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Nausea and pain 6 weeks post Vasectomy?

I need some help and guidance all, particularly surrounding nausea without vomiting. I can’t seem to find any information about nausea post vasectomy short of torsion. Any advice would be appreciated.

Here’s my story. I’m a young and healthy guy with no major medical concerns. I get a vasectomy in early April that went well, or so I thought. First and second days of recovery are spent with ice and legs elevated, avoiding all activity. After 2 days, doctor’s advice is no heavy lifting, but otherwise “take it easy.” I did that, or so I thought, but after day three of mild straining (I guess in retrospect), I started getting pretty severe pain on my left side primarily (I’m left handed if that matters) accompanied by nausea. I call my urologist who has me come in and I get a week of Ketorolac (beefy NSAID) and Doxycycline (antibiotic to kill any possible infection). Nausea gets unbearable, so I go back to the urologist later that week and he does and ultrasound, showing two healthy testicles (presumably ruling out torsion). Nausea improves a couple days after I finish the antibiotic and I thought I was in the clear since nausea is a side effect of the antibiotic. I’m under strict guidance to eliminate all physical activity. I have a desk job, so I commit to lifting no more than a gallon of milk and limiting activity drastically.

6 weeks post, I don’t feel much if any real change despite dropping all activity. Pain is still present in the left testicle or what feels like behind it and nausea some days is unbearable. Nausea does increase with testicle pain increases after playing catch with my son for 5 minutes and hangs around for 2-3 days. I lost 10 pounds in the first three weeks post vasectomy because I can’t tolerate eating. I’ve never had anything like this before. The urologist tells me nausea is unrelated to the vasectomy so he doesn’t want to hear about it at all. Really?!? OK, so I go to my PCP who takes my history and runs every lab she can think of that would find an alternate cause for nausea and my labs come back completely clear. I have had unremarkable physical examinations from both doctors, so apparently there is nothing wrong at inspection. Oddly, what I have noticed is that the left testicle tends to ride higher and forward from where it was pre-vasectomy and though I can relax it to fall to the normal level, it tends to always sit significantly higher (not fully sucked up though).

Does anyone have and advice for nausea and testicle pain (or pain behind the testicle) on a testicle that rides about half way up the scrotum?

Strong anti-inflammatories and antibiotics can only make nausea worse, but so can pain. If you were ever been kicked in the balls pre-vas, you know you can experience momentary nausea, so while not a lot of guys here have reported nausea, I don’t see your symptoms as a huge surprise.

Most here also have unremarkable ultrasound results.

My guess (and it’s a guess) is that you’ve got an injured nerve.

Hi Seth. Sorry about you on here I have heard of guys vomiting because the thought of the procedure itself made them sick. I am not saying that this is in your head by any i also hated the thought of a vasectomy and felt sick for years it still makes me queasy. My suggestion is to ask your G P for some anti nausea tablets. I am in new Zealand so they will most probally be a different name where you live. Anyway try that it may work and again Mate sorry you are on the same boat as the rest of us. Vasectomies should be banned

Hey Seth,

Thought I chime in hear since I had my right testicle ride up a lot more than my left for the first 3 months. I’m going into month five and things are improving a bit for me. My balls still hurt and my twinges/jolts are not as strong anymore either. Time will be on your side and the first 3 months were the worst for me.

I’m just now barely able to start walking a bit more since I couldn’t do any kind of physical activity. I used to be pretty active guy before all this, so it was pretty disheartening. Any kind of activity would make it worse for me and standing for more than 10 minutes made my balls spasm. Besides the nausea you sound like most of us on here who had a vasectomy in the last year. I’ve spent a lot of time reading on here and it sounds like time is your best friend. Wear snug briefs, so your boys don’t move around and you might want to try hot baths. Also, look into papaya seed powder. You’re not alone and hang in there. I had an ultrasound as well and they’ll make it seem like it’s in your head, but it’s not.

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Hi Seth,
I had a similar sensation with my left nut hanging higher for the first months after the vasectomy. I’m 10 months out now. I can’t say that it looks different than before, and it feels a lot more natural now than it did in the first months. Maybe I just got used to it. During surgery, I felt a lot more pain on the left side, so the doc had to give me more anesthetics, might be because he pulled harder and thus it’s hanging higher, dunno. I still have the same pain than after the vasectomy, kicked in the balls feeling with some burning sensation above in the groin. That hasn’t really changed. I did not feel any nausea, though, but I agree to previous posts that it is probably a side effect of the pain. Good luck, you’re still early, and have a good chance to heal.

OP here (~7 weeks post Vasectomy):

To give a bit of an update, as suggested above, I had found a jockstrap and hot baths to be instrumental in me surviving this nausea. As far as other possible causes/contributors, I was not nervous at all about the procedure as I had only heard the positives from a number of friends who had it. As such, the idea of a vasectomy was not a mental hurdle to overcome. Stressing over lack of healing is another story, but I’ve continued to do well as I get more used to my symptoms and notice improvements. I have taken NSAIDs, Ibuprofen mostly, quite a bit and in fact, 800mg Ibuprofen three times daily (max OTC dose), has given me a TON of improvement in the nausea department. Pain seems a bit less too, but to be honest, I can tolerate the pain I have way more than the nausea. The testicle riding high has not changed and I’m not sure what to make of it. If I work to relax it, I can get it to drop to almost normal, whatever that’s worth.

When it comes to nausea, I feel like the anti-inflammatories were instrumental in helping minimize the nausea to a level I can forget about if sufficiently distracted. It seems to make sense to me that the surgery angered some tissue or something that pressed on a nerve to cause nausea, and with the NSAID, I’m recovering much faster. Is this a realistic option?

I see my Urologist later this week for a follow up. Now, he doesn’t believe nausea was caused by the vasectomy, so I don’t know how much weight I give his feedback. I want to know what the deal is with the floating testicle. I also want to know what to expect for activity levels as I remain largely sedentary with no lifting or straining. I guess I want to know when (as measured by recovery/pain sensation, NOT time) I can start increasing my activity level.