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Nipple pain and hardening behind the nipple

High I am curious has anyone else had nipple pain and a hardness feels like bumps behind the doctor suggested that its hormones out of sink. No the vasectomy won’t cause hormonal problems. I have just recently developed this and I am wondering if it can have anything to do with the vasectomy or vasectomy reversal

I had something like that happen when I was about 13. I had the exact same symptoms. I also had some sort of bleeding out of my nipples for a day or two as well during the same time frame. The bleeding, dark colored oozing, or whatever turned into tiny scabs. I remember going for a swim in the ocean for the first time in my life, and always thought it was somehow related way back then. Never did any research on this when it happened nor ever since. It cleared up on it own over a period of weeks and never happened again. I have never seen any posts about this in vasectomy forums either.

Thankyou Ringo. I was only curious when I asked about the nipple pain when the dr said that he thinks its hormonal. I have had issues with hormones off and on since my original vasectomy. I also have had clots on the lungs because my hormones went out of sink which caused my blood to thicken. I had a growth in my right testicle. Remember I had an epididectomy in my right as well. Cheers and thanks Francis

Yeah, it was pretty strange when it happened to me. I don’t think I told anyone about it as I was to embarrassed. At that age, I didn’t know what to think about it as I’d never heard of it happening to anyone else. I knew girls… but guys bleeding from there nipples? Nope, I’d never heard of that at that age.

I’m not sure what to think about this. I believe you that something wasn’t right, but without some real data to support what was really happening to you through all those years, we can only speculate.

I remember you had your testosterone tested prior to your unilateral reversal, and you had a number that was approximately ~1000 (translated) - which is at the very high end of the scale. Considering your circumstances, I was a bit shocked when you posted your results as they were some of the highest I have ever seen.

Yeah, I clearly remember that.

This I don’t recall. What was that all about?

I have that too!!! My Nipples hurt/ sensitive maybe one month after my vasectomy, and then lumps started to grow. The lumps have stopped growing, and the nipples seem OK but the lumps are really sensitive to being bumped into, things like jumping into the lake hurt a lot. Fortunately for me the doctor assured me that it had nothing to do with my vasectomy, But he has no idea what caused it other than hormonal changes.

Vasectomy changes your hormones mate the lumps are not painful but now and again it’s like a hot needle going through your nipple area similar to the needle that went through your balls at the time of vasectomy. My dr also said its hormones

not surprised, vasectomy can impact testosterone, which impacts estrogen, which impacts mammary glands.

Thanks. My dr flatly denied any connection to the hormones and vasectomy. Even though I had clots on the lungs which traced back to my hormones said there is
No connection. Did you see my testosterone levels that I had up he also said they were on the low side

Dr had to eat humble pie. My lumps are from the hormones. Was the same ones that I had in my epididymis. When I read the right up from that dr this morning it made perfect sense. Yet another body altering from vasectomy. At least its not cancer and I had the mammogram and ultrasound so I am happy about that