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New Member Story

Hi everyone.

New member here and this is my story.

Back in 2010, a year after the birth of my second child, (at 33), I had a vasectomy. My initial recovery was going really well and I had minimal pain. I think I was a little active too quickly and ended up with heavy bruising and large amounts of swelling. Ultimately this dissipated within a few weeks and the initial pain from recovery subsided.

I didnt notice any issues with sex, sensitivity, or pain during ejaculation, but about a year later I began to feel some pain in my scrotum. At first it was minor, but over the last 10 years it has been increasing regularly to the point that I have constant pain. My pain is focused on the Vas Deferens and not the testicles and is bad enough that I can only sleep on my back. I also experience pain with any activity that would cause pinching or movement down there.

Earlier this year, I decided it wasnt worth trying to walk it off and began navigating through the American Medical system to see specialists. At this point I have been diagnosed with PVPS and although a reversal was discussed, the specialist and I agree that a bilateral Microdenervation makes better sense.

Although I am approved through my insurance, I am currently saving up my copay cash before I step into the ring. I am hopeful this will help my specific situation. There is a specialist in Portland who deals with these items that I have been pretty comfortable with.

Fingers crossed for a good 2021…