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My testicles seem to hang lower 2 yrs post op

Greetings - my first post. I got my vasectomy May 2014 and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Procedure went well (I chose the cut, remove and cauterize option), did everything the doctor said and it was a complete success with minimal pain and discomfort.

My issue is now I feel my testicles hang lower than usual since the procedure, almost constantly get in my way, and walking and sitting can be uncomfortable. I have to keep readjusting myself throughout the day. The only pain or discomfort I feel now is when pants or shorts are tight against my groin while sitting or walking. I’ve always worn boxers (with the exception of jock straps and boxer briefs immediately after the procedure for several days) and I’m wondering if I should look into some “snugger” fitting underwear to help keep everything in place and not get pinched or strangled otherwise. I’ve done some research on my issue and while the vas gets cut and removed, the remaining muscle tissue inside the scrotum is supposed to keep the testicles in the same place even after a vasectomy.

Does anyone have suggestions on a certain brand/make/model of undies? I’d much prefer to retain a button fly for quick and easy urination access. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Well that sir is just an unspeakable tragedy…

I can tell you every guy on this forum would trade places with you and your “problem”, LOL.

Okay, that said, I kind of felt that way a little myself after vasectomy but you know what? In the scheme of things it was nothing. Just wear compression shorts or switch to boxer briefs.

I used to be a boxer guy myself, ALWAYS, that I think changed sometime around when I got snipped. Coincidence? I don’t know, I just know wearing boxers stopped being appealing to me but had always been my main go to undies when my wife and i first got married.

Now I just can’t imagine using boxers ever. Too uncomfortable. That really f’ing pisses me off but that’s my reality now.

Just wear boxer briefs dude and thank god you don’t have pain.

Welcome BTW.

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A little confused here. Your nuts were presumably fine before your vasectomy and now walking and sitting can be uncomfortable and you get pain sometimes when your junk is bunched up. Apparently not that bad, but bad enough that you are posting on a forum for guys with Post Vasectomy Pain for advice on what kind of underwear might help… and you say this was one of the best decisions you ever made?

The good news is that even though you are one of the 20% of men with long term chronic pain after a vasectomy (the Urology Care Foundation/American Urological Associations #s) at least yours isn’t that bad.

The “bad” news is that it might not get any better than this for you. I’ve met plenty of guys, actually I’m kind of shocked by the number, who have said they still have some pain and discomfort from there vasectomies - some of them were 20 years ago - and they haven’t been able to wear boxers since. This group of guys seems to get forgotten about by urologists and anyone with a pro-vasectomy agenda since they aren’t in severe pain.

Think about it for a minute. If there was no loss of support from a vasectomy why is one of the first things a lot of urologists recommend (besides giving you Cipro like candy) is to wear tight fitting underwear for more support? It’s either because the boys could use more support or to reduce the strain on your damaged spermatic cords.

Was this since day one or has it just started or is gradually getting worse? Maybe it could be the onset of congestive pain for you. It could be your epididymis finally being overcome by the backup of sperm from your vasectomy or nerve irritation as the structures get distended/expand from the pressure of the backed up sperm.

Try a few different brands and sizes of boxer briefs or regular briefs to see if it helps.

Saxx boxers vibe(softer material) or quest( dry flow type material) boxers have a pouch, they hold everything in place and give good support.

I have the same problem, the only things i found that helped was either wearing large boxer briefs with a scrotal support or a small or medium of the hanes comfort flex to keep things up when sitting and away from my legs while walking.

Among other things in my own post this is one of my problems and the surgeon admitted to me that he cut my muscle. Only time will heal it. I do a lot of kegels because my pain gets really bad when the right descends so bad

Can you please tell me how this ended? I did vasectomy 2 weeks ago and one ball hanging much lower post op. Doctor denies any wrong doing. CN this be solved ?