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Nerve Shield Supplement

Just found this at Vital Choice


Vit B is very popular post op for nerve damage

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This one seems like a concoction of all the ones folks cite here individually. I’m going to “take one for the team.”

You know it’s funny but I seem to go in and out of taking vitamin b supplements. This is probably a good source of B if nothing else. After my reversal I was religious about taking vitamin E, B supplement, selenium and zinc. After I got diverticulitis I cut back on supplements because it seemed like everything could make me sick. If you’re going to take it be consistent and give it a good trial.

Yep, your advice on protecting one’s gut is not lost on me.

Any luck with this supplement?

I’ve been feeling good lately. Hard to pick the reason. Botox, supplements, or lyrica?


What’s your current protocol?

Yeah, I can have good days and bad days. There is little rhyme or reason. I know sitting kicks up the pain and it takes a little while for it to recede. It’s hard to get excited when you feel like you don’t have control over behaviors that make the pain less. That is what is frustrating. That loss of control will make you mad/insane. I mean that sincerely, it’s horrible for you mental health to have pain stimulus you can’t control.

Taking Nerve Shield, Zyflamend, and Lyrica twice a day. Lyrica is 2 @ 150mg.

I take other supplements but not for pain.

Really doing well last 3 weeks. Almost back to normal! I hope it lasts.

How long’s it been? Did you get these things on Amazon? The pain doctor I saw Johns Hopkins tried to put me on Lyrica but my insurance company demanded prior authorization. I went back and forth between the pharmacy and the doctor for 6 weeks and then gave up. Do you know what the dosage in Gabapentin 150 mg of Lyrica is? I think it takes less milligrams of Lyrica then Gabapentin for a therapeutic dose.

I don’t know the matching doses of Lyrica and Gaba, but I know it’s a lot less. Guessing my 300mg/day of Lyrica is 1800 - 3000 of Gaba.

I’m going to get off Lyrica. Getting too damn expensive and think Dr. P’s block finally got me over the hump.

hey @raising4girls do you think the nerveshield supplement helped at all? Am having nerve related issues from neck that am trying to get a handle on and looking for natural supplements that might help and wondering if this is worth a shot.

Great question. One of the downsides of my approach to pain management has been the lack of truly controlled experiments. I’ve been trying several therapies simultaneously and, therefore, don’t know which one is working and which isn’t.

I started off doing one thing at a time but wasn’t getting anywhere and was taking too long. I’m still taking Nerve Shield and Zyflamend and plan to take them for at least another year. By then, I’d be pretty sure that any remnant benefit from the injections had worn off.

appreciate the feedback and input what is your typical daily dosage of each?

Hey @raising4girls. What kind of injections have you had? I’m dealing with phantom and nerve pain after having the left testicle removed 10 months ago. Before that I did try a nerve block but was unsuccessful.

Think I had them all this bout that started 3 years ago.

With pain management, I started an ilioinguinal/iliohypogastric block 6/2016. That did nothing (and I wasn’t surprised as I never felt like the II/IH was my issue). For some unexplained reason, after that though, my pain moved from scrotal to or was just masked by greater perineal/pudendal pain. I then had a block of the pudendal nerve in late 2016, and that helped the pudendal/perineal pain, but then scrotal pain returned in early 2017

Local urologist doesn’t do therapeutic cord blocks that I wanted to try, so I went to visit Dr. P. in Orlando for a cord block 4/2017. That got me 3-4 months respite but then it returned. Went to local pain management who did a GF block this time 8/2017. That helped, so he offered Pulsed RF of the GF in 10/2017. That worked, but then once again, my pain became bad in the perineum. He did Pulsed RF on the pudendal (fairly rare) in 01/2018 and that has knocked the perineal pain out for the last 15 months. I think that issue has finally settled down.

The scrotal pain returned again in early 2018, so I had cord blocks with botox with Dr. P. in 6/2018 and 10/2018.

In 9/2018, 2-3 weeks before my 2nd block with Dr. P., I visited one of the surgeons who performs neurectomy (not spermatic cord denervation) who’s cited on this forum a lot. He did an II/IH block first and it did nothing. He then did a GF block (with just anesthetic, no steroid or botox) and my pain went away. He also discovered a small hernia under the ultrasound, and he’s not certified to do repair, so I visited a local surgeon who does both hernia repair and GF neurectomy. As part of his diagnostic, he did a GF block with anesthetic and steroid in 12/2018.

By this time, the botox from October had already started to kick-in and my pain was down 50-75%. This last block really knocked out the rest. I’ve been pain free 75% of the time since then and maybe a 2-3 at worst when it does hurt (after a workout, etc.).

The blocks have really helped me and, more importantly, helped me identify the left GF as the culprit. For now, no surgery, but feel confident that SCD or GF neurectomy would help me down the road if it comes roaring back.

Wow. Looks like you got it figured out. How did you do it. Did you have to do it on your own or did your urologist help you? My local urologist has pretty much washed his hands and referred me to the local pain clinic. This just happened. I called the pain clinic to find out how long the wait time will be. 18 to 24 months… I couldn’t believe it. I’m in Canada. So I’m looking at a pain clinic in North Dakota. It sounds like I should see the doc there in 2 weeks. So far I’ve been doing most of this on my own. If that doesn’t work, I’d be interested in getting contact info for Dr P.

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Thanks. The challenge is that the solutions aren’t guaranteed to fix the problem. I didn’t mention in my last post, but I’m nearly 13 years (June 2006) post-reversal and shot a 78MM SA a few months ago, so that made it easier to conclude my pains have been nerve, not congestion, related.

The curveball was the perineal pain. Many here suggested (and docs agreed) that was due to pelvic floor tension, not true pudendal neuralgia, thank God. Just the clamping on that nerve was brutal.

So, yes, I’m fairly confident that my problem is the GF itself or branches of it down in the scrotum. Of course, easy to guess given a hernia in the 1970s, a vas in 2005, and reversal in 2006. Last surgeon I saw said it’s probably loaded with scarring. Dr. P. uses the term Wallerian Dengeneration.

So, if things get worse again, I will likely opt for SCD or laproscopic neurectomy. Two uros who perform SCD tell me it’s less invasive and won’t leave me numb in the pubic region. The two general surgeons I’ve seen tell me neurectomy is a better option and that uros shouldn’t be operating on nerves. Bit of a quandary there.