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One sided vs Full Reversal

Putting this question out to members and readers. I know there is alot of topics and information regarding reversal and the more recent tough decisions of unilateral vs bilateral reversal. For me and i imagine other guys on this site i only ever had pain on one side (left) no issues on right making a one sided reversal a more calculated decision. Currently i decided and waiting on getting a one sided reversal just on the left. Lately i have been contemplating more and more about being put back the way i used to be and going with a full reversal even though i have never had issues on right and my uro recommends only the one side. Question to you guys is has anyone ever had a full reversal and ended up with new pains on the side that was never an issue pre reversal? Am worried that if i do a full reversal i run the risk of new pains on the side that was never a problem. But again whats to say if i only reverse the left side that down the road i can end up with pains on the right that is still cut…

Yea, I did reversal on just the left side. My thinking is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Probably should have gone with that advice at vasectomy. :laughing:

Can I ask did you loose any sensations in your climax mate if you did then I would recommend full reversal.i only had my left side reversed as my right was totally botched and could not be repaired but would have preferred both sides. I still have pain in my right and my right ball is shrunk to the size of a pea. Reversed side no pain from day one and I am fertile I am not sure if I could impregnate. And not worried about that
I guess reversal is not for everyone but I am happy with my results. I have feelings returned that I lost in the vasectomy. Also the vasectomy has left me very bitter simply because it was forced by my wife and also I was lied to by Drs


Personally, I’d get both done, but this is just my opinion, and I don’t want to sway you one way or another.

What are the odds of your unreversed side going bad in years to come?

Also I read that the brain usually feels and registers the strongest pain source, so if you get rid of one source of pain, you might be feeling aches you have not before as they were not as strong as your main source. I definitely experienced that first hand.

Don’t forget about referred pains as well, maybe as implausible as it might sound, try to consider the idea that your left side pain is caused by right side?

Hey @Francis no issues with intercourse or release sensations but its after release is when I have lingering pain which could be for hrs or a full day or sometimes no pain after release. Outside of that some random pains here and there making the decision harder…

Hey @SomeGreyBIoke hope all is well and doing well. Good points about pain sensations am pretty confident its all left sided as when I do self exams I know my left epi is still disextended and much more sensitive than right. But I keep defaulting back to the thought of if am going under again might as well put me back as much as I was before vas vs just half… I think it’s more of a mental decision vs clinical for me.

hey @sentosa how long has it been since your reversal and overall how are you feeling on the side you had the reversal and the side that is still cut?

On the right side, I have never had any problems. I’m about 2.5 years since reversal, and my left side is maybe 10% better.

@NC79 I’d recommend a one sided reversal but only after you’ve exhausted all conservative options.

I think the both sides reversal for one sided pain is unnecessary why touch a side that is perfectly fine.

I think it’s possible but unlikely that if your issues are one sided that the other side is causing the problems.

Best of luck with whatever you decide

Thanks @Cannon83 if i recall you had a reversal as well? Was it just one side if so how are things now on both sides?

Yes I did it was one sided,left side l,I have never had so much as a twinge on my right side Pre or post reversal.

Unfortunately it hasn’t worked out for me but I was a low chance guy given that my pain is neuropathic.Do I think if I had have gone both sides I’d be any better of…


thanks @Cannon83 for your response much appreciated. I have an appointment with my Uro next week to discuss these options again.

hey @sentosa how are you doing these days, for your left sided reversal how was your recovery? Since your reversal have you had any issues on the right side also did you T levels increase even with just the one side flowing?

I’m about the same since my last post in this thread. Recovery from the reversal took about 1.5 months. Still no problems with the right side (knock on wood).

Interesting question about testosterone. I didn’t think about reversal having an impact on it. I don’t know about testosterone v. vasectomy because I was never tested before the snip. But I do have numbers before and after my unilateral reversal. I dug up my records, and here’s what I found:

Aug 2013, T test, 349
Oct 2015, T test, 281
Sep 2016, reversal
Jan 2020, T test, 310

Don’t see much impact.

I had another T test at some point after the vasectomy. I can’t find the date for it. Level was 297.

Sorry forgot to ask as for reversal was it a vas to vas re-connection? We know mood and state can affect our T-levels for sure. Post Vas i was like 257 testorone free and borerline normal is 200. That was back in june 2018… Am going to get another one done soon before my reversal to see if any change. Mind am an anxious mess right now so am not expecting high #'s… Still going back and forth on sided (left) vs full vs chickening out and canceling…

yes, it was vas to vas.

I have mentioned this a few times on the open forum, and I feel obligated to mention it again…

Anyone that is studying or looking for data regarding the corralation between reversal and an increase in testosterone post reversal needs to be looking over lab certified SA data as well. SA data is key, not reversal and testosterone data in general.

No SA data = purely assumptions. I always prefer to see multiple lab certified SA’s, and multiple lab certified testosterone tests that corralate with each other in a timeline of years (preferred).

You as the reader would be surprised how many men cannot produce any of this data when they are asked to show the evidence for their statements or assumptions on this topic.