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When I say put me back together. I meant vas-to-vas. But Dr Marks who I had my reversal with doesn’t just do that. After he cut open and cleaned up the cauterized (in my case) vas ends he monitored the sperm flow. If he had determined that there was a blockage further upstream he would have done a vas-to-epi reversal at the appropriate spot to ensure sperm flow.



Hey @David,

Have not seen u in a while. Hows it going? How ate things with your reversal? How do your nuts hang after a vas to epi reversal. I think i was close to one as my fluid was very thick. My doctor was able to clear enough to go vas to vas but my balls hang a little high now. I regained full patency and sperm counts that were actually higher than prior to my vas.



Hey Mike-

Things are going very well in that dept. I am happy to say that after (7.5 years now) - wow it’s been a good long while now :). things are pretty much fully recovered at this point I would say.

I don’t think I was clear in my last post. I had a vas-to-vas reversal (luckily). I was just trying to answer Regretvasect’s question about what the reversal surgeon would/could do once they are in there.