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My vasectomy story, with a mostly happy ending

I have been reading these stories for a while but I feel like I have something to add so I joined and decided to post. I am a 37 year old healthy male with two girls. I was vasectomized in July 2017, relying on assurances of back to work on Monday, easy as pie results along with the promise of a lifetime of worry free intercourse…like the rest of you I’m sure. Well I was back to work on Monday, and the procedure itself was relatively uneventful but for a painful injection that caused my whole pelvic area to react (felt like I had to poop feeling). In fact, I felt no real pain other than that through the first week of recovery. After the recommended take it easy period, I was attempting to get back into my routine and clear the babies in waiting so I could enjoy the benefits of this ordeal, when I began to feel a bit of pain in my right nut with sex. I went to the urologist who performed the procedure and to my surprise he says, “may be a spermatocyst, no big deal if it bothers you we can remove it…surgically.” Then he says it’s pretty common and most guys just take an Advil before sex and can manage. He said he warned me it was a potential complication… Potential he says and I recall that it was largely glossed over in presurgical consult, yet here he was saying it’s common and most guys take Advil to have sex! What?! Over the next few days the pain with sex grew to a constant general ache in the scrotum which later spread to my ass (pitiformis muscles), bladder, and prostate. I felt like I had to pee and poop constantly (I didn’t really have to just felt that way). It’s was an entire inflammatory response and I was miserable. I went back to see the urologist whose assistant accused me of merely “freaking out” and the urologist reviewed a clear urine sample and said that there was nothing wrong and I just needed time to heal. Feeling defeated and insane I left with no answer other than “maybe I passed a stone.” I have never had kidney stones btw. I decided to see my primary who diagnosed…you guessed it…epitimitis. After three weeks of anti inflammatory meds and antibiotics I felt a little better, still had ball pain but not having the pee/poop feeling. The pitiformis pain remained. Like may of you I began reading this forum. Admittedly I visited here pre-vas but thought the odds were so low that this would happen to me right? And I proceeded ignorantly. Well after reading basically everything ever posted here I found Dr. Perikotal from PUR clinic (not sure if I spelled right but you guys call him Dr. P.) luckily he was is located in Clermont Florida, about 50 minutes from me. He was even in my insurance network. I sent him an email and his staff immediately reached out to me to make an appointment. I was able to see him rather quickly and he was amazing. This might be a bit tangential, but his office and staff are amazing as well and the office is beautiful. He listened to my concerns and gave me undivided attention. He displayed a surprising level of understanding into the pvps issue and knew exactly what was going on… Epidimal congestion with swelling and nerve involvement secondary to the swelling and congestion. He explained that most vasectomized guys had the congestion but for some, it causes issues and is usually associated with a traumatic procedure, such as I described with the painful injection. He went over in detail many of the treatment options that have been discussed through this forum, including reversal which is where I thought I’d be heading. Then he recommended that I try the oxytocin/cialis blend he has compounded specially. I am not one to take meds, and I was even anxious about taking anti anxiety meds before the vasectomy lol. But I tried it and I am pleased to say it has worked to the most part. He recommends taking every two days and then going to three days, but I take it as needed (probably while I still have some symptoms). I found that If I take it before or just after sex I have no congestive pain. I can feel the swelling, but experience none of the pain! If I have a good weekend (I.e more sex) I can feel a little soreness in my scrotum but it goes away in a little while. It’s not a perfect situation, takings meds to have sex, but it’s better than it has been since any point after the vasectomy. Plus the cialis gives me a erection that I haven’t seen since college:) I’m not sure if I’m ready to say the vasectomy was worth it, but at three months post vasectomy I just got a good to go seman analysis and sex with no condom and a college aged boner is kind of awesome. Yes I do still experience pain here and there, my pitiformis act up now and then, and I still feel slightly tender when my epiditimis are swollen, but I can run now and I don’t fear sex, look forward to it actually. Still pissed at the urologist who did the surgery and sonogram did confirm a spermatocyst. But for now I think I may be able to avoid a reversal thanks to Dr. P. So I guess there I hope out there. Last thing, I posted this because I keep seeing that many drop off when they get better so it appears that nothing works. I was hoping to give some people hope with this post. I hope it helps.


That’s good news. I think you will probably trend better

Wow, what an ass. What’s his name btw. I bet if he told that pain with sex was common with a vasectomy you would not have gotten it, ergo, the jerk didn’t tell you that. Why don’t you send us his name and an image of your informed consent paperwork (with your name covered of course). You have to get these guys on record where it is clear their informed consent vs what is known and accepted (and what they know themselves) is inadequate. No knock on his surgical skill as the result is unavoidable for many men no matter who performs the operation. It’s the INFORMED CONSENT is what needs to be used vs the published standards to hold these guys up to scrutiny.

Yeah, I think the real malpractice angle with these is in the informed consent/post surgical instructions area. Of course the issue of damages remain the biggest challenge to a strong legal claim and of course it’s impossible to get another physician to testify with certainty that the vas caused all of this.

That said, I’d rather not say who did the procedure. He’s well respected surprisingly and yeah If I was told a lot of things that I learned post vasectomy I would not have had it done.

I don’t know whether it’s denial or what, none of these urologists will admit that vasectomy causes problems. They minimize the issues and it’s BS. In reality though, few people end up having these type of serious issues, considering how many are done or it at least only a few admit it, which is why our concerns are dismissed I bet.

Thanks for the post. This site needs more accounts from men like yourself who take longer to heal than “normal”. I’m hoping to join you and be one of them too. Good luck.

Just wanted to say thanks for your post. Being 11 days out and having pain with hematoma/epididimytis it was good to see something positive. Hopefully things continue to improve for you and thanks again for posting a positive story.

In my case I think the inflammation from the procedure combined with the nerve the uro nicked caused a chain reaction with subsequent muscle tension which was finally relieved by the oxytocin/cialis blend. I spent many sleepless nights researching the issue And learned that the pelvis is a sensitive area in the body and everything is closely related with lots of nerves that intersect. I just don’t see how more caution isn’t taken when operating in this area. Dr. P said that the few vasectomies that they do are under sedation with microdeveration to cut down on the post vasectomy pain issues. This really should be the standard considering how significant the complications are for those who experience them. I know you are probably freaked out a bit right now and are probably regretting this whole thing, but things will improve. If you need peace of mind, Dr. P from PUR clinic does Skype meetings for people. I think the initial is like $200 with subsequent s $50. I live close by luckily so I see him in person but he really gave me so much hope and made this situation more manageable. I’ll admit, I was depressed for at least a month if not longer after the procedure. My doctors made me feel nuts (pun intended). Before this, I’ve been healthy my whole life. Never take meds not even Advil. I know it seems petty, but I felt like my health was taken from me (voluntarily), and I was pretty hard on myself for that. Just stay positive, give your body time to heal, and know that thanks to forums like this there are doctors that can help of you don’t heal as quickly as you’d like. I really think you’ll be alright. Most people do find relief in time.


Then they need to be told how they let you down. You need to send them a copy of the AUA guidelines and let them know. Get the letter notarized and send it to the state medical board as well. I’m sure there is a formal way to file a complaint. This is how things change. You are not punishing the doctor, you are making him better. If we don’t try to change things no one will.

@PvBS - how are you today?

Mostly good actually. Once in a blue moon there’s some fullness feeling but other than that things are pretty much back to normal. I don’t really regret it at this point.