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Hi, I am 39 years old. I had a vasectomy in March 2018. almost 6 months later and still having problems. Here is my background:

Possibly relevant medical history: I have suffered from interstitial cystitis/pelvic floor dysfunction since 2002. It mainly causes bladder/urethra pain/urgency/frequency. I have managed it over the years with diet, heat, relaxation, and previously some pelvic floor therapy. Before my vasectomy: After consulting with a urologist and specifically asking about PVPS, I was under the impression that a vasectomy would be no more risky for me than anyone else since I never had any testicular issues. This was a dumb idea.

I had my closed end vasectomy March 2018. The procedure was quick and basically pain-free with no sedation or Valium or anything. Lots of pain after the numbing agent wore off. I iced and rested like I was supposed to. A few days after, I had massive testicular/scrotal swelling, but not too much pain left. I called the urologist and he said swelling was normal. It reduced but was still persistent a couple weeks later, so I went in. He said everything felt fine and it would eventually resolve. At the 3 month mark, I gave my sterile sample and went back in to complain about stubborn swelling and weird sensations. Again, he said just wait it out. This time he said to wait until the 6 month mark.

So now I am almost 6 months out and these are my symptoms: Swelling has very slowly gotten better, but my scrotum will still puff out and get irritated when I do any exercise. My testicles/epis look and feel bigger, heavier, and achier than before the vas. They have always seemed so, ever since day 3 after the vas. My symptoms have cycled one month on and one month off several times throughout this time frame. I even had about a month’s time where I thought everything was going away. Most of the weird nerve sensations are fading or gone, but now for the last 3 weeks or so I have had alternating pain, pressure, and a mild nausea feeling. All of this seems to be coming from my epis, which now feel bigger and “blobbier” than before. My epis will ache off and on all day, and they are extra sensitive. Sitting can be problematic. Straining or harsh exercise is not an option. But sometimes certain mild exercises, like light yard work seem to help for some reason. Sometimes jock strap helps immensely, other times it pushes against them and makes them sore. Sexual activity does not seem to have any significant effect so far.

The good news is that most of the time my pain level is a 1/10 with occasional 2/10. Nothing more than that since my recovery from the acute pain in the beginning weeks. I am currently taking Aleve and doing hot baths. This helps some, but it is not going away. I just started to try papaya seed powder and I can report back on that in time.

Has anyone else had this sore, puffy epi issue and will it resolve on its own? Thanks so much in advance for reading.


hey @SPR similar issue with a tender aching EPI. Had my VAS in Jan 2018, my PVPS specialist says i will get better but as your asking is when!! I guess we just need to find a regiment that works and stick with it, might be worthwhile seeing if your Dr or URO will give you a NSAID like naproxen as a conservative next step.also for me i found wearing briefs and UFM underwear have helped for the added support, as i noticed my pain is worst when i have no support ie when taking a shower or in my swim trunks. Also if your having leg/groin related pains as well watch your walk make sure your not compensating your walk due to tensing up because of the pain.


Hi NC79. Thanks for the reply. I too have found UFM underwear to be helpful. So you have a PVPS specialist? Does he/she categorize your situation as a certain type of case that typically improves, etc? So far, my urologist has not even used the term “PVPS” although I know he is aware of it. I actually knew about the risk and discussed it with him before the procedure. But right now he is just saying it can take 6 months to recover from vasectomy in general. I’m just worried because I suddenly got this epi swelling/pain like 4.5 months out.



Never mind my questions. I just read your story. Good luck with your treatment. I am beginning pelvic floor therapy next week and hopefully I will have some success with that. I have a history of pelvic floor spasms causing pelvic pain for 18 years now. Although I never had testicular pain until the vasectomy earlier this year. But my case may be evidence that pelvic floor dysfunction can be involved in PVPS.


@SPR @NC79 guys are you better now? Have similar issues and I’m 4.5 months after vasectomy.


Better, yes. Back to normal, not yet. Improvement is difficult to quantify since my discomfort comes and goes in irregular cycles. But looking back I am better now than several months ago. I had big improvements around the 4 month mark. I had a bad flair up around 5.5 months, but then another improvement milestone around 7 months. I still get frequent cycles of discomfort but more mild than on the past. Pelvic floor therapy, stretching, and light exercise help. You have to keep everything loose and moving or else muscles will tighten up and make pain worse.


Good to hear u are better!! I know this is so frustrating and it is a hard war against the pain/discomfort but it looks like you have found the way to fight this. Any medication that u can suggest to me? nsaids/local heat helps?


NSAIDs never seemed to help me much but they have helped many here. Heat, whether applied locally or hot bath/hot tub sometimes helps me. I think I get the most help from stretching, reverse kegels, and pelvic floor therapy.


Hey @Andrew24 I dont want to jinx it but I can say yes am better. I still have days it’s short lived and usually no more than a 1 in pain. Even after intercourse symptoms have calmed down which am hopefully will continue to improve. But it has been over a yr now but the good thing is I still feel like am improving. Will I ever fully recover hard to say. I have decided on a left sided reversal just waiting on approvals and call back from uro office. But the way am feeling now I will probably postpone it for like another yr or so and see how I feel from there. Hope your doing better all i can say in my experience was time is my biggest ally in all of this.


thanks for your advices @SPR!! hope this will get better soon


hey @NC79, thanks so much for your response. Im glad to hear you are doing better, hopefully I’ll be better with time. U are right, guess time is the best ally in these cases, if u continue improving maybe u will not need the reversal, which is a good news. I’ll stay positive and give it time, hoping it helps me to improve.