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Not right after 9 weeks

I had my open ended vas done 9 weeks ago yesterday and unfortunately I had bleeding in both testicles which delayed healing and caused me no end of anxiety. I booked a specialist appointment in and was due to go last week but was feeling better so I cancelled it. I was taking Ibuprofen for a week 200mg x 3 times a day and this seemed to bring the discomfort and pain down. I stopped this because I did not want to keep taking the ibuprofen and I am feeling sore and achy again, balls are tender etc but I am also now getting some weird pelvic/prostate issues where I am getting pain in my perineum, penis and slight pain when urinating.

My GP did a test for infection and there was nothing there so now I have no idea where to go with this. I have no doubt anxiety is contributing to everything but it does not explain all symptoms. Has anyone else experienced this or have any tips on what to do? I am so depressed thinking this could be permanent. I am now unable to get into the specialist until February and I feel like things are hopeless.

600 mg daily is a low dose. I would go back on at a higher dose. Consider taking acetaminophen, too. Are you icing? Sounds like you may want to ice, too. Nine weeks is a short amount of time. I’m almost 5 years out.

You can take up to 3200mg of ibuprofen a day without issue. Of course if you sustain this for long it’ll end up tearing up your gut but early in I would get more aggressive with the nsaids if you’re trying to go that route.

Sorry, I am taking 400mg x 3 times a day, Morning, Lunch and Dinner. How long can I keep this up for without causing issues with my gut. Do most guys trend better at this point?

Nobody knows how long you can go. Not even the docs. Even at 1200mg, I’d kick it up a notch if your serious about it. A few weeks shouldn’t be a big deal.

A side note, I haven’t taken hardly any meds since my vas and my gut started acting up within a few weeks. I know most will disagree but I personally don’t believe its the meds creating the issues. I think that’s a lame excuse some MD has come up with to explain the problem and put the blame back on the patient. I prescribe 800mg tabs of ibuprofen everyday to be taken every 6 hours. It’s never been an issue. Ever.

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Ok nearly at 11 weeks and the right side I was having trouble with has cleared up and shrunk and now my left side is the sore side and has swollen up. The pain is still an annoying ache that is sore to touch, I have a feeling mine is congestion or the testicle is having trouble absorbing the sperm. Is it a good sign that one side has cleared up? Any ideas on how to get the left side like the right?

Have you still got pains in perineum?

Sometimes I get mild pain there with ejaculation.

Any updates @Joshaldo??