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My story + ?weird neurological symptoms

Hi All. I have posted on here a couple of times but not frequently.

I just ticked over 5 months post vasectomy and like many am suffering from pain and other weird symptoms that modern medicine can’t link to a vasectomy. It’s amazing how much of a moveable beast pvps can be with pain spread and intensity changes…in my experience anyway.

Specifically I have experienced the following:

  • Week 1- Current: BL scrotal pain L>R which seems to be the epi’s. Worse 4-8 hrs post sex which lasts for 48-72 hrs.
    Week 1- 4mth: Urinary symptoms, increased urgency, post void dribble. This has mostly cleared up.
    Week 1 - Current: Lower abdominal and flank pain which is occasionally nauseating (the kicked in the balls type many can probably relate to). This has gotten a bit better but still sees me needing to lie down daily.
    Week 2 - Current: Muscular tightness and cutaneous tightness/prickling sensation in abs.
    Week 6- Current: Abdominal nerve pain pubic bone to in under the ribs. This came on after I did some stretching of the anterior chain (prone cobra) at week 6 to see if I could reduce the tightness. An hour later I was in the foetal position on the floor with extreme abdo pain. The next day until current I have hard nerve pain and same skin/rectus ab tightness from origin to insertion.
    Occasionally: I have experienced electric shocks and tingling which correlates to the GF nerve pathway. This coincides with abstaining from sex for 2+ weeks.
    New(last couple of weeks): Parathesia/Neuropathy: Pricking, burning, pins and needles in hands and feet. The backstory to this is I had an ultrasound that revealed BL thrombosed pampiniform plexus. The Dr prescribed Xarelto to see if it could help my body to clear it. I was also about 1 week into experimenting with Wim Hof protocol with cold training. 3 days into taking Xarelto and a week or so of cold training I developed peripheral neuropathy. It now wakes me at night and I am extremely sensitive to warm water. I have ceased both. This would more likely cause a vascular issue but I guess Wim Hof protocol could rev up the autonomic nervous system too…

My question for those reading: Have you experienced these weird neurological symptoms before and have they resolved? I refer to prickly tight skin and peripheral neuropathy symptoms mostly. I can relate the referred lower abdo pain and perhaps even more diffuse upper abdo pain to the vasectomy but the peripheral neuropathy is quite disconcerting. I’m really hoping it will resolve with time as it may just be related to damage of blood vessels from cold baths combined with taking blood thinners however it should be resolving now after 2-3weeks and it’s not.

To think I felt like a healthy normal, strong, fit 38 year old 5 months ago riding bikes, running, swimming and performing calisthenics to find myself now half disabled is unfathomable.

My thinking is I could have an underlying neurological disease that has been kicked off by the vasectomy and I will get that checked but my bloods seem all normal as does muscle strength. Alternatively it could also be a revved up autonomic nervous system? I guess it’s all just a process of elimination and I don’t expect to find the answer here but I felt I needed to reach out…I am feeling more like a medical anomaly as each week passes.

Anyway thanks in advance for reading and any thoughts/support you may be able to lend.


I’ve had burning, shooting, itching sensations associated with neuropathic pain. Early on it was quite bad and became less intense and frequent over time. I found vitamin B and ALA supplements to be helpful. Gabapentin also worked for me but made me a zombie. Stretching, chiro, PT, massage, yoga we’re also very helpful in minimizing the discomfort but I think these treat the symptoms not the cause. Some of the pain was due solely to muscles that had cramped up in response to the scrotal pain. Primarily my psoas and thigh adducters.

It is hard to differentiate neuropathic pain from epidemitis or PVP manifestations. I would not rush into any denervation until you’ve exhausted other paths. Nerve blocks can bring relief and be diagnostic. In my case I think it was congestion triggering a cascade of other problems and I recently reversed. Papaya seed might give you relief if you’re in the same boat.

Do you have scrotal pain? Do your epis feel inflamed or bloated? Or does this manifest just elsewhere in your body?


Congratulations, you are probably the closest story to mine that i’ve read on this website. I had a vas in 2015. Holding my baby the next day I experience pain from the pubic bone to rib. This developed into flank, knee, and hip pain over the course of 12 months.

Day 3 I woke up with spinning vertigo and periodic lapses of vision loss. Over the next 12 months I spent hours in doctors offices and thousands of hours online. Initial findings were papilladema, uveitis, intracranial hypertension and peripheral neuropathy but still no answers.

Fast forward to 2019 and I finally had a breakthrough. Neuroborreliosis or neurological Lyme disease. I’ve since tested positive for 6 coinfections and two lyme related autoimmune conditions — small fiber neuropathy and autoimmune encephalopathy.

Symptoms - my hands tingle pins and needles about half the day with occasional numbness, extreme fatigue, brain fog, trouble with speech fluidity and word finding, 5 year headache, anxiety/depression, balance trouble and a few others. I would strongly recommend finding a local “LLMD” or lyme doc in town. I’ve got patients that have triggered lyme with car wrecks, infected teeth, broken toes, death of a mother. It’s an opportunistic infection that seems to rear it’s ugly head when the body is exposed to some sort of stressor, physical or emotional. Most people live with Lyme disease for years and suddenly it gets triggered. For me it was the vasectomy, most likely from the high amount of oxidative stress it puts on the body or possibly just the pain and stress of the procedure itself.

I was bit in 2014 but never realized it. I came home from a deer hunt with a car full of ticks and ran a high fever that weekend but recovered. Bloodwork 3 months later showed elevated liver enzymes which was misdiagnosed as lupus until the crp/Ana was normal. Without any symptoms I moved on with life until 6 months later I developed a cyst on my right testicle. The uro attributed it to “some sort of infection” and performed my vasectomy weeks later. The rest is history.

As for the abdominal stuff, I ended up with a torn rectus abdominis tendon where it attaches at the pubic bone. This leads to dysfunction between the Rectus, transverse, and oblique an muscles explaining your flank pain. Unfortunately, mine included the adductor as it attaches at the same site so I have troubles with my right leg, mostly hip alignment and knee tracking.

I could be wrong but your story is my story. Took me 5 years but I’ve unlocked 95% of my problems and am currently under treatment hoping to get better. Feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any questions.

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Thanks @Choohooo I will PM you.

@WtfMyNuts yes I have bilateral scrotal pain. My epi’s are not visibly swollen however they are off the charts sensitive.

I won’t be rushing into surgical intervention as I need to try to investigate if there is anything underlying all this. If there is something neurological then surgery may make things worse. I especially won’t go denervation as it doesn’t make too much sense to me nor do I see many achieving sustained relief.

@WtfMyNuts where were your burning, itching, sensations?

It was consistently around my inguinal canal, down the inside of my thigh, and around my pubic bone. Sometimes in my psoas up towards the crest of my hip bone. At initial onset it was also up into abdomen and the pain had a more shooting and electric sensation everywhere.

I can certainly relate to much your story @JohnK, but given the fact that I reversed less than 5 months into my recovery, it’s hard to truly relate much past that point.

Short answer is yes, I have experienced these weird neurological symptoms, especially prior to my first reversal. Did they resolve? There was a lot of trial and error involved once I started having corrective procedures - many traps and many pitfalls, but I’d say eventually the majority of them symptoms did resolve, but not all of them.

When I talk with guys that are early in their recoveries, late in their recoveries, and everything in-between that are really messed up physically and mentally still, that certainly puts things into perspective for me regarding just how far I have came on many levels.

I like your thought process here. I can certainly relate. Hard to say what’s going on with any certainty. As I’ve said many times before, I think there is a lot of ways to end up with PVPS. I think there are many poorly understood contributing factors as well. I tend to think there is something/s different about some of us. I could elaborate, but I will leave it at that for now.

Hang in there brother. Hopefully you will get sorted out eventually.

As a result of post vasectomy pain, which is a procedure that for many men happens in their 40s, changes in the ability to exercise, stress, medications taken, possible hormonal issues etc… It can throw a guy permanently out of equilibrium. I took a lot of anti-biotics and NSAIDs to treat pain that was not due to infection and which cleared up when I got reversed. I took NSAIDS for 5 months or more after reversal alternated with steroids, to keep me open and keep inflammation down and I’m convinced those drugs are why I developed diverticulitis. When some pain returned I took ZPacks in hopes that I just had a UTI and they would help and ended up getting Salmonella poisoning too which I think was due to the fact I had wiped out all the good bugs I had and was more susceptible to it.

I liken it to the “little old lady that swallowed the fly”. The pain and things we do to treat the pain can cause problems i.e. NSAIDS, antiobiotics, tranqulizers, anti-depressants, anti-convulsants, muscle relaxants… You take those for a long time and they can damage your body or cause changes in you nevous system as it tries to compensate to being chemically altered.

Combine all of this with getting older and the changes that naturally occur and vasectomy can be an event that throws a guy out of whack and from which he feels he never really returns to “normal”.


Jesus. How are you doing now that they’ve treated (or treating?) the Lyme disease? Headaches, tingling in fingers, groin pain did any of it go away?

Hi guys I’m another guy who had lots of neurological issues and testicle problems after a vasectomy, my symptoms also turned out to be Lyme disease and co infections, I’m in Australia and here it’s very hard to get a doc to diagnose it but I did, currently 15 months of multiple antibiotics and a repurposed alcoholism drug I’m feeling heaps better!
All my pain has disappeared and everything has returned to normal, I think it’s worth people looking at this, especially anyone who responded to a short corse of antibiotics and you guys in the states where ticks are a problem, until I treated the cause nothing really helped!
Hopefully this might just help someone as I know how debilitating this can be and I never want to go back to that Place ever again it’s like hell,
I believe the vasectomy triggered a infection that my body was keeping at bay And it went wild when I was low!


Hey mate, thanks v.much for posting.

What were your symptoms if you don’t mind me asking? The repurposed alcoholism drug…was that specifically to treat Lyme? What co-infections did you suffer? Do you know what test they used to diagnose you? Thanks and sorry for the bombardment of Q’s. :slightly_smiling_face:

The repurposed alcohol drug is disulfiram. Took it from January to June and all it did was jack up my liver enzymes so I had to get off of it.

Glad you were able to get diagnosed and better @Flipper151

sharp stabbing pain around groin area, testicle swelling, brain fog, confusion, tinnitus, vivid dreams, constipation, lightheaded, loss of balance, lack of energy, loss of libido, air hunger, tingling hands and feet when asleep, food intolerances, intolerance to heat, insomnia , joint pain and endless panic attacks
Symptoms are endless but Not always at the same time!
Pos to Lyme (Borrelia)
Pos Bartonella (cat scratch)
Pos Rickettsia
Pos Ehrlichia

Research on google

A local GP may not be able diagnose this also google LLMD in your area, you’ve got nothing to loose and everything to gain

Testing through recommend labs eg igenex it Armin labs some government testing is corrupt and there is no such thing as a false positive

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I don’t know why it’s so satisfying to read your post @Flipper151 . Perhaps it’s personal confirmation to my own hell.

For the record, for testing I used DNA Connexions, Vibrant Wellness, and iGenex.

Pos ehrlichia
Pos Rocky Mountain spotter Fever
Pos babesia microti
Pos bartonella
Pos anaplasmosis

I’ve been swallowing pills for 24 months without much luck. Got a port central line 3 months ago for rocephin and IVIG and still minimal improvement. Considering hyperthermia treatment at Sanoviv around Christmas.

Good luck everyone.

I know what you mean sometimes I feel like I hit the jackpot, followed my gut feel and got better.
still have a hatred for urologist That will never leave me
The Disulfiram in enteric capsules was a game changer for me ended up to 450mg for two months, ground up papaya seed also helped early on too

My PCP had me on non enteric coated troches. We may revisit it in a few months, enteric coated this time. Most of that research started in my hometown. I know it’s been a game changer for most. Glad you are better