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My Story That Is Somewhere Inbetween

Firstly, I have read a lot of stuff on this forum and I thank all those that contribute. It has helped my immensely.

I wanted to make a meaningful contribution back in the hope it can help someone else.

I had my vas about 18 months ago. Open vas, experienced surgeon, low risk, all that stuff. After:
1 day - felt great, all good
3 days - ouch, need to keep icing
8 days - that pain not going away, like being kicked in the nuts. This is bad.
21 days - that kicked in the nuts feeling is hanging there whenever moving too much.
2 months - sort of calming down but now pain in abdomen and hip and back, especially if pushing exercise
4 months - kicked in nuts feeling coming and going still, especially after sex. Other pains getting worse. What is this? Immune reaction? ,congestion?, nerve damage?
4 months - NSAIDS calm things down. As soon as I stop it gets worse.
6 months - still the same. Now drink too much, cry a bit. Pain free when reclining and mostly ok when sleeping. Still sore after sitting, adjusting all the time.
8 months - what am I going to do. Hear about VR, epididymectomy, nerve treatment. Maybe I need to look at that. Can’t live like this forever.
12 months - right, seeking out some experts. Sick of doctors that look blankly, sick of ultrasounds that show nothing, sick of urologist more interested in his navel.
15 months - not getting better. Maybe getting worse. NSAIDS help a bit, walking ok, any twisting/vigorous movement ends with pain requiring a few hours of reclining to recover (some as from about 3 months on).

All this time I saw multiple doctors and had multiple ultrasounds. So, here I am, 18 months down the track. After having open ended vas, no scalpel, blah, blah. I find myself scared about what to do but finding a way forward.

Some things became clear to me. I have time. Further surgery might make things worse. Doctors dont really know whats going on. I should cover all conservative treatment options first.

I made some changes as follows:

  1. Wear REALLY supportive underwear. UFM is what I use and they help. A lot. I also wear underwear at night.
  2. Relax and stop worrying. Mental recalibration is important. There are way more people worse than me. Also relax the muscles down there!
  3. I started on papaya seed powder. About 6 weeks now, 1 teaspoon a day.
  4. NSAIDS and paracetamol about every second day. Just taking them.

The result is I have gone from “I need surgery - VR or nerve treatment” to “ I think I might be ok. The things I am doing seem to help a lot”.

I share this story because I was pushed to the edge of doing some surgery (VR/ other) or something invasive but after having discipline to try a range of conservative options, I think I can manage ok with mostly dull pain.

I hope this helps someone else that might be “ in between” and not sure if ok.

I’ll update if things change but I am pretty convinced at the moment that surgery is last resort for the worst cases because many here report worsening outcomes.