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My story so far with pvpd


Hi all I’m Justin a male 43 yoa in Leicestershire I’m a dad of five kids. Disabled now due to pvpd.
A gamer and Xbox ambassador.
Here we go April 2017 had my vesctomy done in coalvile. During this so called easy OPP the Dr crushed the top part of my testical the area where the top two nerves go into it . He upped my landocane and looked at the nurse for reasuince . Telling me he clipped the testical with the clamp .
At no time have I had any bad press or stats I wAs told the chance of pain was about 1/250 wow that’s wrong hay since I have been here and talking to NHS and USA doc it’s more like 1/5 shock never in my life did I see those figures by the NHS .
Well now I lost my job a year ago I have regular meds morphine gabapentine paracetamol tramadol that’s the pain then landocane gell a tens machine.also get accupunter every 3 months pain blocker in both nerve beds just off the top of spine .
I have sticks to move around home some adertations grab rails low access shower a turn table and grab Handel for car.
I have spoken in depth with a urologists and pain speclist they both say the figures for NHS reversal to fix issues is low as only works for a short time so not had it done.
I hear Botox in USA works for 3 months tho accupunter dose work it’s not a cure all my own doc now says to wait for the pain speclist to sort me out .
Yea great NOT.
My partner copes just once a month we hit a hard wall emotions flare not just PMT . But she has me and kids to look after not fair on her but she is worth every minute I get with her .
I take a little blue pill to help me stiff do the things adults do …lol
Why do I write here well I write here Reddit FB Twitter ext so men know they got to talk about it I want to see NHS look at its approach again …
Yea hard work but I talk to ppl around the world about pvpd and pvps on above sites and Xbox yea I’m on there a lot as a Xbox ambassador I help others so guess it’s a hobby .
Most important things to me …
My kids , my partner , my cats, after that model kits and Xbox you need to have a good hobby BN to get you though one of my other small goals is to find the true figures for pain here .
One option is a ocoloptamy not worth it they take the ball out and then u get pain plus’s phantom pain.
Kinda finding a bad hole on every suggest tria. Any other ideas welcome us men need to stand up to the NHS to get the right resurce and resources .

Thanks to grocery aid for there advice

Thanks likes and other chats welcome




Sorry to hear about your troubles. I don’t know what your recourse is through NHS.
You said the guy told you “he clipped the testical with the clamp .”?
Can you get that in writing? Sounds like they screwed you up and they owe you. I would get a lawyer and sue the NHS. What type of paperwork/informed consent did you sign.
The NHS actually has a 1 in 10 figure for chronic pain quoted on their website so that 1 in 250 sounds low.

Thanks for posting this here. Who was your provider?

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Yea that’s what I thought one in ten pain for a few months one In 250 is pain up to what I have been now nearly two years as for compo here the local facts unless u got the money to go up against NHS they won’t touch it as on books it’s one in five have pain my NHS sources are the pain clinic here in Leicester and NHS office In London



Who did your vasectomy? Was it a younger less experienced guy or an older guy. That doesn’t seem like the type of mistake an experienced provider makes. If you are doing a lot of vasectomies something like that shouldn’t happen.



A older man has been doing loads there a 3 man team that specializes in vesctomy in Leicestershire



Pienkos study.pdf (2.93 MB)



Hello hope this helps others I’ll get told of for this but worth keeping with u when u see a gp here in uk

Pienkos study.pdf (2.93 MB)