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Nervous about meeting Dr P on Tuesday

I’ll be meeting Dr P for the first time on Tuesday. Quite nervous, as I have been exploring orchiectomy on my right side where the sperm cord and epididymis is fat, tender and painful and has been for 5 months. I had a hydrocele surgery on this side in 2004 and believe it may be scar tissue. All conservative treatments have failed.

Of course, just days before this meeting the left side starts up with the pressure pain, leaving me questioning whether an orchiectomy would leave me pain free. I had this in the very beginning but it went away for a few months. A hydrocele had formed and there is an enflamed vein/tubule at the back of the testicle, which is where the pressure originates from. I think all this happened as a result of the inflammation on the other side.

Not interested in running the risk of denervation. Do I have any other options? Botox? Are there injections that last months at a time?

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What did you find out at meeting.

On April 6 I had bilateral varicocelectomy. Did not help right sided pain (my worse side.) Had a rough 6 week recovery but got back to baseline pain which is about 4/10. So neutral on first surgery for worse side. Heading for right sided orchiectomy on July 1.

I don’t have any pain on the left when sedentary anymore. Varicocele was causing pain. There is still some post operative soreness with contact - masturbation, putting on underwear, etc, but on that side, worth the surgery.

Hope it all works for relief.