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New guy here, my story

Hey guys, i’m not good at introductions, I’m not one to talk about myself to people so bear with me here. My story starts back in 2005. If I had seen this forum then I would have said no to a vasectomy. I tried reading up anything I could and couldn’t find any negative things about it. Doctors basically regurgitated info that could be found by reading. So I had the snip, spent 3 yrs not being able to get up and do much without pain setting in. I was too broke to see any doctors about it so I just dealt with it. From about 2008 to 2017 i was pretty much pain free as long as I didnt really over do myself with strenuous activity. But due to alot of sitting around waiting for any pains to subside i gained a bunch of weight which led to feet and knees hurting. From 2017 to 2020 I hit the gym and in general got off my rear end to get out and work on my projects and teach my son the art of restoring his cars I was definitely feeling better than I had been. I managed to lose 30 lbs. Last august I started getting a dull ache in my testicle, couldnt see anything wrong but didnt pay too close attention to it, just figured I was over working myself. Last Nov the ache was more frequent and noticed a lump so I made an appointment with my family doctor. I go to see the doc and describe the problem and he goes right to thinking I have a hernia, and even after he checks for a hernia still insists thats the problem. He decides to have me go do an ultra sound, then I had to wait 2 wks for the results. go to the appt to get the results only to be told it was a epididymal cyst and there was nothing that could be done and I would just have to live with it. He even tried to suggest the pain was in my head. After telling him we need to do something about it he offers me the option of being referred to a urologist. Took almost 2 wks to get a call from said urologist, I go see him and he confirms the problem, and only offers to remove the epidymis or drain it which would just be temporary. I asked about getting a reversal and he suggested I go somewhere that does alot of reversals and told me where I could go. So I have my first of 2 appt scheduled for a reversal and I’ll be back to update as things play out.
Sorry about the length, I tried to keep it short. I honestly think vasectomies should be outlawed.


Welcome…I’m a 2005 victim, as well. Pain set in 8 months after the vas and, after dealing with the pain for 9 months, I had a reversal. The reversal worked and gave me 10 years pain free (except for a short relapse) and a 4th daughter to boot. Had a major, 30-month setback 2016-2018 and learned my problem was a damaged, painful GF nerve.

Uros who first offer epi removal IMO ought to have their licenses revoked. There are many other options available. None are perfect and none are without risk, but epi removal appears based on the members here to be the least effective and most likely to make matters worse.

Personally, since you had a good period, it sounds like you might’ve re-aggravated nerves that had settled down. That’s what happened to me in 2016. Even though the pain felt like the left epi, it was (is) the left GF nerve. Confirmed with numerous full cord and specific GF nerve blocks.

Look for someone who could try therapeutic nerve blocks. I traveled to Orlando to Dr. Parekatill and got good, lasting relief. Still pain-free 2 years after he treated me.

Reversal MAY still be an option for you, too, but it gets more difficult as time moves on.

I hate speaking for all the members here, and I hope others will chime in, but anecdotal evidence here is that if you have your epi removed, you’ll ultimately end up having the whole testicle removed. I think most would suggest radical orchiectomy with the whole cord…take it all out rather than just the epi which simply makes matters worse and delays the inevitable.


At a minimum it should come with a surgeon general’s warning like cigarettes do. And for the same reason – the people selling vasectomies have shown that they cannot be trusted to appropriately inform their customers of the risk, including the risk of lethal cancer.


I can only recommend that you go less evasive first. If it is a single testicle giving you problems removing one can put strain on the other testicle and cause pain. I started with unilateral orchiectomy. Strain was to much and the other started to fail. My end result has been bilateral orchiectomy with full scrotum removal due to nerve damage. Yes I do agree that this surgery should have very black and white warnings.

I intend to do a reversal before having anything removed. my aches as far as i can tell come from an enlarged epi. The way I figure it, being more active I woke up the boys. I have read somewhere that by working out and being active can increase testosterone levels, perhaps it also increased sperm production, i dont know.

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first off sorry to hear about your problem :(.

I am only chiming in since you basically said you were ok for 16 years (while you were gaining weight) and then when you hit the gym/started to lose weight the pain came back.

On theory of mine (born out of a small survey somewhere on this board that I posted) was that when you start to get more physically active/fit/lose weight your body’s ratio of testosterone/estrogen shifts more toward testosterone. And the more testosterone you have in you the more likely you are to produce more sperm == more congestion == more pain.

Anyway just a theory born out of observation mostly. I honestly wish you all the best - this crap is nothing but terrible


My pain actually started about a year after my reversal. I have pain in my left testicle that’s full yet annoying. My urologist says its varicose and has convinced me to get an orchiectomy in the next two weeks. My wife is concerned that something will change with me since I will be producing less testosterone. I’m having second thoughts myself but I just want the pain to go away.

Have you gotten a second opinion from another urologist?

I think there is something to it, my pain was always from being congested, maybe a little nerve pain in the beginning. But i think it was 10 yrs of being sedentary that made it pain free. I am hoping a reversal will fix that problem.

I requested it. I just don’t want to piss off the first urologist but it is my health we talking about.

I had a reversal after a year and a half of worsening pain. Cost $7,000 and I’m not sure it helped any. Pain continued to worsen over the next year despite other conservative therapies. Had a bilateral denervation in Nov2020. Just now seeing some benefits from that - right side more than left. I continue to have considerable pain in the epi on the left side and will be considering removing the epi on that side next year.

Reversal surgery is no joke. 4-5 hours under general anesthesia and months of healing. And from the limited research on the topic, only very specific cases see a benefit. Maybe if yours is primarily congestion AND the reversal can aid in that (hopefully) then it might be worth considering.

I’ve seen 6 different urologists over the years. All were proponents of surgery. A couple made sure that I’d exhausted all other, more conservative options - but I think they all were aware that those are long shots anyway once infections, hydroceles, etc are ruled out.

I’ve also spoken to several general surgeons and friends who are physicians in other areas. All were cognizant on some level that testicular pain, idiopathic or otherwise, is very difficult to treat.

I’m sorry to hear it didnt help you, I hope your situation gets better.
I have done alot of reading and one thing I have noted is that everybody has different experiences after a vasectomy.
My pain has always been from congestion, not so much from nerves. It took me a few years to get back on my feet after my vasectomy and by then I wasnt active as I used to be and fell in a rut and slowly gained about 30 lbs. Once I became active by exercising and working outside on projects my pain returned along with an extremely enlarged epi. I had a urologist drain it but thats short term. I have an appointment for a reversal consultation on the 18th of feb because I would rather try to fix it before permanently removing more body parts. I am going to try taking papaya seed powder to see if that can be another short term help. I’ll update my progress as it develops.
I understand that reversal is no joke, but if being under anesthesia for 4 hrs and $8,000 helps me with my problem I will definitely give it a try

@jpreed Could you share how long it has been since your last surgery?

Haven’t had a reversal, so I don’t know how that is. But - for my part - I’m very sceptical about it. I don’t like the term “reversal”, cause it implies that the damage from the vasectomy can be undone. That’s simply not true.

A comparison is if you had your dick cut clean off. It would be technically possible to stitch it back on. Even possible that they could reconnect blood vessels, so you could have an erection and be able to complete an intercourse and get your wife pregnant. By all “objective” measures, that would be considered a huge success by the surgeons. But - do you think it would feel the same as before? No, it would not.

That’s the issue with “reversal”. We’re not interested in the objective success (which is just live sperm in ejaculate). We’re interested in the feel. Many surgeons won’t even mention pain relief in their advertising. Reading other people’s stories, vasovasostomy seems like such a big gamble.

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Thats all true, a vasectomy and reversals and any surgery is a gamble. One thing I have learned is everyone is different, theres guys who have had success and guys who have had a rotten experience.

I am frequently tempted to tell people online who talk about how vasectomy is “reversable” that it is like getting a finger reattached after it is cut off. It only works if you do it soon enough, and it won’t be the same as before. Vasectomies cannot be undone.

I would have assumed that reversal would be hopeless as a treatment for PVP, but you do see the majority of guys saying it helped and was worth doing.

I’m going on two years since my last surgery.

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Maybe so. You know more stories than I for sure.

There is also this excellent post by @Ben