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Hi Guys, been lurking for a while but not posted anything until today. It’s starting to get the better of me now and making me quite upset.

I had my no scalpel Vasectomy last august at age 30.
I was recovering well and then on day 9 had major pain (so bad I was on the floor crying and didn’t know what to do).

Rested for a few days again and it subsided ish.

Up to that point hadn’t ejaculated and since the op I have a constant dull ache in one side and occasionally is really quite painful I’m getting used to it.

However, more worrying to me while I can ‘mechanically’ complete the act of intercourse I don’t actually feel it (at all). I’ve seen other posts on here with similar subjects but not seen much encouraging feedback.

Did mention it to my wife, but she’s since stopped asking me about it and don’t really want to bring it up again… I do suffer with depression but am currently doing alright and am unmedicated.

Does anybody have anything to say on this or should I just consider going back to the doctor to be fobbed off again…?

Sorry this probably doesn’t read very well, but would appreciate any feedback that may or may not help me move forward.


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I had the pressure pain, and dull ache dude, that shit sucks. I waited 15 months for a reversal bc I couldn’t take it anymore. I tried spermatic chord block, and got no relief from that. but maybe you can try that, and see what happens. you can always talk to a dr. let me know how you are.



This sucks, can it be a side effect of any meds you might be on? I have most of the pains we all complain about on this forum, but I have no issues ejaculating and sex feels the same for me except for my balls swinging around or if the wife rides me the way it hurts. I am in pain the next day after sex though, but goes down to normal 2-3 pain scale after 24 hours.

Have you tried any pelvic floor PT? I am 3 months out post V no scalpel and the PT gives me a little relief. There’s videos on YouTube for this. Sorry bud, but hang in there. I’m 30 by the way too and this sucks, so I feel your pain.


Hi, if you are saying along with pain you have lost the orgasm try reading my thread …
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I feel as if my life and sex life is now good …ATB Rob.