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New Here and idk what to do

Hi guys, I’m new here. I’ve been in constant pain for about 5 weeks now. Feel like I’m loosing my mind and my life. Doctors keep giving me different answers or no answers at all. And no one seems to understand what I’m going through. I’m on the verge of loosing all hope and idk what to do. Is there anyone here I can talk to? Is that ok here? Just someone who knows more than me or who understands? I hope this is ok to post.

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This is the right place! There are several members here who have vast knowledge from their experience with PVPS. I’m still dealing with issues myself and trying to learn. I’m always available to talk, though.

Did you have a vasectomy? If so, what issues are you having? Feel free to shoot me a PM if you prefer.

Thank you! I had a vasectomy about 3 months ago now. Everything seemed normal for about a month. Then one time during orgasm I had the worst pain imaginable. I went to the doctor and they treated me for a weeks for Epididymitis. It helped a little but not entirely. And then 2 days later the pain intensified so much that night that I nearly ended up in the ER. Next they put me back on two weeks of antibiotics. The swelling seemed to had gone down, but the pain never went away. It started as a localized pain just on the right side, seemingly where they cut the vas. But then the pain started to radiate. Like a neuropathy I guess. Sometimes it hurts there. Sometimes it’s more like a tingle in the general scrotum area. But it doesn’t stop. I’ve had various doctors make various suggestions so I don’t know what to believe. The pain is bad enough, but the mental toll this takes is unbearable.

Absolutely, the mental toll cannot be understated. This group is a great resource. Folks are helpful and always willing to talk. We all have in common that we’re dealing with Something weird that’s not widely understood, even by many doctors.

I’d suggest looking around here to see if anyone else’s experiences match yours. Congestion from the sperm having nowhere to go is pretty common and can be a cause of pain, but that shoe doesn’t fit everyone. Another suggestion would be to seek a doctor who specializes in post vasectomy pain and ask them to figure out what’s going on. I’ve found that general urologists, self described “men’s health”, or even fertility doctors aren’t always knowledgeable in PVPS. Their canned responses to questions can be frustrating. Lastly, you may want to wait before jumping into something like a reversal. 3 months is still pretty soon after the vasectomy. Maybe the body will heal itself, maybe not. Take your time and make informed decisions. I’ve made a few in desperation that didn’t solve my problems.

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The urologist not being helpful has been my experience so far. And very surprising. I can’t believe how many give general or canned answers. That has been a major source of the hopelessness. But I’m trying to slow down and make the right decisions. This group has been the best thing I’ve found in the last two months.

Yeah, I’ve had several urologists and even a “leading” fertility/reversal dr tell me that my symptoms can be explained by gradual aging, after I told them the symptoms appeared like the flip of a switch after my vasectomy. Some just don’t listen or refuse to believe what you’re experiencing. It’s totally different when you find a doctor who is experienced with PVPS. Have you looked around here for good PVPS doctors in your area?

No im new to this. There wouldn’t be any in my area. It’s more of a small town. Do you know of any that might do virtual meetings?

Most will do phone or video consultations. Once it gets to the point that an exam is necessary, having to travel for in office visits is common since there are so few PVPS experts in the country.

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This is one of those situations where it REALLY MATTERS what urologist you go to. Find someone who understands and treats PVPS.

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Are you on any pain management besides NSAIDs? That’s a good first step before you make next steps, I feel. It took me a few doctors to find someone willing to prescribe gabapentin, which aids in temporarily alleviating nerve pain. Not that it’s a silver bullet and definitely not without serious side effects. Every urologist I found didn’t want to prescribe any pain killers, just two so far we’re okay with gab.

I tried the NSAIDs, they didn’t work at all. I had some prescription ones. One doctor did give me the gaba. It seems to work sometimes. I agree with you, I don’t like the sideffects. But it’s better than the pain for the time being.