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My Vasectomy Reversal Saga

Hi everyone,

Sorry for my broken English.

I’m creating this topic to register my history, in hope it may help someone in future and even better. As a warning for those considering vasectomy to NEVER do it.

I do not remember the exact date of month, but I think my vasectomy was somewhere around June 2017. We are January 2019, do the math.

  • Pain: I never had any pain, except for a stinging pain on the left which took several months to go away.

  • Procedure: Went smooth and without pain or complications. I went to work on next day if I remember well (not recommended). I was able to walk normally, but taking easy and slow.

  • Post vasectomy immediate feels like: It feels like a switch was turned off in regards of sensitivity on the penis tip. I immediately regretted and realized I was deceived by the doctor, but kept a little hope inside that thing would change after healing.

  • Post vasectomy long term feels like: I was a sex machine pre and post vasectomy, however I noticed my libido fading out gradually as the months were passing, and I think after 3 months I started to worry, but not so much yet, because I was still feeling that sting pain on the left and thought it was the healing process.

  • 6 months after vasectomy I started to worry as my libido (man on fire) dissipated. And my morning wood also started to become rare to happen. To me is a sign of low testosterone.

  • During the whole year of 2018 things only got worse, added to the high stress of my job, and I resigned from my job. I always put family and health first. If the job is killing me m, I know my family depends on that, but they also depend on health father and husband.

  • End of 2018 I got a better job with almost no stress so far and I no longer have headache or insomnia due to stress, which I also wanted to discard as cause of my loss of libido. I was afraid of developing some kind of depression because of my previous job, since I started feeling indifferent towards everything.

  • January 2019: After a lot of research I came to the conclusion that only a reversal would give a chance to become a man again. I booked my reversal to February, and I’ll try to post here at least once a month the progress.


So are you still feeling pain on a regular basis? Your libido is back up again? What is the reason you are having the reversal, for your mental state or are you still in chronic pain? Just curious to see if things did get better.

Hi Sohk,

I never had problems with chronic pain, but my sensitivity, performance and libido are no longer the same. I even had ED for a month around 3 months ago, but that is resolved. Also before the vasectomy, I used to have morning wood every day, now I have sometimes, but nothing has the same intensity as before. For my wife she doesn’t feel much the difference, but I do feel. Then I’m going for a reversal for two reasons, I’ll give a shot and see if things back to close what they are before, and also because I want avoid having more serious side effects as I get older. I’m afraid to develop something that would put my life in risk, I have a family to support. I’m 35 now, and at this age, a man body should be working perfectly still, as I was before.

NOTE: When I faced the ED for a ~month, I was desperate, then I reduced the sugar from my diet, started taking zinc, iron, vitamin D, Ginko, L Arginine and avena sativa. I believe that helped with the fast recovery, because after 15 days things started to improve and I’m back to “normal”. Obviously this normal is not the same as ore vas. I still can have sex every day, and more than one time a day, but without libido and with this weird ejaculation post V, things are just not the same.

Surgery done today in the morning, tomorrow morning I’ll see the doctor again and fly back to my home in the evening. So far so good. No pain, no swelling, just feels the same as when I did my vas. I hope it stays like that.

@daniel, hi. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the vasectomy, and I’m glad the reversal went well.

Do you mind me asking what doctor did your reversal?

Only two years out, I’m assuming they were able to do a vas-vas connection to put things back together the way they were originally, rather than a bypass?

Hi Worship01,

I sent you a pm message with the name of he doctor. Yes they were able to reconnect the original tubes. Luckily the doctor who did my vas cut the tubes quite away for the tests. and made things easier. Luckily I don’t feel a thing and I’m able to walk, but I’m being very careful with my movements anyways.

@daniel. Wishing you a successful recovery.

Thank you so much Roy!