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New person - Advice please

Hi all,

I have signed up for some advice if possible. I’ve read through some of the posts and I’m impressed with the help, advice and support offered. I signed up with the hope of some reassurance…

I am based in the UK and I had a non scalpel vasectomy three weeks ago yesterday. I’m now growing in concern as I’m having aches and pains periodically. The bruising at first was major, but now has virtually gone - The right side was worse than the left, although the trouble I’m getting now only seems to be on the left! I have been back to the doctor twice and he has said some people take longer to recover than others (and I’m sure some of you will offer the same reassurance) and the pains will subside and can take another couple of weeks. He also said in his 16 years, he has never known anyone to have PVPS and it is more common in people with other chronic illnesses.

The pain I get is a random, sharp shooting pain in my left ball that makes me yelp. Happened constant for three hours last Thursday and has happened 4 or 5 times since at random times. This is the pain I thought I would have just after the procedure - not a couple of weeks after.

I guess I’m asking, have others experienced long recovery times? Am I being silly? Any general tips on improving my frame of mind as it’s getting me down.

I would also like to apologise to many of you as what I’m going through is probably a cake walk compared to what many of you are going through on a daily, long term basis. I am in no way trying to make anyone feel worse about themselves.

A few things I’ll note below that may help:

  • The procedure took about 30 mins and they seemed to spend 25 mins on the left and 5 on the right
  • I have absolutely no pain when going to the toilet or ejaculating
  • At the base of my penis (especially when erect and balls dropping), I can see two lumps that feel like an inflamed piece of pipe. They do not hurt to touch and seem to move around a bit
  • I also sometimes get pain above the groin area (lower abdomen I think)
  • Left ball seems to be sticking out a lot more when I wake up, then goes back to where it should be after a short time
  • Pain killers do nothing for the general ache I get and nothing for the sharp pains
  • Doctor did say pain should subside when bruising goes and it can still be bruised underneath - even when surface bruising goes, so not to panic if still uncomfortable for a bit after visible bruising goes
  • Left ball will go sensitive frequently and lose sensitivity and feel normal when I rub it a bit

Some of the advice I’ve had so far includes potential nerve issues on the left that should resolve but won’t be serious nerve issues as pain would be unbearable and constant.

I think one of the reasons I’m worried is because I have around 5 friends that have had it done and spoken to around 10 others and they said they were literally running marathons etc after a week and I’m still struggling after three weeks.

Thanks all

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Hi. I had a vas 3 1/2 months ago. If there is one advice I wish I had as early as possible after the procedure, it is papaya seed powder. You need to figure out if your symptoms can be because of congestion. There’s a separate thread about it.

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Thanks for your reply - Any links/recommendations on brands, type etc?

I’m probably the person on this forum with the shortest experience with papaya powder since I’ve used it for less than a week, so you should look at other threads for better advice from people more knowledgeable than me.

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Welcome to the forum @Coxy.

You can find the information @stk is referring to in the thread below.

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Thanks for the reply. I have been looking, seems a bit trickier to get a trusted supply in the UK and shipping costs far outweigh the cost of the product!

I’m not suggesting that you are suffering from congestion, neuropathic, etc. You could be suffering from one or the other - or even both. It’s really anyone’s guess regarding what exactly is going on at this point, but congestion is definitely at or near the top of the list regarding possibilities.

You can order papaya seed powder from eBay without all the extra shipping from places like Amazon. Or, you can make your own, which would realistically take ~2-3 weeks including dry time, grind the seeds yourself afterwards, etc.

In my experience - the fresher the better, and I always prefer an organic product.

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Hopefully I’m not throwing cold water on a rather friendly and helpful conversation. You said you were at three weeks. Personally, I’d be patient and see what goes away on its own. If it is congestion, your body hasn’t even had a chance to figure out how to deal with it yet. With the vas comes a rather precarious plumbing conundrum. Your body has to figure out how to deal with the pressure and usually it does so without issue. Personally, I wouldn’t touch papaya until at least 3 months, maybe even 6 months.

You ask if others have experienced “long recovery times.” YES! There’s plenty of stories of spontaneous resolution of pain at 3 months, 6 months, 12 months. Some might disagree with me but you are in the infant stage of PVPS and there’s still a very high likelihood that it’ll just go away or become so infrequent that you don’t care about it anymore.

That’s my two cents. You’re so early, I wouldn’t do a thing.


Thanks for that. It all helps. It’s probably just the healing process rather than anything long term. I’m just concerned as I’m a victim of talking to too many people that recovered stupidly quickly and assumed I would too!

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Some people’s knee replacement is perfect day one and others spend months in rehab to get the new knee going. This is no different. But…hard to be patient when you hurt. I get it.

Good luck

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I must repectfully disagree. I have begun to think you should do papaya as soon as possible. You say that the body should figure out the pressure on it’s own, but getting the pressure down early is possibly the best way you can help the body. Though I can’t prove it, I believe that going on high pressure for a long time increases the chance of epididymal burts and consequently formation of sperm granulomas. If papaya can help to avoid that - what’s the downside?

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Are you going to take papaya seeds the rest of your life? Better watch your blood work, particularly your cholesterol.

You’re going to get a granuloma no matter what you do. There’s a phobia on here about granulomas but for the vast majority of vas victims, granulomas are a good thing as they are the immune systems first crack at spermatozoa breakdown and double as a pressure release valve.

I’m a less is more guy. I’d rather not be stuck taking a powder the rest of my life that has minimal research on long term effects. That’s just me. If I could pass the burden onto my body to compensate naturally, I’d rather that then swallow something.

We know papaya seeds halt sperm production and can act as a natural birth control but that’s about where the understanding stops.

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Sometimes it can be whether we got a vasectomy freely or we were pushed into it by our other half. I have seen that happen to mate. Sometimes we have to except what is done is done. Just another suggestion mate I had PVPS for a long time. Give it time and don’t rush into anything.

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Do you have a reference on why you should watch your cholesterol? All I’ve found about it says papaya seeds are beneficial to serum cholesterol. Mostly animal studies though.


Myself and three other members on here noticed a change in cholesterol. One guy had it through the roof, so much so that his physician called him personally on the phone and asked what he was doing. It normalized 2-3 weeks after stopping. There’s not much out there. That’s part of the problem, we’re guinea pigs on this stuff.

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IDK where there idea of taking papaya seed powder for life came from, but I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone, heh. I see it as more of a temporary option myself. Perhaps to get things backed off a bit, see if it helps as your body attempts to adjust, perhaps as a short term diagnostic tool - wait and see, etc. Different strokes for different folks.

Everyone needs to be vigilant about their health, blood work, etc. I see questionable RX drugs being recommend without warning, and papaya seed powder is no different. There is a certain level of common sense that goes hand in hand with this topic in general.

I am certainly a fan of being proactive. I wouldn’t tell anyone to do absolutely nothing. There are to many completely concervative options to consider. From the proper support, to nsaids, physical therapy - the typical stuff that the majority of vigilant urologists would also recommend.

IDK where the idea that every man is going to get a sperm granuloma no matter what came from. Statistics from a random medical entity website below.

A granuloma is not cancerous or life-threatening. It may be painful and can be treated using over-the-counter anti-inflammatory /pain medication. If it causes unbearable discomfort, it may need to be surgically removed. However, they generally heal by themselves. Statistics suggest that between 15-40% of men may develop a granuloma post-vasectomy.

And rightfully so. It is a common risk associated with vasectomy, and it’s also commonly associated with PVPS - which is a whitewash broad spectrum term for post vasectomy pain (see below).

There are two common types of traditional vasectomy. Open ended and closed ended. There’s a lot of debatable pros and cons, hype, etc, to be read about these two versions.

A few baseline references below.

Bottom line @Coxy, I would stick with what is typically recommended across the board at this point. Odds are in your favor that you will get better with purely concervative options and/or time. Be vigilant, and see your urologist again if in doubt. Infection is a common risk associated with this procedure as well.

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By saying that, I am not suggesting papaya seed powder causes high cholesterol, high triglycerides, or anything of the sort in the majority of people.

I have never seen any large studies on humans regarding post usage blood work and so on either.

A wide open story or two or three or four simply doesn’t confirm anything concrete for me regarding - why, how, when, etc. It simply takes more than that to convince me of anything when it comes to stuff like this/that.

I have read through dozens of websites, dozens of pages of literature, several studies, etc, regarding papaya seed powder over the years gone by. I have never came across anything that suggested the product is significantly dangerous to anyones health. In fact, the vast majority of what I have read suggests quite the opposite.

I have read through some historical accounts dating back over a millennia regarding it’s usage as a contraceptive for males and females, and one thing I have never ran across is - papaya seed powder is significantly dangerous to your health.

Bottom line - I’m not suggesting that papaya seed powder is safe, or not safe, or if it causes, or doesn’t cause this, that, or the other in however many cases. Please do your own homework and decide how dangerous it is for yourself in comparison to other comparable options, other options, etc.

I didn’t want to edit my previous post thus a double post.

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Hi @Coxy.

At 3 weeks you are relatively early in the healing phase. As @Choohooo says, there are many whose pain just faded away in a month or three. Sometimes the nerves or tissue get a bit irritated in and around the area and that may take a month or two to calm down. I think @Ethan_Scruples has collated data from various sources to suggest that maybe 10-15% of guys had pain or issues for longer than that 1week that is supposedly “normal”. The good news is that for most of them, it settles down either goes away or is insignificant and doesn’t affect quality of life.

I tend to agree with @Choohooo in holding off on throwing supplements at it. It’s hard because without knowing specifically what’s going on, there is the tendency to take a shotgun approach.

Perhaps try to do what you can lifestyle wise to remain mentally positive and give your system the best chance to deal with and adapt to the change? Underwear, gentle exercise, mediation/yoga/breath work and possibly some pelvic floor PT.

There are some first line medications for pain that seem efficacious in the literature such as NSAIDS and tricyclic anti-depressants that work on inflammation and pain which can also help to settle things down in the short term. Your urologist/GP will be familiar with these.

Good luck mate, as @RingoStar says, the odds are on your side so stay positive.

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Thanks all for your messages. All inputs have helped. And I’m probably worrying over nothing - In the nicest possible way, I hope to not be on here that long!

I’m sure if there were deeper problems, I wouldn’t be able to go toilet and masturbate in comfort!



You are very early on in this. If you still have some swelling and possibly small hematomas you are not going to feel right until that subsides. In the time being I recommend you take it easy and listen to you body. I would not be concerned until you are well past 6 months and even then I would try to accept mentally that a year will be the best time to do any sort of evaluation (unless you have crippling symptoms which it sounds like you don’t).

I would suggest you focus on being as healthy as you can while you continue to heal. Eat well, get lots of rest, get any form of exercise you can tolerate i.e. walking, swimming etc… Just don’t push too hard and listen to your body.

Win the mental battle. Stay positive and be mindful of catastrophizing. You literally just had it done.

Focus on the positive. No more worry about pregnancy or condoms.

I would suggest you wear supportive boxer briefs as well in the meantime. We have several threads on here that talk about brands.

If you want to chat people here are very supportive but I’m guessing and hoping you will be fine.

I suggest you use the site for moral support and encouragement and avoid working yourself up by focusing on some of the worse outcomes documented here. We support everyone and respect what everyone has gone through but for most guys this acute post vasectomy phase is just that. A phase.

Take care and be positive! You are barely off the operating table.

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