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Mystery Chronic Illness with testicular issues need advice

Long story story short, wife turned lesbo in 2014, i had a vasectomy spring 2015. No issues and felt great for a year. Got divorced, new house, new girl. Then 1 year after vasectomy I got mono (second time) but healed. The new gf had to drop out of college due to major cognitive issues and severe depersonalization(living in new house with me). By jan 2017 I started having mismatched pupils and severe insomnia, night sweats, panic attacks, brainfog, headache etc. thought it was black mold till I had a tooth pulled and the amoxicillin brought me back from being almost bed bound to feeling nearly normal for a few months. Then started in with cycles of depression that seemed to coinside with my right testicle starting to nearly suck up into my abdomen but not really hurt. Also discovered a pea sized nodule on the cord above my right testicle. Sexual function is fine but drive drops with the depression. Took more antibiotics and within 3 days depression and ball issues stopped. Start investing lyme as a culprit. Felt ok for awhile then back to deep depression and now the nodule is sore and the cord leading to my right testicle is quite sore. Also experiencing odd bladder sensations but no burning or flow issues. This time antibiotics aren’t helping so I’m back to researching. Lots of blood tests mostly normal. Ultrasound on the nuts showed no cancer or tumor but a little water around both balls. Urologist said maybe an infection of some kind. Starting to wonder if sperm is leaking into my scrotal area and causing auto immune issues and inflammation. Problem is why was I fine for a year before issues started and why is the gf also chronically ill too? Any advice or ideas what might be wrong with me/us? So far looked into mold, lyme, stds, currently looking into parasites but the swolen spermatic chord is my main issue other than bouts of depression. Thanks!

Have you checked your testosterone levels?

I haven’t but would like to, honestly I’m pretty sure I can tell if my t is low or not based on my sex drive and it has been all over the map. When I cycle through a depression state its very low im sure but othertimes if feels higher than before my vasectomy at times or pretty close to normal. But it varies pretty dramatically.


James, I’ve had all the symptoms you’ve described and then some, all of which started 4-5 days after my vasectomy. In my case, it ended up being several Lyme coinfections. From what we’ve been able to find, it seems like the infections had concentrated in my epididymis and the vasectomy set off a systemic disaster. It took me 4 years to get diagnosed. Over those 4 years I’d been tested for Lyme 4 times and it never came back positive. It wasn’t until I tested for other tickborn illnesses that we found babesia, rickettsia, ehrlichiosis and pneumonia.

You can find my story in the link below. Read through the comments at the bottom to get the conclusion of my medical crap.

Ok wow thanks, i was pretty sure it was lyme when the antibiotics worked so well at first plus it would explain my gf also sick but the testicle pain is odd even for lyme but possible I guess. Thanks!


It’s not as odd as you think. If you read the literature, it’s well accepted that nearly half of Lyme patients have bacteria in their semen. I developed a cyst on my right side prior to the vasectomy. It was diagnosed as benign epididymal cyst with unknown etiology but now we wonder if it was the lyme causing the cyst. If you have a bug in your reproductive tract and you get a vas, the systemic response is going to be severely increased. I’ve found a few papers that show rickettsia goes straight to the epididymis in inoculated guinea pigs.

Lyme and many other bugs get to your testicles. Before the vas it’s isolated from the body but once you obstruct the exit point it’s all resorbed back in.

Feel free to message me if you ever get stuck or need help. I’ve spent over $100k and seen roughly 140 docs before I got any traction toward an explainable diagnosis.

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Lyme, would explain my gf also getting ill and the fact that I was fine for a full year post vasectomy. It would also explain why antibiotics helped depression and ball pain the first couple rounds. The only reason I’m here now is that my most recent western blot had no reactions and my first one only had 2 non lyme specific bands. Also the doxycycline that had helped within 3 days a few months ago isnt working now, meanwhile the entire right testicular cord is getting worse. I see my lyme doc in a week and thinking of trying a different antibiotic, meanwhile I’m taking some anti parasite herbs to see if anything changes. All this auto immune stuff post vasectomy has me thinking though…


Don’t waste your time with the ELISA and western blot. They are ridiculously inaccurate and their use only delays getting help. I’ve used multiple different PCR tests. Igenix is the gold standard and I took it early on. The problem with igenex is although it’s really good for Lyme (borrelia) they don’t look at the co-infections which are often easier to find and harder on your body.

My firm diagnosis came after confirmation using the DNA Connexions Lyme Panel and the lyme panel through Vibrant America. This all came to light after I tested positive for the antibodies to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Sorry you’re going through this. My life has been a small nightmare since I got snipped but I’m slowly clawing my way back.

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Caught an interesting discussion related to ticks and Lyme Disease on FoxBusiness with Dr. Marc Siegel.

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I’m really trying hard not to sound the alarm on all of it but it’s getting increasingly difficult. The more I read and the more I learn, the more I realize how common testicular pain, epididymis, and prostatitis is with Lyme or associated tickborne illnesses. Two weeks ago I tested positive for yet another bug (babesia) which explains a lot of my central nervous system trouble. I’m currently reading “why can’t I get better” by Richard Horowitz MD. Just last night I was reading about sudden drops in testosterone, libido, ED, lack of orgasm, fatigue, depression, anxiety — all resulting from ticks. It can also cause unilateral symptoms, something I was previously unaware of.

I’ve said it before but if these bugs target the testicles and localize there — think about the effect vasectomy would have once the path of exit is obstructed.

I really feel like this is something very big for this group but there’s still so much that’s unknown and we can’t afford to guess.

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I’ve been seeing a lyme doc for a few months but as time goes on I’m beginning to think i simply have ongoing health issues due to my vasectomy. Even though I cant find a ton of info on it. It makes tons on sense that if I’m leaking sperm as fast as I can make it into my body that for people like me with food allergies that I might be chronically ill till I get reversed. Luckily, I plan to test this idea as soon as my paypaya seeds get here as that should help if it is indeed sperm taxing my system too much.


I think you underestimate how hard this is to treat

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With lyme, the first problem is proving you have it, then proving what other tick born illnesses you may have. Then what parasites you might have that reinfects you after you bomb your system with antibiotics. The other issue with lyme is that even if you can prove you have it, it doesn’t mean its making you sick. By the time you layer in possible mold and mycotoxin exposure and issues testing that. You wind up with a bunch of maybes and what ifs.
All I know is that I been various shades of sick starting 4 months after my vasectomy with months of feeling fine followed by accute bouts of severe illness thay has settled into teetering between sort of functional and disabled. Long courses of antibiotics helped at first but no longer are effective.

Ive tracked my symptoms for a couple years now asside from some accute phases its basically, deep depressions, anxiety, brainfog, pain from my granuloma up to my abdomen and insomnia. I was sure a toxic mold exposure was the culprit but changing my environment and belongings hasn’t helped although the doc says I could have mold growing in my body and shedding mycotoxins kind of similar to the sperm leakage concept.

The part where I begin to believe you is that my girlfriend has also been ill but mostly with brainfog and depersonalization issues. She may be reinfecting me if lyme is the culprit so we recently started using condoms again to see if that changes anything.

I’m currently evaluating to merits of a reversal but will try the paypaya seeds first as a test. To be honest, even if it is lyme the more I learn about sperm leakage the more I want a reversal just to rule that part out. The cost is high but nothing close the the price of remaining ill.

Sorry for typing so much, i tend to obsess about my health these days as i have nothing without it. My friends and family are sick of hearing it but from my perspective its like having a steak knife stuck in your eye and trying to ignore it and have a normal conversation, i just can’t do it.



I do agree. Lyme could be an incidental finding that has nothing to do with how we feel. I guess the question is whether or not it’s the trigger, primary or secondary contributor.

The problem I have with this way of thinking is the numbers. A significant larger portion of Lyme patients struggle with their health than vasectomy patients. Although it sounds like “everyone with a vas” has problems when you get on this forum, the reality is we are still a very very small minority. It could very well be that the sperm leakage puts such a tax on the immune system that it’s the “final straw” so to speak and our health comes crumbling down. This is a very possible scenario. However, reversal probably isn’t going to change this. Yes, it may help to have a better disposal plan for the millions of sperm produced daily but once you’ve let the genie out of the bottle as far as the immune system is concerned, reversal isn’t going to help. On the same note, reversal isn’t meant to be a long term fix. Most patients close up within 10 years and you are right back where you started. Look at the guys on this forum who struggle to stay patent for longer than a year or two. Another thing I find interesting is the similarities in symptoms with myself and people who have never had vasectomy, particularly women. We’ve all got the same stuff.

I will agree that having a vas is unhealthy on the body even in the healthiest individual. It’s a burden to remove sperm from the body. I just don’t like the options at this point. Reversal is no guarantee and no walk in the park.

I have tested positive for all the things you’ve mentioned, parasites, coinfections, mycotoxins, even pneumonia. It’s hard enough trying to explain it to a doc who isn’t well versed in Lyme. Trying to explain how the vasectomy is causing a similar reaction, I struggle there.

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I agree with you, I’m still learning all the stats on reversals. I read that if you have good sperm flow after a year that your odds of having long term flow is pretty good but what does that mean exactly? What about the guys that say their autoimmune symptoms and depression/insomnia stopped after reversal?

Thats why I’m wanting to try to papaya seeds because they were already on my radar for parasites. So if they do stop sperm production effectively then it should start to lower my immune response to the sperm over time. Its only a confirmation of sorts if it works. If it doesnt work i cant really test to see if its actually slowing sperm production.

To be honest I havent even started any detox protocols because I moved out of my house after I got sick there and almost a year later I’m about 80% finished building a cabin where I can live very cheaply and hopefully get by if things stay ugly. The plan is to start coffee enemas and build a near red sauna and drink diy medicinal teas based on buehner protocols and known immune boosting compounds. While also working with my Lyme doc and running antibiotics protocols and possibly running parasite meds/herbs, cholestrymine/binders. inbetween. Based on tons of lyme reseach and mold research this plan should have an effect over time. There are tons of additional protocols to try if the above doesnt work like, rife, salt -c protocal, bee venom, hydrogen peroxide therapy, fasting, terpentine, ozone, reversal etc. sometimes I think its hopeless but I cant give up till I try these things for myself.


You are light years ahead of me on treatment. I’ve got Buhner’s book but I’ve yet to read it. I’m currently taking the more western approach. I’ve got another 60 days on meds and if that isn’t helpful my doc would like to farm me out to Horowitz or one of the other national gurus.

I feel a lot better having a diagnosis that’s equally as bad as my symptoms. My vasectomy knocked me for a loop and not a single blood test showed a blip of a problem. Just reading about babesia and how nasty it can be on the body helps assure me that I’m close to being on the right track. Who knows. It’s not going to be easy and it hasn’t been easy. Lyme forums are almost as depressing as this site. Not much hope.

Good luck with everything and keep in touch. I think I mentioned it before but it’s going to take a solid PCR test if you have any chance of finding anything. I did urine through DNA Connexions and blood through vibrant America. Good luck. Also give horowitz’s Book a try. It’s pretty informative and I’m not even half way yet.

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Guys - thanks for sharing your stories here. I sincerely hope both of you get relief from the Lyme-related ailments. You’re both doing a great service by publishing your findings. I’m certain that someone someday will get their diagnosis earlier simply because they stumbled upon your posts. Admire your tenacity, too.

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