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Nerve vs Conjestion Pain; how to tell?

Hello. How can you tell if your pain is nerve or conjestion?

I’m 6 weeks post vasectomy. I felt great the first week then a aching pressure blue ball feeling settled in and kind of platued by week 3-4.

All my pain is focused in what I assume is my epididmis. It usually hurts worse on the left but both hurt and it kind of flows day to day on which is worse, but left is usually worse.

As long as I’m taking ibuprofen 800 mg 3 times a day I have very minimal pelvic floor pain; I feel ok in the morning but after walking and sitting throughout the day I get sore. Frozen peas and hot baths seem to help.

Pain becomes worse when moving to fast or lifting, and during sex and becomes very pain full right before, during, and after ejuculating.

I have seen it said that conjestion generally doesn’t set in until 3 months or so after vasectomy, but I don’t know what else this would be. I started taking papaya seed last week but haven’t really noticed any changes yet. Ibuprofen makes the hot inflamed feeling more manageable but the pressure and ache is always there. There feels like there is no release after ejuculation.

Only 6 weeks in so I’m still waiting it out but really considering a reversal of not improving by 6 months. I’ve read that pain during ejuculation is usually indicitaive of conjestion and usually reversal is the best way to treat this.