a few men with same issues. A few in a population of 58000 is not flash in my opinion. In hindsight I wish I was not persuaded into a vasectomy it has cost me a fortune and nothing but problems for 28 years

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Sorry to hear you lost one of your two best friends. I’d strongly suggest you get a full blown blood test to track your markers and find out why you have ED. Most the time when you request a blood test from the doctor they will request generic methods of testing, which aren’t accurate. So you could have your markers off, by a lot. I’ll put a link below to the types of tests you should be getting or you can just buy from the link. I’ve done this myself, and found out I have high SHBG, Low Free T, Low Vitamin D and High Cholesterol; essentially andropause. Once you get your results back you’ll be able to determine if jumping on TRT is a necessary; which in your case I would argue it is given your testosterone was pretty high prior to this all. If you had blood work done prior to the surgery, try to get you markers as close to those numbers as possible. That’s your baseline or normalcy you’re after that will restore your libido.

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