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Nerve Shield Definitely Benefitting

Last fall after a physical and blood panel, I noticed my AST and ALT levels have been steadily on the rise for 6 years, still in the so-called normal range, but both on an upward trend. My doc suspected it was due to the Niacin I’ve been taking which has similar properties to statins…reduce cholesterol but raise these levels in in the liver.

Going off the Niacin dropped my ALT but not my AST. I recalled reading that alpha-lipoic acid can impact the liver, and I’ve been taking Nerve Shield since 2016 when my PVP nerve pain recurred.

After being off Nerve Shield for a couple weeks, I noticed a pronounced increase in scrotal pain, same pattern as before. I decided to go back on and, poof, within a week, pain was back to the 0-1 level consistently.

Thought I’d share the results of this experiment. Prior to this, I never did anything close to a controlled experiment but, instead, threw the kitchen sink at my pain. Right now, I’m convinced that Nerve Shield is a big contributor to managing my nerve pain, so I’m going to see what else I can do to help my liver.


@raising4girls, that’s great news that your pain level dropped back down so rapidly after starting Nerve Shield back up. A lot of the reviews I read on Nerve Shield seemed to indicate that it takes 90 days to feel the benefit. Do you think your rapid response was due to still having it in your system or just results vary by individual?

Good question. I’m betting it was still in my system. And, you’re right, it took a while when I first started to get some benefit.

In either case, your testimony encouraged me to give it a try!

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@raising4girls, I have been telling to others to consider nerve shield as well. The main active ingredient in nerve shield is alpha lipoic acid (ALA). Obviously nerve shield has some other ingredients that are beneficial for pain, but ALA is very likely what gives nerve shield the majority of it’s horsepower.

I’m seeing two variations of this product. One is more geared towards joint health and/or joint pain, and the other is geared towards nerve pain and/or pain in general. I have no association with either of the links below, but for educational purposes I want to add them to this discussion so others are completely aware of what we are talking about.

The version discussed in the OP below.

The joint formula below.

For those who cannot afford nerve shield, you might consider ALA in it’s stand alone form, or ALA R in it’s stand alone form. Those can be purchased for a fraction of the price and in a higher dosage than what is in nerve shield.

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