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New member issues after vasectomy

Hi there

I’m from Sweden, 47 yo. I made my vasectomy about 4 weeks ago. I’m very happy that I found this forum, but sad that I trusted the media that only focus on “it’s a small surgery and easier for men to do it then women” :grimacing: also I feel sad for you all that experience problems after doing vasectomy. I’m quite certain we are good men doing this for the love to our wife’s and spouses.

Well, to my story then.
Surgery went quite smooth and minor pain about 10 days after. But pain if I work as I used to before. I need to think about not jumping around, how I sit and lay down and how I sit on my motorcycle. Not wearing tight pant etc…. The balls are much more sensitive and gets sore from bumps.
I know, my vasectomy was made recently and it might get better. But I get quite concerned by reading all your posts.

Other issues I’ve had is ejaculating a few times without having an orgasm. I don’t feel the sperm coming out from me, but it squirts all over the place when trying to jerk off. And the dick stays hard because I didn’t get orgasm.

Another issue is that when I have sex with my wife, I get terrible pain after my orgasm. The pain is located in both balls and lower belly. Yesterday I couldn’t walk for 3 hours after sex and wasn’t sure if i could go to work today.

I have ordered papaya capsules and seed powder after all advices I have read from you guys :heart:

Well that’s it. Would appreciate to hear your opinions and if some ppl also had great pain AFTER the orgasm.

I really hope that my problems will get better after some time, but for now I regret doing this vasectomy

Be safe and all love from me


And by the way. I warned my wife about the issue with pre orgasm ejaculation, if I get lucky getting a bj i will not be able to warn her when the sperm is coming :laughing: :laughing: