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Newbie looking for advice

Hey All,
This is a forum I never thought I would need! I had a vasectomy done in Sep 2019 - had a bit of complication on the left nut and it took about 3 months to recover and for pain to go away. Been fine since the start of 2020 but 2 weeks ago I got a real dull ache in what feels like my epididymus/tubes - it’s been fairly constant and really irritating. Ive been treating with heat and ibuprofen but it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Went to ER a few days ago and got ultrasound - no sign of torsion, varicoceles or lumps. Doc sent me home with antibiotics but I don’t feel like I have an infection.

Anybody ever had something like this? It just seems strange for it to suddenly start out of the blue.

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Hey brother. Sorry you’re here. It’s a relatively common situation around here. Of course if you polled 10 urologists, 9.5 of them would claim they’ve never seen it but it does happen. Is it similar to the pain you had early on post vasectomy? I would wonder if its something related to the original source of pain. I believe there’s research that shows that PVPS is common up to 5 years post vas which clearly shows you’re not alone. Yes, it’s most likely related to your vas so forget what your urologist told you.

It could be a number of things and no one, not any urologist (or anyone on this site For that matter) knows precisely what the problem is. Perhaps it’s congestion and your body is struggling to keep up with the overload of blocked sperm. It could be a nerve injury rearing it’s ugly head after a year of dormancy. It could in fact be an infection. Unlikely but a quick dose of antibiotics is easy so they prescribe it.

My advice, be patient and see if it goes away because there’s no easy answer and more surgery rarely helps. Find a physical therapist willing to help you before you find a surgeon. I assume you’re Canadian based on your handle but I would only trust the best and experienced urologists with PVPS. Canada’s own, Dr. Jarvi in Toronto, is one of the best in the world. If he’s convenient and/or available, I’d go there. You can mess with someone closer to home but most urologists are worthless for this stuff. They’re still in denial that vasectomy caused any of it so they’re likely not going to be terribly helpful about a fix.

Good luck and sorry


Great advice @Choohooo.

Very true. I think any experienced PVPS doctor would also agree with that.

Statistically, I’d have to disagree with that part. Last I heard, Dr Jarvi was getting a success rate of 75% with his method of reversal for PVPS guys. Other top tier PVPS reversal surgeons site similar success rates with their methodologies of reversal. Sure, every mans recovery from corrective procedures is different. Some certainly do better than others. Reversal certainly is not a magic bullet that the majority of men walk away from with flying colors out the gates.

However, I absolutely do agree that more surgery is risky, is generally expensive, offers no guarantees, can be far more challenging recovery wise than anticipated beforehand, has a chance of making the man worse in the long run, has a chance of doing nothing, and so on.

It’s easy to assume statistics, this, that, and the other - based on what we have seen posted on this site, but we must remember that only a tiny fraction of men that have PVPS, have corrective procedures annually, and so on, actually post their stories online. What we see posted on this site in regard to corrective procedure statistics are likely skewed on many levels. That isn’t speculation, that is more less a fact.

@canadian, this site gets a lot of traffic, but the majority of those people do not create an account, don’t post anything about their experience online, and so on. The majority of people that post here get what they need (input, etc), and eventually they disable emails from this site, they rarely return, they move on indefinitely, and so on. Many of the OP’s don’t even respond to replies in their own threads. I suppose what I am trying to say is - don’t expect to many replies. There is a strong level of taboo or something similar related to posting about this subject online. Truth be known, quite a few men actually delete their posts from this site, or ask a moderator to do it for them at some point down the road.

The best advice I have to offer you beyond what @Choohooo had to say is - do some searching on this site. There are 1000’s of posts to sort through, relate to, and so on. If you see a post from a member that you think you have some questions for, reply to them - you might get lucky and get a response.

My advice is always concervative options first. But, that is not a hard fast rule that every single man must follow - it’s just sound advice. There is a lot of “to each his own” that goes hand in hand in regard to PVPS, vasectomy pain, side effects, corrective procedures, and so on.

Anyway, welcome to the forum @canadian, and thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully you find this place helpful.

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BTW, @canadian, if you haven’t read the page below yet, it’s definitely worth a read. Many people have no idea what PVPS actually is, or what it actually means. I’d guess that the majority of people believe more assumptions about PVPS than fact.

Keep in mind that PVPS is a syndrome - thus the term PVPS is a catch all for many post vasectomy maladies - not just one.

Sorry to see you here. You may be told that your pain is not due to the vasectomy because it’s been 9 months since your procedure. You’re about like me…my vas was early March, 2005, and my pain onset was late October, 2005. One theory is that it takes some men longer to develop congested epididimides. Another theory is that neuropathic pain (from nerve damage) takes time to develop. One uro who’s treated many men on this forum calls this phenomenon Wallerian Degeneration of the nerves.

Do some research on all of the things the veterans tell you.

Lastly, if I can offer any advice, I’m a fan of trying needles (pain management injections) before scalpels (surgeries). That’s opinion, not fact, and the old caveat “your mileage may vary” applies.

What you’re describing is very similar to what my situation has been, except without a vas. Sometime in 2015, I started having a LOT of discomfort in my left teste, and it seemed localized to the epididymus. I also noticed that my teste itself was slightly reducing in size.

I lived with the discomfort for maybe 8-12 months to see if it would go away. When the discomfort didn’t go away after that long, I saw my first urologist and he was not helpful. He tried to get me to believe that I needed physical therapy as a first step to diagnose. I’m like “No dude, physical therapy isn’t going to help my balls feel better.” I also had an ultrasound around that time that was not helpful either.

So I lived with it for another 2-ish years. It sucked. I had relocated at some point during that period, and then went to a different urologist in the area. His first step was to just try antibiotics to see what happened. They didn’t help. So then we went the surgery route. Had a bilateral epididymectomy in August of 2019. I thought I was in the clear. After a couple weeks, when the swelling went down, I noticed that I had a large hydrocele on the left nut. It was not comfortable. I had the urologist drain it, but it came right back. Waited a while and the hydrocele eventually went down and then went completely away.

When the hydrocele disappeared, I started having discomfort in my left teste again. The discomfort is similar to the discomfort I felt prior to my surgery in the first place, but instead of it feeling localized to the epididymus (which is no longer there) the pain seems to come from the top of the teste where the hydrocele was. In (gently) feeling it, the sensation kind of feels like there’s some scar tissue there or something. Like the flesh of the deflated hydrocele is kind of sitting there and it’s agitating the area.

At this point the discomfort is still a little annoying, if not inhibiting, but I’m living with it for now until I can decide what to do. I’m just a little turned off by the surgeon at this point.

I guess I share this to illustrate you’re not alone, especially considering your discomfort is so similar to mine. Good luck to you and I’m happy to answer questions about my experience.

Hey okay . Here’s the problem your swollen and irritated pudendal nerve the infection has swollen the nerve in the seat of your pants or saddle of your body from the anus lower back to the inside of the testicle. You need PELVIC FLOOR EXCERSIZES AND STRETCHES. Search. Yoga si joint stretches and start doing them your life will improve sex wil improve. Depression will go away

The initial flare up and then subsequent return of pain you are describing is not uncommon. It happened to me. I agree you should only be looking at non invasive things to help at this point. PT and stretching helped me to a point. I think papaya seed might be worth a try given your pain is localized to your epididymis. I posted a list of things I tried here.
My Experience, with list of non-invasive treatments

And of course, sorry to see you here.