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Nerve related testicle/abdomen pain?

Hello all. I have posted before about potential congestive pain. I have had many tests done and scans (blood, urine, CT, ultrasound, MRI). Basically nothing was found abnormal. My pain Dr is thinking it is nerve related. He gave me a Rx for gabapentin, which I will start taking tonight (only 300mg at night to start). He also scheduled a GF nerve block and also an Il block too. I have not had much testicle pain in the last 2 weeks since I thought it might be nerve related. If I am uncompressed, not sitting much, no fetal position sleeping, I get very little testicle pain. Makes me think the nerve is being compressed somehow. And by keeping it as uncompressed as possible, is helping. But I still have lower left abdominal pain (around the waistband area). My primary care Dr thought it might be a muscle issue, and ordered the MRI, but that turned up normal. Heat seems to help some too on the abdomen area. Not really sure if the gabapentin will help. Same with the nerve blocks. This has been bothering me over a year now, so desperate to get some answers and relief.

Hi @MrPitt sounds like early days and it may ease off. All my pain is abdominal… sufferer for 3 years now… tried a huge array of different things over the years, still no further forward. The only thing that worked for me was Lyrica so similar to Gabapentin. View is that my GF nerve was either damaged or flared up during the vasectomy and never settled down. 6 weeks ago had a GF nerve block in 4 places, no luck unfortunately. Next step is Lidocaine infusion on the 15th Oct. My pain is all when i sit or bend down and also if i try to run and it is around my navel. Fine when stood up, sleeping or walking or even using a bicycle. Hope you get relief.

sorry just re-read and noticed been over a year! Do not write off Gabapentin type drugs but you have to give them time, they say around a month for any change. AND IF YOU DECIDE TO STOP THEN WEAN SLOWLY OFF THEM! i had an awful experience with Amitriptyline when i just stopped taking them. For Lyrica it took a week to see any slight change, a month to see an improvement and around 6 months until i got to a really good place where i was pain free enough to be happy and also able to exercise really well. I then weaned myself off after around a year but symptoms gradually came back over the following six months. I think i came off too early. At least i now know what works so if the next thing fails i can go back on it and try longer this time.


Thanks for your info. My pain has been for over a year, but spent most of the last year eliminating all the “bad” things as a cause. So finally saw a pain Dr. My pain is mostly when I sit or bend over, or when my abdomen is in a more compressed state. I feel like the nerve is being compressed, causing my pain. When I am consciously aware of my positions, I have had very little pain. Only when I sit for more than 30 mins or drive somewhere, bend over, etc do I get pain. I swear it is muscle related even though the MRI did not show anything. I read on here about pelvic floor PT, thinking maybe my left abdomen is extra tight causing the nerve compression. But no way to prove it I don’t think. So we’ll try the nerve block and gabapentin first, with the plan that it is only a bandaid until we find what the cause is.

Question if you don’t mind. For your GF block, was it done with local anesthesia of were you sedated? I have read some guys say they wish they were sedated. I am nervous about getting the block, I am pretty sure it will be local anesthesia only. It will be ultrasound guided which makes me feel a little better.

@MrPitt sounds like your issue is very similar to mine… I had pelvic physio for over a year thinking that perhaps it was unlocking the stomach muscles, i think it helped along with the Lyrica perhaps even just the mental aspect. Driving is one of the worst things for me… flying is even worse. Which is extra frustrating as it generally ruins the start of any holiday we have.:frowning: In terms of the nerve block it was ultra sound guided under sedation, i was completely knocked out for around 30 mins i think… i would not do any other way, much like the vasectomy itself there is general thinking that if you carry out these procedures that affect your nervous system when awake they can actually make a problem worse.

Thanks for the info. I will be starting pelvic floor PT next week as another option. So hoping to get at least some relief from that. I do think my muscles might be involved somehow, as it feels tight in that part of my abdomen. So hopeful the PT helps. I am going to give the gabapentin some time to work. Been 3 days and nothing yet. I go back to work on Monday. Am super nervous about it. I will just have to make an effort to rotate between sitting, standing and walking. I’m taking my heating pad with me so I can calm and flare ups. My boss knows what is going on and seems to be understanding, so that will help.

Not to dissuade you but I did 6 mos of weekly pelvic floor PT including ‘inside’ (Ask for trimmed nails please!) with 0 efficacy. Only thing that mitigates debilitating testicular compression pain is ibuprofen, 400 mg daytime, 800 at night along with 30 msg of Valium for muscle relaxation and 150 mgs of Lyrica for the nerve pain, which I’m afraid to go off of given evil side effects, even dropping dosage has me pacing all night. Hot baths (scalding) also seem to help reduce inflammation. Just my own 15 yr battle of not being able to sit in any guise—driving, restaurants, theaters, esp plane flights (demand the bulkhead seat for free, so feet can be up and sit on tailbone!). Good luck!