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Nerve block inguinal chronic pain


Two years ago i had an inguinal herniohapy with mesh. One year ago the mesh was removed. Now i have chronic pain in my groin. İ wisited algolgy Dr. He offerer pulsed Radio frequency from L1 level. The ilioinguinal nerve is coming from L1 level. But i dont want spinal application. The nerves are very close to the skin in iliac crest. So i visited different algolgy Dr. He said L2/L3 level is appropriate. The third Dr said hipogastrik lock must done from L5/S1 level. No one knows RF from iliac crest level.

Which one is correct. L1? L2/L3? L5/S1???

Also is there anyone who knows the differencr between somatic and symphatic nerve blocks…


These are great questions. I don’t have answers for you, but I hope others can.


Sorry wish I knew more. Where is your pain located?


İn the groin area. The zone which is controlled by ilioinguinal nerve…


I have had several illioinguinal blocks in the groin close to the hip bone but never in spine. I have also tried PRF of illioinguinal nerve in same location.



Sorry you’re here. I can only imagine what you are going through pain wise. The hernia mesh surgeries are probably the one condition I now of that can mimic the type of gray area and interminable hell a lot of PVPS guys find themselves in. I know that all kinds of nerves, including the ones that sheath vas deferens can get impinged/irritated by mesh surgeries and there is no quick fix. Keep us apprised as to your status. We are all pulling for you.