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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to add to the huge amount of posts on here. I am so angry that I was basically lied to and just how much this has affected me. By lied to I mean prior to the vasectomy. I was told virtually no pain in the operation and just 1 in a 1000 people have long term problems, -and even if that’s you don’t worry because a few pain killers normally cure it. Well that was utter rubbish as we all know. And the affect it has had on me is drastic. Again as we all know it is life changing. There are times I have wanted to end it all - I have been very depressed and think that this will never end.

My story is this - I had a vasectomy , hesitantly as I had read that there could be problems but was swayed by all the happy smiley ads and pro people. The procedure was VERY painful so much so that I was injected with painkiller 3 times.

After I was very very sore , as I thought I might be and told myself that this was normal. Initially I had 3 types of pain. I had the usual pain around the area that had been cut , which is to be expected I guess. The 2nd pain was excruciating very sharp stabbing pain in my left testicle and side down the leg -which occurred about 100 times a day and then there was the horrible dull aching underneath the testicles that was there continuously.

The surgery pain went after about 2/3 weeks. Ive had surgery before and this felt fairly normal to me. The sharp stabbing pain slowly improved. Now , after 6 months it is about once a day. I have been checked by 2 urologists and was told that this was nerve pain.

However , the dull ache that slowly gets worse throughout the day is still the same. I followed the same medical route that others have described here in the UK. Referrals by my GP. Follow up with the doctor who performed the op. Then a urologist, a scan (told there was nothing wrong) another urologist and finally a few days ago a ‘pain specialist’ who told me it seems to be the muscle under my scrotum and that I should exercise it with pelvic contractions. Ive been doing that but so far no success. Im not holding my breath on this one.
Has anyone had any success with this ?

Of course I have also been given pain killers - now on amitriptyline -50mg for nerve pain and depression. Told I should take gabapentin regularly - (reluctant as I have been on it before and have side affects. Whilst on the subject of pain killers I have tried pregabalin , co drydromol, codeine phosphate, anti inflammatory and paracetamol and found none of them work and that the side affects vary from mild (paracetamol) to extreme (sick, nausea, cant breath properly etc ) )

The only relief I get from the pain is sitting on the edge of a seat and very hot baths but as many have said before its only a very temporary relief.
I cannot walk for long without stopping, same when standing. Driving is horrible. Getting dressed, washing, bending, resting etc etc etc Basically it affects everything I do. I feel like I have aged 40 years and have the health of an old man.
My sex life is shit. Prior it was about 2-3 times a week - since the op. its about once a month - and its not the same at all. I ejaculate less - the feeling is different - everything takes longer like I just cant reach that point of ejaculation as quickly and when it does arrive it can go away again very quickly - so no more wait a few more seconds to prolong it and then continue for a bit and then carry on - you know what I mean - if I leave it a few seconds then its like 5 minutes later to get anywhere near to what it was and sometimes it just goes away altogether. And if and when I do ejaculate its all a bit of a non event - like orgasm is just sort of all over and a bit of a relief and then its even more painful for the next few days. Ive tried masturbating but usually too painful and most of the time I just don’t want to. Also I feel ‘full’ all the time. No relief like before where after no sex for a few days I actually felt like I needed to have sex to empty myself and then after sex I actually felt like my balls had emptied - now I just feel full all the time.
My thoughts of sex are also now infrequent. Used to be every day and for many times throughout a day - I always thought I was sex driven actually but since the op. its almost never. I honestly feel like a different person. I am so different . I am very depressed and think this will last for ever. That sex will never be the same. That my marriage is ruined. We both thought this op . would help us - turns out its destroying us.

The painkillers don’t work, the exercises don’t work. I have virtually no sex drive and almost no sex. I truthfully feel terrible. I cry a lot. I feel useless and at times wish I was dead.

I feel so cheated - lied to and duped into going ahead with this op. By far this is the worst thing I have ever done and so far it is life changing. I cannot imagine living with this long term.

In the mean time I continue to take drugs that don’t work and attend a pain clinic just in case its in my head. Apparently in a year I could maybe have a reversal on the NHS but the last thing I want is to let them anywhere near me.

Sorry for such a bad post.



Mate, don’t despair. I was in the same boat, you could have written that post about me. It does improve, there are conservative treatments you can try for a while, see how you respond. A lot of good threads on papaya seeds and other supplements.

Good luck and stay strong :muscle:



Appreciate the reply cheers :+1:



Not a bad post at all. You have summed up our predicament in a way that is insightful, concise, emotionally raw, and eloquent.

I don’t have a lot to offer you, but for me a lot of improvement came at about month 10. If you aren’t happy after a year, consider a reversal from the best surgeon you can get. (Dr. Dawson has a good reputation but do your own homework.) Reversal is not without risk but seems to give a lot of guys significant improvement. Finally, the emotional component does improve over time and libido/sex can also gradually improve.



Sorry to hear that you’re going through all this pain. SSRIs can be libido killers. I was on a 10 mg dose of it (the smallest that they make) and within a week it absolutely killed my libido. I went from regular sex and, um, “me time” to in the 3 weeks I was on it to having no desires at all. Spontaneous erections, already rare, stopped cold, and even trying to get one was difficult. Even though many doctors will say that low doses have no effect on it having been on two for nerve pain they both took my sex drive away.



Sorry to see you here. We need to find legal remedies against doctors that continue to tout the 1-in-a-thousand or 1-in-a-million faux statistics. They’ve been disproved by many sources.

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I am sorry to hear about your misfortunes. I recommend getting your hormone levels checked as it seems like you have low testosterone. Hormone replacement therapy (TRT) could possibly resolve your issues, but its not a guarantee.



@amonkeydog I have not posted a lot here recently, but wanted to respond to your post. You’re still relatively early post vasectomy. When I was 6 months post vasectomy, I was in awful shape. I was taking 4 or 5 different medications to get me through the day, and everything in my life was difficult. It was awful. It took everything out of me just to make it through the day. On top of that, I was heavily depressed and anxious. I thought my life was forever ruined.

However, I’m currently at 2 years post vasectomy and I can tell you my life has improved dramatically since 6 months. I’m not pain free by any means, as my pain varies from a dull ache to a burning sensation, some days are worse than others. However, it doesn’t limit me anymore and life is generally back to normal. Sex feels good again, and I have noticed in the last 6 months that my drive for sex has improved. I do take Amitriptyline 25 mg at night, but I’ve had no side effects and it helps me sleep.

I just wanted to let you know that although you may never return to “normal”, things will more than likely improve as time moves forward. Try the conservative measures that are mentioned, and start investigating the surgical options so that you are as informed as you can be. Otherwise, do whatever it takes to get you through this difficult time. Seek out help from family and friends. Keep your mental health in good shape, and seek out help if you are struggling emotionally. In the end, you have to decide the treatment path that works for you and your family. Good luck. Sorry you’re here.

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Thanks for the reply. Its appreciated. Sorry to hear of what you have gone through. I guess we’re all roughly in the same boat. I am still finding it slightly crazy that all this is going on and there is such a lack of awareness in general about this very real situation of which the consequences are extreme to say the least. I think the ‘professionals’ (at least most of the ones I have seen) should hang their heads in shame - they are either very stupid and ignorant or they know perfectly well the risks etc and are constantly lying to prospective and post patients. (The doctor who performed my op. and the first urologist both said that they had never seen anybody who had developed PSVP !!! - and the doctor said she had been doing the ops. for 20 years!!! - unbelievable and obv. complete b.s. !)

I do try and think that its just a matter of time and I have almost lost the stabbing pains I had which also gives me hope BUT ………Ive found this condition really messes with my head esp. as I also have some other long term pain issues so its quite easy to get caught up in the downward spiral of being negative. And as we all know its not just the pain to deal with - if it was then , perhaps it wouldnt be such an issue - but the other stuff that goes hand in hand with the pain is depressing - could anyone go through such experiences with a smile on their face and a cheerful disposition? I don’t think so.

Thanks again for the support. From all of you so far - I find its helping and likewise I wish you all the best in going through your particular version of this shitty ordeal.



For some, a vasectomy will set off the pelvic floor muscles into a tizzy and that can cause pain and fullness like you are feeling. The doctor was probably onto something when he mentioned exercising your pelvic floor, BUT, you should NOT do pelvic strengthening until you have learned to relax and down train those muscles. Please, before you consider any surgery, find a pelvic floor physical therapist that knows how to deal with overly tight and spasmsed pelvic muscles. You need to start with reverse kegels. You can also get an evaluation where the therapist will check the internal pelvic muscles (in the rectum) and see if they are in spasm. That can cause the issues you are having.



Thank you spr - that’s very interesting and gives me something positive to focus on. I don’t know what ‘reverse kegals’ are but soon will - thanks to the internet -and your advice of course. The surgery option is farthest from my mind tbh as I am a very long way from trusting anyone enough to let them loose on my bits. I think Im gonna give Papya seeds a go and asap Ill ask about a pelvic therapist /and or exercises.

Thanks again for the help - its very much appreciated.



Glad to help. And again, make sure it’s a pelvic therapist trained to work with pelvic pain patients with hypertonic (tight) pelvic floor muscles. Not the ones at the local gym that help older women with incontinence. You need the reverse type of therapy (if your pelvic floor is the problem). Usually they are only available out of a large hospital. You need to re-establishment a connection between your brain and those muscles. It takes some effort and time after six months of your nervous system automatically tightening them up. It’s called “neural windup” and you need to get yourself out of it. A therapist can check you out and see if this will likely help you. I sent you a message with additional information.



Thanks again SPR - I appreciate the help. Very interesting and another possible way forward. I will look into it asap.



I feel your pain bud. I was in the VERY SAME position and did something about it…

here is my full story!