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My Vasectomy Experience

Hi All,

I’ve found this forum informative and thought I should contribute by sharing experience.
I had a “no scalpel” vasectomy performed in early September 2019. The procedure itself seemed to go according plan: it wasn’t fun, but wasn’t very painful. I waited about 5 days to have sex and things seemed to work ok. I waited 12 days to do any kind of serious exercise. I wore the jock strap like they recommended for the following month. Basically, I was never in any crazy pain like many of you here have experienced. However, I’m more than 4 months out and I’ve yet to fully recover.

Within a few weeks of the vasectomy my testicles became very sensitive to any kind of sudden contact. For example, I never realized how much a 1 year old kicks you in the balls when they tantrum in your arms. Testicular contact that used to be unnoticed now leaves me feeling like I was kicked in the balls. I’m not keeling over in pain, but the feeling is strong enough that you get that pain/nausea feeling that moves from your balls up into your lower gut. That used to be a rare sensation, but not anymore.

I also experienced on and off aching in the testicles. I mostly noticed this at night and it sometimes kept me up or woke me up. I wouldn’t ever describe this discomfort/pain above a 1-4, but it’s very annoying. I’ve had a couple periods of a handful of days where I thought I was past this, but now I’m past the 4 month mark and over the last week or two it’s become more constant than ever. I can feel them aching at a 2 -3 pain level as I type this. I’m an active person and it seems that increased activity increases this, but no activity does not eliminate it.

I’ve also had on and off pain that radiates from the testicles up through the lower side abdomen. This was probably the first pain I noticed post vasectomy other then the obvious localized discomfort. This too has been off and on again sometimes increasing in severity, over the past few weeks (again I’m past the 4 month mark) decreasing thankfully.

Possibly related, my occasional eczema has worsened dramatically. For the past year I’ve been battling some eczema on my hands and about a month or so post vasectomy that worsened and spread up my arms and around my knees. This makes me think of the potential autoimmune issue relating to a vasectomy that they don’t tell you about before hand. Also, about a month or two post vasectomy my energy level noticeably dropped. I rarely get quality sleep and have had to up my caffeine intake to keep up with life. My libido is noticeably down. It sounds like voodoo or something, but there’s an energy there that I feel I’m now missing. My testosterone had been checked about a year prior to the vasectomy and I was in the low range of normal. I do plan to get that checked soon to compare. I’m closing in on 40 so I’m at the age testosterone drops anyways, but what I’ve felt lately is way too much of a coincidence in my opinion.

From reading other’s experiences in this forum I’ve started to see a pelvic PT. I’m only at the start so not sure what to expect from that, but it’s very expensive. So far the diagnosis is not epididimytis like I suspected, but overly tight or more specifically not relaxed pelvic floor muscles. I’m going to continue down the PT route to see what improvement I can gain, but am very seriously starting to consider a reversal, but the painful lesson from this experience is that medical interventions have consequences so I’m torn about going down that road.

Any advice is appreciated, but mostly I wanted to contribute since I hope more men considering a vasectomy will come across this site prior to making their decision. Based on my experience so far I would easily not have gotten the procedure.


Hang in there. You are doing the right thing with the pelvic floor therapy. Do not do any further surgical intervention anytime soon. I am 22 months out and still slowing improving. I’ve had many flare ups of pain/irritation/soreness but they usually subside. Baseline sensitivity is still above pre-vas but I can deal with that. Sex drive is lower but my T is in 700s so I think it’s mostly psychological . But the lack of desire is definitely real though. PF therapy takes a while -stick with it. Try to relax and think in terms of months/years for total recovery, not days or weeks. Look for books on male pelvic pain written by physical therapists. There are a couple good ones out there that can get you in the right mind set. Long term post surgical pain is very common, but not disclosed enough. Probably nothing “pathological” going on.

Thanks for the encouragement SPR.

Just an update to contribute to the community to which I now belong:

8-9 months post-vasectomy and my pain has improved. I did see a pelvic PT that I believe helped. I also believe additional time helped. I no longer have the chronic aching balls (stopped around 7 month mark). My balls are still more sensitive to bumps than previous, but this sensitivity has reduced noticeably. I still get mild pain at the cut sites on occasion, but it’s minor and something I’m used to now I guess. I still believe my climax is a bit less then it used to be, and my semen is runnier and shoots farther than before (if that matters). In my post above I mentioned my libido/energy being down. This too has improved, but is probably not where it was pre-vasectomy. I’m scheduled to get my testosterone tested soon. All in all I’m very thankful for the improvement and recommend seeing a pelvic PT. I do not recommend ever getting a vasectomy if you have not done so. Since my pain has improved it’s unlikely I’ll get a reversal due to the risk of making things worse, but I still regret getting a vasectomy in the first place and have not moved past it yet.


Aching testicles are back as well as the random pains in the lower abdomen/testical connection area. They are still better than they used to be.

Testosterone results are back. Compared to my low, but in range levels from almost two years ago, my testosterone has dropped by half and my estrogen, which was previously normal, is off the charts high. Basically I have hypogonadism now, which means my testicles aren’t working properly.

I’m leaning towards trying hormone replacement therapy and cleaning up my diet (no alcohol & lower inflammation diet in general) in the short term while continuing to consider a reversal. To be honest I want to just do the reversal and be done with it, but I know it’s not that simple.

Any advice in light of these new revelations is appreciated. I’ll begin searching the site to see if this is something others have experienced.

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I have not seen anyone else who has tested for estrogen or commented that their estrogen went up. It never even occurred to me to search for that.

By the way, are you able to provide the measurements for Testosterone before and after, and what month those tests were? It’s rare to find a guy who has a T measurement from before the vasectomy.

This is one of the most confusing aspects of the vasectomy situation for me because they have studied this and have not found that testosterone drops because of vasectomy. Yet you hear so many guys with low T symptoms and bottom-of-the range measurements after their vasectomy. I don’t understand how this is not showing up like a flashing light in studies. My guess is that large, prospective, well-designed studies will eventually happen that will show that a small percent of guys do indeed experience a sharp decline in T in the first 6 months after vasectomy. But those studies have a low probability of happening unless we make some noise about it.

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Results listed below. I do feel that the 50% decline and massive jump in Estradiol in less then 2 years had something to do with the vasectomy. I’m getting a treatment plan worked up soon and will be retested in a few months. If I don’t see some solid improvement then I’m shopping doctors that do reversals.

First test done 1 year (almost exactly) prior to vasectomy.
Test - score - normal range
Total T - 420 - 350 to 1200
Free T - 5.7 - 4.7 to 24.4
Estradiol - 9.8 - under 50

Test done 9 months post-vasectomy (note, a different company was used)
Total T - 208 - 400 to 1200
Estradiol - 124 - 12 to 56

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