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New supportive underwear, looking for testers. (Fixed my pain!)


Hi MikeO,

I’ve tried the UFM boxer jock, but they didn’t work out for me. I know some people love them here, but I was still getting the Zingers/jolts. Also, the cord system didn’t feel too good around the boys. What type Mack Weldon underwear works for you?


I use Mack Weldon’s boxer briefs. It’s weird because they have felt good lately and sometimes they feel bad. Not since the Metformin though. I used to wear two pairs of underwear with the underneath one being these very “not me” flyless bikini like briefs. I call them “man panties” and hate them but they give support. I wore boxer briefs over them. I have been using Mack Weldon’s lately with good success and was going to buy more but thought I’d grab a pair of these to see how they felt.


I bought a pair of the UFM 6 inch regular support gen 4 boxer briefs. I have them on now and I really like them. I am going to order 4 more pairs and put my old 2 layer underwear in storage. This is huge for me as wearing 2 pairs of underwear was embarrassing and a constant reminder that something pretty awful happened to me i.e. “voluntary” genital mutilation.

Anyway I can say I recommend them based on having tried them. I am at a place where they provide just enough support.

The mesh pocket for your junk is comfortable and the draw string provides support like an underwire. They don’t just mash your stuff against you leg and they provide gentle support which is what a lot of guys need.