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Niacin has helped a lot

I recently started taking an OTC niacin supplement on the hope that it would help with my energy levels and help me be more active, but surprisingly it also had a huge impact on my pain to the point that I’m not even taking anything else to manage it.

I still have some discomfort, but the difference is enough that I’m having sex again as often as I want without any pain appearing hours/days afterward. I’m even easing my way back into some exercise.

I’m taking 250mg of niacin once a day in the mornings. It gives me a niacin flush (whole body gets hot and turns beet-red) for about 40 minutes, but whatever – it’s a small trade-off for the benefits it seems to be providing.

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What fantastic news! Thanks for sharing this information. What made you try Niacin?

It’s supposedly good for circulation and depression. Not a lot of science to support the claims, but whatever… I’ll try almost anything once.

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I tried Niacin for depression before, and was helping

I’ve been taking 1000mg niacinate from Douglas Labs for about 5 years. Helps my cholesterol levels but not PVPS.

Yeah, it’s weird. I don’t know why it’s helped so much, and I certainly didn’t expect it to help, so… A happy accidental discovery for me. Will be interesting to see if I can figure out why it’s helping.