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Not much fun :( is Reversal the answer?


Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for some advice opinions etc. if anyone is kind enough to help me.

I’ve been reading bits on this forum for a while. I’ve not commented as you guys seem to really know your stuff and I’m very new to all of this. I also feel a bit of a fraud as I don’t have it as bad as some and it feels selfish moaning about my issues. However, I’m completely fed up now so I’m asking.

I had my vasectomy in the UK on the NHS on the 11th August 2018. I was given some short, very limited information that there is very very rare occasions (no actual stats) that men have problems. I was given much more information on the benefits. I feel the same as a lot of you that the dangers are so massively downplayed and there is denial that the issues are much more common than they like to admit. I am very angry at myself and full of regret and it drives me pretty crazy.

Anyway I had the procedure in August 2018 and apart from the doc saying to the nurse (whilst doing the right side) ‘I’m going to need the sharper one?!?’ It was uneventful. I wasn’t back on my feet as quick as some. It took me about 2 weeks till I wasn’t uncomfortable anymore.

It did feel slightly tender in and around my testicles from the outset. I was fine / okay really. However, around mid October I started to get a dull fairly painful ache in my right testicle. I got it checked out and they diagnosed epididymis. Was given Cipro for a week and sent on my way.

Although the pain did diminish somewhat it was still there and testicles (think it’s my epis that hurt when I press / move them) were still tender. My left hand side then started to ache as well and had various intermittent shooting pains. Less dull ache in the left but more pain than right when it shoots. The shooting pains are fairly infrequent.

I had no improvement so I went back and was given more cipro (another three weeks) and told to take ibrofen and other pain killers to help. I’ve been back lots more as it not really shifting and given different antibiotics (doxycline). I’m pretty sure that this isn’t an infection. I think I have congestion issues? Probably?!? I don’t know it’s so frustrating.

In December, I noticed a pea sized lump on my left testicle (towards the back left) and panicked. I had an ultrasound on it and they said it was just part of my epi and I shouldn’t be worried?!? I’m 99% sure this wasn’t there pre vas. They didn’t seem bothered and sent me on my way with some codine and naproxen. The lump is still there (4 months later) and doesn’t seem to be growing. It isn’t massively painful unless I or the doctors poke at it and then it does hurt.

Surely having this lump can’t be right? Is this down to congestion does anyone know? Has anyone else got or had this?

I have another appointment with an uro (NHS) in April but I hold zero hope he will be helpful or really care. On my first visit all he said was, ‘vasectomy. . . Hmm Pain. . . You signed the consent form. . .’ Had a 30 second examine and gave me more codine and that was it. He was a completely unhelpful. I realise that there was a consent form but it never said they wouldn’t do anything about the men who have pain. I asked about possible congestion causing my issues but he dismissed this out of hand and said it’s not possible. Hmm. . .

I’ve since seen another uro (private clinic - through the people who did the op) who examined me and said he could see the pain was in and it can’t be nice. He was sympathetic and at least recognised that this is a real thing. I asked him about congestion and he said yes this could be exactly what your issues are. Although he was clear them at he couldn’t diagnose it and I should see another specialist uro. He said a reversal might have a good chance at resolving the pain.

I’m 37 and had the vas as we have two kids and didn’t want anymore. We had issues with having kids and my wife had numerous operations due to miscarriages etc. so we talked about it and we felt it was my turn. It’s a simple op right? Be back on your feet within a few days? We all know better now. I’m lucky that my wife is supportive and I certainly don’t blame her for this. I blame the lack of honesty about issues and the odds of issues are defo higher than what they state.

My pain / symptoms are as follows:
Dull ache mostly right testicle but some days (morning mostly) it can be very low pain 1-2 maybe. However it can ramp up significantly (6-7) if I don’t take as much anti inflammatory tablets or move too much. Going for a very short walk makes it hurt more. I used to play a lot of sports but since mid October I can’t / dare not as the pain is to worrying and doesn’t feel comfortable to do so. I think if I sit or stand for too long this also causes more pain.

The testicles are tender. I think it’s the epi that is the but that is uncomfortable to touch / squeeze. I do think when I’m in more pain the testicles/epi have inflamed. Again is this probably congestion?

What are the main symptoms of nerve pain people suffer? I think I have congestion pain but obviously I don’t know for definite?!?

I don’t get any pain from ejaculation and I haven’t noticed a direct link between this and the pain. I don’t think it is any better or worse the day after ejaculation. At least I don’t think there is a link. I’ve massively gone off sex with my wife as the whole pain / uncomfortable situation down there is pretty off putting.

It’s so frustrating. I have a few good ish days and feel like I can live with this or that maybe it’s going to get better soon and stop aching. Then the pain ramps up and I’m then looking at drastic action to fix it.

I’ve tried a few things which I’m not convinced seem to make much difference. I’ve done / still doing fish oil, Tumeric tablets, garlic etc.

I’ve been doing papaya seeds powder but again not sure it’s actually helping? Maybe it is and if I wasn’t doing it then the dull ache 1-2 might be more like 3-4?? Who knows? I did about a month of it (half teaspoon morning and night) before Christmas. I then stopped and started again when was getting frustrated as pain and issues seem to still be the same. I’ve been back into it since start of feb. Again not noticed much real help?

I am thinking of stopping Paypaya it as I think I’m moving closer to reversal. I know you need lots of sperm doing it’s thing so need the seed clear of system before reversal.

I’m absolutely terrified of making things worse but I’m not sure if I can just continue like this forever. Has anyone got a similar experience to me?

I know that I’m asking the impossible here and that no one is an expert on this. Hell, the alleged medical experts don’t seem to have a clue either. However, does anyone know or had similar things to me where it did eventually stop hurting?

I can potentially be more patient but if I’m just delaying the inevitable I’d rather go and get the reversal done ASAP if there is little chance I’m going to see this improve. Even when the pain is very low everyone I get reminders about the vas everyone I visit the bathroom as it’s tender or if I have any pressure applied in that areas as it hurts. It’s pretty much on my mind all day everyday. There’s very little respite or escape from the mental side of this.

The strain of this mentally is difficult to explain to someone not going through this. Just as I seem to think right I’m okay ish, I can live with it, I’ll probably just get better in time. The pain ramps up and my hope evaporates.

Has anyone had a reversal in England? Any recommendations/ experiences? What should I be asking / looking for before I gamble on this?

I live in north east England and I’ve been looking at a clinic called ‘best life’ and a dr called Dr Jesuraj. He seems experienced, it’s micro surgery but I would certainly look into him and the clinic more if I move closer to reversal (which I think I am) Does anyone know anything about this clinic or this doctor?

I’m not going to be able to fly to the US to see some of these wonderful guys you have over there. Financially and for work I can’t do that. I will need to pay for reversal over here but if it fixes me then money well spent.

Anyone had or having the same issues as me and had or not had a reversal. If reversal what was the recovery like and how are you now?

I’d obviously prefer not to have another operation. Obviously I don’t want to be fertile as I choose to have this op. However, if it’s unlikely that it’s going to improve from the current base then I may pull the trigger shortly. Or wait till a year from vas and get it done then. . . I don’t know it’s so hard. Perhaps if it was even more painful (like when the pain ramps up) it would be easier to decide. As I said some days I can get by just about fine.

I can’t imagine how things could be worse but if the reversal makes me worse I’d be in an even bigger hole than I am now and again it would be by choice!?!

I do have this overall broken feeling though.



Hi ,you could try this Dr. He did my reversal and has improved my condition tremendously ,but not cured …



Your story seems pretty typical and a lot like mine: dull ache, occasional shooting pain (like being stabbed with a needle) and tender and swollen epididymides. I’m two years out and doing a lot better, but I know I’ll never be 100% again without a surgical miracle.



That is what i feel. İ have also some good weeks than i say it is over. İ am healty. Than in one morning i feel that chronic pain again and it started…



I can relate to a lot of what you said as well. One thing that seems to be helping me is sitting on gentle heating pad during the day at work. The warmth helps loosen muscles and helps with the aches. Also I take 1 serrapeptase/natokinase pill in morning and one at night. Mental health is a big thing as well. I find when I am thinking about something else or maintaining a positive outlook I don’t notice the discomfort at all or as much.

In my case my symptoms started about 2 years after my vasectomy. I was convinced I had a granuloma on left side that dr felt and also saw it supposedly on ultrasound. But latest doctor said he didn’t feel any granuloma so maybe it is gone away or my symptoms were just due to congestion from the beginning.

It’s been about a year since my symptoms started. On good days I don’t think about getting reversal. But on bad days I do.



Thanks for the information. I will certainly check out this if I decide a reversal is best option. I’m definitely leaning towards it at the moment.



My symptoms started about 2 months after vas. Been pretty much the same since then. No better no worse. Very frustrating.



After 2 years of pain, a reversal, bilateral spermatic cord denervation, and countless other treatments including Botox I have been pain free for 5 years.
From my personal experience I no longer believe in the congestion theory. I do believe that reversal can shake up the distressed nerves in a good way, but that was not my experience. I can’t say conclusively which treatment eventually allowed me to heal. The only advise I can give is don’t give up, but don’t buy in to the congestion. This is not a clogged toilet you are dealing with. I am glad to give you more details if it can help you. Jim

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My experience mirrors this is a number of ways. By far the most perplexing thing for me is the ever-changing conditions down there. Although I typically have at least a dull ache in the testicles, some days (like today) I get these stabbing pains on the top of the testicles. It’s usually more right-sided but occasionally the left-sided stabbing pain is more predominant. And there is the occasional prostatitis-like symptoms (e.g pain/heaviness in the perineum).

At 12+ months, my patience has worn pretty thin. It’s not so bad that I can’t work (desk job), but it’s bad enough that I can’t really run anymore without risking some pretty intense pain. And on bad days, my concentration does seem to be affected such that I later notice more mistakes in my work product than used to be typical.

Be well everyone.