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My Vasectomy Reversal Story

Hi All, just want to give an update, plus for my own journal on my vasectomy reversal.

Mid march was my reversal, had a vas to vas re connection for both sides. Left side (pain side) had a small defect(granuloma?) on proximal vas but no clips the right side no defects mentioned. Before re-connection left side inspection showed the fluid was scant with small sperm samples shown. Right side inspection fluid was plenty with multiple sperm and motile sperm. Surgery was around 2hrs, post recovery was ok, I was in acute pain but nothing ex-curating.

Recovery to date:
First 2 weeks icing vigorously with plenty of bed rest and supportive underwear. I started taking celebrex the day after the surgery for 5 days since that was all that they gave me and then switched to vimovo/naproxen twice a day for a month. For the first two weeks pain was manageable and pretty low, but also because i was icing alot and pretty sedentary. My morning erections have returned more frequently, overall am in a better mental state despite my slow progress.

Am in my 4th month of recovery still icing as needed, still wearing athletic support or briefs, taking celebrex 2x daily along with supplements ( serrapatese. milk thistle, multi vitamins, fish oil). Day to day pain is minimal to no existent!! most would be 1/2 - 10, but when i ejaculate or have intercourse my pain levels spike to a 5-10 and can linger pretty much all day. I wake up the next morning with some mild discomfort but pretty much back to my normal levels. I get random spikes that are short lived that radiates into the groin/adductor, and overall tenderness and fullness in the epi, similar to my post vas pre reversal symptoms. If i poke around and self exam it makes things worse. Icing seems to ease off the pain… Am back into my normal routines , due to pandemic working from home and sitting alot…I started physical activities around week 4 (resistance band training and even started yoga, and started walking more roughly 1-3k just for my sanity). I feel the best and pretty much pain free if i abstain from intercourse/ejac as long as possible and being pretty sedentary.

At this point my pains are very similar to pvps pains (pain behind left testicle and along the side, engorged epi, with a sense of fullness/hardness, and adductor/groin pains). Uro did say recovery can take typically 3/4 months and sometimes even longer; just hoping i will keep improving to pain free. On flip side i do know that time did help resolve alot of my pvps pains and am hoping the same with reversal but this time with a full recovery!!

** 3 month check up **
Had SA test done 3 month post reversal, and test shows am fertile again. Sperm count was 47 million, Motility was 50% which is right on the border of normal anything 50% and above is considered normal based on the labs reference guides. Viscosity/Volume/Appearance all normal

Outlook/Next Steps:

  • Spoke with my uro/surgeon for 6 week follow up and he thinks its all inflammation related and go on a 10 day course of NSAID’s. Which i did and felt some improvement during the 10 days but that was short lived.
  • 2nd phone consult w/Uro in June and thinks it would be best to come back in for a physical exam and try nerve blocks. (scheduled for sept)
  • Pretty much pinpointed what aggravates my pain, which is arousal/ejaculation/sex. Also any activities that my left testicle moves around alot and hits my leg. (i.e. kicking a soccer ball)
  • Give it more time, and don’t rush into any other interventions.

My train of thought right now is 3 fold:
A. am in a wait and see phase and it in for the long haul and keep praying that my issues will improve and ultimately become pain free with a long term pat ency. Need to listen to my body more carefully. Again i know with time i was able to get better post vas so i keep reassuring myself about this. Also am very thankful and grateful that am able to do everything i need and want to do!!

B. Reversal from a text book perspective is successful for fertility but not pain, based on my SA results. Maybe my blockage/pain is lower down in the epi, either due to scarring or granuloma. Now am dealing w/chronic epidiymitis.
Q: does anyone know how i can determine if i have a obstruction or blockage in the epi? I read about sperm tests as first line of testing, can an ultrasound see the obstruction or anything other type of exam or test? original pains aren’t actually congested/epi related but maybe more nerve related. I don’t feel this is the main issue as i can feel the tenderness and pain in my epi but again i can’t rule this out. Maybe a nerve block with help??

This time around i need to focus day by day and whats in front of me and try not to dwell on the past or what the future holds. Again time was my ally in the past and i know it will continue to be but its difficult mentally and emotionally especially on those bad days… To anyone reading this post i feel for you, your family this is a roller coaster of pains and emotions that we are all trying to find the light at the end of the pain free tunnel. I just hope all of us one day can get to that other side or at least to a point that its manageable and mentally acceptable.


Just give it a lot of time, I was in all sorts of pains and aches first ~6 months post reversal. Just take care of yourself and don’t do anything too strenuous which can aggravate it.

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Any update on how you have been? Was it Dr. Jarvi who preformed your reversal?

Hey all just an update, been 9 months since reversal, overall i recovered pretty well. Day to day pain is minimal to non existent, but my original issue still persist which is increased and lingering pains post ejaculation (inflamed epi). Granted it has been getting better but i have also been taking celebrex for roughly 2 months so i wonder if that is helping, but hoping time will also help.

So i decided to get a nerve block done based on the recommendation of my urologist. It was done in hospital and it was one needle directly into the left scrotum. Dr. mentioned it was targeting the I/I and I/H nerves. The block was a cocktail of numbing/anesthetics/steroid. The procedure took a whole 5 mins, the most painful part was the palpating and searching of the nerves and squeezing of the epi. The insertion of the needle was pretty straightforward. I felt fine directly afterwards no increase in pain, until the numbing agent wore off. Few hrs later i started to feel onset of pain worse off than before the block then all of sudden from getting off couch got a shooting pain into my lower back. The shooting pain dissipated quickly but left me with lower back pains.
Fast forward week and half later my lower back pain has calmed down i believe it was a muscle spasms due to being guarded all around that area. So anyone considering nerve block be careful of this, or ask for area to be numbed first… Still some bruising at the site of the needle which has also dissipated. Overall i don’t feel the nerve block was a success but in turn caused more pain and anxiety than i expected. So there will be no more nerve blocks for me in the near or distant future. Dr mentioned we can try a topical nerve agent instead of needle but am not sure how much more effective it would be seeing its topical. But lesson learned trust your gut and am just glad that i have been able to recover quite quickly from the block.

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Just wanted to give an update. 1 yr since reversal and overall am doing well. I have gotten to a state where pvps isn’t my primary thought or concern. In regards to whether the reversal was a success i would say Yes and No. Yes because am in a better state than i was post vasectomy pre reversal and No because i still deal with some level of pain and discomfort post ejaculation. Thankful for the most part am pain free which i have to be grateful for and even the pain after ejaculation has gotten better with less time for things to go back to baseline. At this point of accepted the journey am on with pvps and still think over time i will continue to get better. What have i learned from the 3+ yrs of dealing with this horrible situation is:

  • Try not to overreact (easier said than done) and listen to your body and gut
  • exhaust all non invasive modalities and give your body time to heal
  • Educate yourself but don’t over educate to a point it fogs your decision making and judgement
  • ask questions to your medical team ALOT of questions, and get second opinions if needed
  • Lean on others including this forum for sound input but again its your decision
    I want to thank everyone on the forum who given me feedback and input over the yrs I truly appreciate it. I know were all in different but some what similar situations but i hope and pray all of us can get to a point where we can mentally accept the situation and cards we’ve been dealt as i believe this is really the only time we can allow our bodies to start healing.

Thanks for the update @NC79 and I’m glad to hear that you are mostly pain free now!

Did you have a chance to get your testosterone level checked recently?

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