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My Vasectomy Story - Hematoma and Nerve Issues


9 Weeks in and this isn’t what I signed up for.

I had a vasectomy on 3/8/2019. Procedure was a breeze, the only thing I felt was a slight pull on my left side. Went home and first 48 hours was not bad. Then my left side started swelling up. 7 Days after followed up with the doctor and he said it was a hematoma. He said he didn’t think it would warrant surgery. Then a few minutes later he gave me the option for surgery. He was really confusing me so I decided to wait it out. A few days later I started developing a fever, so I went back in. Now he said I need surgery. Again, he was really confusing me and I didn’t trust him to open me up again so I got a second opinion at a different practice. Saw 2 doctors there and they both didn’t recommend surgery but gave it as an option. They said the recovery may still take the same time. So with risks of getting opened up I decided not to do the surgery. I was swollen up like a softball and the next 2 weeks were so painful. I was also swollen in my pelvic area right above the left scrotum. I could barely walk or stand. Week 4 the pain finally started to subside, and I could start to function a little better.

On to week 9 and I am still messed up. The swelling has gone down, but the hematoma is still there and I still have the hardness in my pelvic area. I sometimes get dull or throbbing pains in the testicle (both) but that isn’t too horrible. I also feel like I am always sore in the lower abdomen, sometimes I have sharp pains there that take my breath away. Luckily, they don’t happen too often. The thing that worries me the most is about Week 6 when I started going back to work and sitting in a desk chair I started to get nerve tingling in my right leg. Quadricep, down to the knee, sometimes feet. Its not the tingling you feel when your arm falls asleep. It’s more of a shock feeling or bugs crawling in your skin. The urologist thought it was just from the trauma of the hematoma and walking funny. He seems to have pushed me aside at this point.

Today the nerve stuff is still the worst on the right leg, but I can also feel it at times in the left leg, butt, even stomach sometimes. It is the weirdest feeling and really has me scared. Some days it is worse than others and seems to get worse as I sit for longer periods of time. I can still function, the pain isn’t debilitating, but I’m just worried this is going to turn into something worse. I’m not sure what I should really do at this point. I have just been playing the waiting game hoping that when this hematoma finally goes away, I would start to feel better. I was going to go see my GP an discuss my symptoms and go from there.

I know I’m still early in the process at only 9 weeks. I felt that if I shared my story it might help to talk to people with similar issues. I’ve been trying to relax best I can, been doing stretches, some light exercise (walking), hot baths, hoping I will be back to somewhat normal someday.
I would appreciate any advice or thoughts on my story.

Thanks for reading and your support.


Ya, been there, still there, 13 years now. But were all different. A lot of guys it takes about a year for things to settle. I started my research about a year after my vas because of my problems. Your body has to get used to the back pressure from things not flowing anymore. Things are now plugged. The doctors tell us that the sperm stuck there will absorb back into the body… It does for some, others not, thus our problem. Your vas deferens and epididymis/balls will swell from sperm going nowhere. In some guys no problem, many it is a problem. When the vas and epididymis swell there becomes more surface area to absorb this extra sperm, and in some guys this will eventually allow the extra sperm to absorb, some not. Some guys report that after their vas and epididymis stretched enough that their problems became less. On average it takes 1-3 years for all the stretching to take place. But in some men the swelling causes the vas inner lining to rupture. Do some research yourself. Some guys it doesn’t cause problems, others terrible.
Got my vas at 43 after 9 wonderful kids, 6 girls in a row (2 were twins) then poof, 3 boys!. Also had problems with my testosterone levels dropping, more on that later. Been on this site & others for 12 years. My procedure was average, the consistent pain and problems started about 1-2 weeks after vas. My consistent problem is mostly on left side, right side flares up 1- 2x a year. It usually depends on which vas, epididymis or testicle is more sensitive to the backed up pressure as to which one hurts more, pretty common for one side to give more problems. So many guys report no problems after a reversal though. I’ve been saving to get a reversal. Wife went through menopause so i’m getting reversed.
My vas and epididymis continually swelled for the first 2-3 years and are 3 to 4 times as large as they were before vas. My doctor tied the ends of each vas back together after they were tied & cauterized so I can feel were the plug is and both sides of the vas. The vas upstream is a little smaller than the size of a pencil led. The vas on the plugged side about 1/8". That’s pretty common to. Left side at least a pain level 1 always, goes to a 3 several times a month. About 6 times a year pain goes to a 4-5 for a couple days, about once or twice a year pain goes to 6-7. 12 years ago I read on this site that some guys got relief from massaging epi, vas & testicle so I tried & it helped a lot. I massage every day, wife even helps. If I decrease my massaging or forget that’s usually when I get one of the higher pain episodes and im reminded to massage. So I massage when the pain goes up, the massaging hurts while I do it but I can actually feel the congestion dissipate/move as I gently squeeze and my pain goes down afterward until I forget to massage. The massaging didn’t help a lot the first year, but enough, then as the vas and epi stretched to accommodate the continual pressure the next two years (common again) the massaging became more helpful. Now about testosterone levels. Fortunately I had a full blood work done before my vas. My T (testosterone) was around 850 (high for my age). Within 2 or 4 weeks of my vas I was feeling sluggish but thought it was a cold. This went on and got worse over the next year, would come home beat from a job I always liked, would collapse on the coach, was getting nothing done at home, not playing w the kids, hardly any sex & losing my life. Having erection problems & hard to finish/ejaculate. My wife enjoyed sex & we had a lot more sex after vas at first but then I started having problems and that went away. After about a year my balls had shrunk about 30% (low testosterone) & I went back for annual checkup & for blood work, I asked for a complete hormone- T & estridol panel because I was just getting into researching my pain issues and energy level when I found these sites. My T came back at ~300! At 44 that’s bad, 300 is like a 90 year old. My doc gave me a shot of T at 9am… WOW, about 2-3 hrs later I felt like I was coming out of a thick fog! My brain started working, my energy was coming back. By 9pm I was 80% my old self, playing w my kids, doing dishes, mowed the lawn (freaked my wife out). It was wonderful to be back & sex that nite was great again for me & my wife. I did years of research after that. Heres the thing, when your balls & other stuff down there hurts it frequently shuts down you Testosterone production. Your body reacts to the pain. Get your testosterone check asap, if anything, just to track it just in case. Ive talked to about 400 guys and 90% of the ones IN PAIN had a significant drop in their testosterone over the months after their vas. Im on testosterone therapy and do my own injections. My GP didn’t know squat about hormone therapy 13 years ago and it took me years to get my levels good, mostly by myself. That’s a whole nother story. Give it a year if you really need to be sterile, if it gets worse, get reversed. Reversals are really successful at 1-2 years, if your vas doesn’t rupture. Sorry that “wait” is the only good news but that’s mostly what were up against. All the other procedures like epedidmies, nerve blocks-stripping ect are more risks.


I would listen to what the doctors are telling you. Nerves are tricky little guys. And walking a different way could definitely cause issues with the nerves, as you have been doing it for a few weeks. I would look into some pelvic floor stretches. The ones to relax your pelvic area, rather then the ones to strengthen them. Just don’t push yourself too much too fast, take it slow. I would also look into warm baths to help try and relax. Look at @RichUK’s posts. Very similar to yours. It took relaxing in order for him to get better. Also look at @PVPSux posts as well as my own. You are still fairly early after the procedure, compared to most of the guys that are still on this board. Things tighten up down there when pain is involved, which causes pain, which in turn causes anxiety of it never getting better, which in turn causes the muscles to tighten even more.

I can’t guarantee that this will fix you, but it’s definitely worth a try. There are multiple people that have overcome the same type of thing you are describing. I have pretty much conquered mine (fine 99% of the time) and it took 3 years before I put into action what I am telling you. It’s made a world of difference for me and my hope is to conquer it completely in due time and eventually have it as a distant memory.


Thank you for your replies and thanks for being so supportive. I know I’m early and wanted to post to help with my anxiety. I do think it’s part of it. Now I need to fix it. I’ve been doing the pelvic floor stuff (Amy Stein) for about 2 weeks. I think I need to just focus on the relaxing part as you suggested. I need to find a pelvic floor therapist, there isn’t a lot of info on Male ones. I definitely need help with the massage part.

I’m going to talk to my GP and see if I can get some recommendations.


I’m having similar nerve issues. I’m 16 days in. I have a tightness across abdomen, feels like a tight belt, sharp pains off and on on both sides of my groin/pubic area, and some of the shooting nerve pain OP is talking about in legs/abdomen/stomach. Does this stuff usually go away or does it take stretching to handle?


Hey Nick, good luck with everything. I’m 16 days in and feeling similar nerve pain in abdomen, even shooting into stomach and down left leg. Even get some shoots in bottom of my feet. Worried as well, but I’m trying to let it heal. Would be interested in your progress on the exercises.


It took a long time for mine to diminish. And as soon as it started to go away I would over do things and get pushed back to square one, which caused my anxiety to flare back up. It may go away with just relaxing over time, but it took the stretching of my adductor and psoas muscles, for mine to pretty much go away. That and taking things really slow. I ran 2.5 miles today though, with no pain. And I’ve gone as far as 3.1 miles so far. I’ve gradually built up over the past 2 and a half months on my running though.

Hopefully this works for you, but there are no guarantees. You may want to go back to your Urologist and have them check for any granuloma’s/hematoma’s or something else. A lot of what you say though, could still be inflammation around the nerves, causing issues, and you may just need to control the inflammation until it goes away.

Just remember, if you go down the road of stretches and/or exercise…take it really slow until you are fully recovered.


@BigMistake I get the electric shock in the bottom of my feet too. So fricking weird. I definitely will continue to post on my progress. Please do the same.