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Old dog is back. Looking for Jeans recommendations to lower pain

Hey all.
6 year vet here. Back with a question. Ever since this happen from spring to summer, and summer to fall. I’ve had unexplained penis pain and discomfort. I do have referred pain from my testies that causes this, but this isn’t it, it’s different.
Basically pressure from my jeans on my penis causes the nerve issue that I have in it to start. Usually I get a pins and pain sensation on the left side of my shaft that comes when my nuts are lighting up particularly fierce. But this actually causes it in reverse. Penis pain starts then radiate down to my nuts and makes my nuts worse.

I’ve been wearing some old navy jeans with that stretch loose fit. And have been wearing them the past week. Usually it starts to subside by now but it hasn’t.
I need something that is maybe more light weight like jogging pants but looks like jeans maybe. In case I ever work again in this life time.

Or maybe a brand of athletic gym pants. That might be less suspicious looking in the work place. Meaning like no stripes down the side or anything.

That’s another thing. Has anyone ever tried for retirement getting SS or disability? Not only does my pain seem to be constantly changing and being hard to adapt to. It effects my mindset. I am always filled with massive depression.

Any ideas welcome. Thanks everyone!

What do you do, what are the clothing requirements? Jeans to gym pants seems like anything would be fine. I’ve had moderate success with Lee Extreme Comfort pants, also Eddie Bauer First Ascent hiking pants. If you’re not on antidepressants yet, might want to give that a shot.
Best of luck

If it Jeans your after you want to look at the Ballroom Jeans from Duluth Trading. These are fantastic for room down below.

Thanks for the recommendation. It’s more about how stiff the jeans are. Like the zipper crunches up and bends and puts pressure on my penis. It’s more of issue with the frank vs the beans lol