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My Story of vasectomy and reversal

How did you feel around 2.5 and 3 months? Did you have days or weeks of pain at all? Then have good days and then back to bad ones? Is it truly a roller coaster ride to healing?

Hi Mike, @Francis and @myballshurt, great to hear some feedback from people who are in a similar position to me. I am three and a half months post reversal, and I have had stretches of pretty good days around 2 to 3 months out, but am currently going through quite severe pain, so I do definitely feel it is a roller coaster.

I have been doing a lot of swimming recently (running is not happening for me) and I do wonder if the renewed exercise has made things worse for me, which would be sad, as the swims do help with my sanity. Previously after the reversal I have had some days where the pain recedes from mind completely, but for the past week or so it has been much more constant, which is exhausting emotionally.

I am heading on a three week holiday on Sunday, so I am hoping the change in scenery and the varied activity will help me get over this hump and back on the road to recovery.


Definitely a roller coaster, been in pain for a few weeks now, never going away completely. hoping it starts to become better. i have ben working out as well, gotta stick with it, or I will go nuts. I am right at 3 months post op!

Four months post op now - have had a pretty good time of it for the last three weeks while on holiday, definitely longish stretches where I wasn’t thinking about it, and I was able to do a lot of long hikes (20kms+). Definitely still won’t run more than a few meters, as the jiggling is too painful. Now back at the office, and the sitting makes me much more conscious of the pain.

Is anyone using any kind of special cushion or pillow so that the guys can hang somewhat freely? I feel like I’m sitting on my balls the whole time, which is not great, leads to constant rearranging - luckily I am not in an open plan office :slight_smile:


Hey guys, 4 months post op, and still struggling with some pain and pressure. At times it feels like the original pain, and sometimes I have pain at or near the reconnection sites. just keeping you in the loop. i have had some pretty positive days, none have been pain free, but positive enough to say that I could function and do all the things I wanted to without too much of a gripe. Hoping the next 4 weeks brings a turnaround. hang in there dudes.


Thanks for the update. How would you compare your quality of life / pain to pre reversal?

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I would say its 60 to 70% better. Still having pains and pressure aches from time to time. I do have good days, and than bad days again. Once again just hoping time cures all. Still. Better than I was. Still. Not running or having motivation to even try. Still glad I had reversal. No 2nd doubts there. The pain was chronic and nonstop before. Only wanted to sit all the time and lie down. I am actually out more with my kids now. Still.scared that pain isn’t going to go all away. Like I said still good and bad days, no perfect days, but approaching 5 months post reversal, and I guess I have to say its sloooooooowly getting better. Not as much pain in testicles, still some, butbmore pain in reconnection site area. Hope this helps.


I read somewhere that you said you were still taking pain meds daily. What are you taking? I know you and I are around the same age and same surgery dates. I am still in discomfort at times being 5 months post op. I guess the healing takes a loong time. Are you in any pain near the reconnection sites? Hope you are doing well, and each day and month is better for you.


Hey @mklamut79 thanks for the message - I am currently taking cymbalta (duloxetine) 60mg once a day, which has definitely had an impact on reducing pain. I am also taking Lyrica (pregabalin) 150mg twice a day, which I have been on almost continuously since the original vasectomy.

I am now 6 months post reversal and I guess I am the best that I’ve been, with a slow improvement in pain. There are longer periods where I don’t think of the pain, and when I do feel it (mostly while sitting) it is more of an irritation, than a sharp pain. I read a description which was pretty apt, that it feels ‘more like being aware there is a stone in your shoe than walking with a stone in your shoe’ if that makes sense.

The pain is quite generalised around the groin and thighs - I don’t feel the pain particularly at the reconnection sites.

I went for a scrotal ultrasound recently. Blood flow was normal and the only thing we could see was thickening / scarring around the reconnection sites, particularly the right one.

Sounds like we are on a similar path - I can recommend swimming, which I am doing a lot of and hiking if you can.

The Duloxetine is definitely helping too, although the side effects (difficulty in ejaculating, even after lots of stimulation) are not great!

Hope things continue to improve.



I hope that you just continue to get better with time. A few guys I talked to say it could take a year, and just to hang in there. It doesn’t seem like you and I have a choice in the matter now. I will keep you posted, and hope and pray that one day we are completely free of this crap. I haven’t even been taking anything other than motrin, and grinding it out. I have that reconnection site pain, and cramping in the lower abdomen at times. Honestly, after I go to the bathroom #1 or #2, I can tell a big difference in pressure pain. I guess any pressure or increase of bladder or gut might be pushing or causing some discomfort, I know that I have added a few pounds since all of this has happened, and with the extra weight when I sit down, I can feel everything scrunch together, so I will be working hard to lose some weight and relieve some skin crunching, hopefully to help eleviate some pain as well. I will stay in touch, and you do as well. Best of luck brother,



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Hey bro, how are you doing? I am at 5 months post OP, still pain at connection sites. Are your reconnection sites still sore, or did that start to go away? How far out are you now? Curious to what your recovery is, just get scared as more time goes on and pain is still there. Good and bad days, but been in a rough week and a half.

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Hoping you are feeling better. Just pain at those connection sites man, ugh! hoping the answer is time.

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Hey @mklamut79, thanks for the messages - I’m doing better I guess, but progress is slow and frustrating. I’m now 6 months and a week or two post reconnection surgery, and I still feel pain or discomfort every day, but I guess it is less intense than it was. I hear you about pressure - I also feel more pain when sitting down and when I have a full bladder. I would recommend seeing a pain specialist if you can, which is what I did - he was the one who prescribed the duloxetine, which I think has made the most difference since this whole horrible thing started. Here’s hoping that within a year we are both pain free.

I have recently restarted running which was a big step forward for me as I was worried that all of the bouncing would be too painful, but I was actually ok.

Good luck!

Hi guys,

also in case I repeat myself - Be careful with those antidepressants. Take a look at this side:

Check how many got the medication after chronic pain. And what cruel sideeffects and withdrawal symptoms they suffer. I’m happy for anyone who got helped, but it should be thoroughly rethought.



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Hi @Regrets2 and @mklamut79,

Thanks for all the writing and dialogue. After nearly 6 months of constant pain, I am scheduled for a reversal next week. You both saying no regrets on the reversal makes me feel good. I am starting to second guess myself (which I wish had before the horrific snip).

Question- have either of you guys done pelvic floor therapy? I know it had worked wonders and calmed all my nerve damage down at months 2 and 3 post surgery. For example, she has really narrowed the pain down to the epi’s as nerve are fine now. I am already planning on keeping up that post surgery once the doc gives the green light. I am curious if you have tried it. If not, do it. My wife joking said I will have to eventually stop seeing as it’s essentially and nut and inner thigh massage (no “movement” if you remember the old Seinfeld show reference).

Anyways just curious what you have been doing. Also, any recommendations for me to prepare for after. I just realized my favorite jock strap won’t work as it mesh and will get stuck in the stitches. I will be buying those pants when i return to work. Any other advice appreciated.

Cheers all.

Hey @Sbnick, thanks for the comments! Sorry to hear that you are going through this thing too - I’ve heard circumcision referred to as ‘the cruellest cut’, but honestly, vasectomy is the worst - I think if more people were honestly given the risks involved far fewer would take the chance!

I have done some pelvic floor therapy with a very good therapist here in Durban - I laughed at your Seinfeld reference, that was exactly what I was imagining, the first time that I visited! I did find it quite helpful, I did three or four sessions one week apart, but then stopped going after I changed drug regime and had some relief. I am thinking about going back though. Did you get given exercises to do, and did you find that they were helpful?

I am now seven months post reversal, and things are going much better - I am able to swim and even run again, although I don’t know if I will ever get on a bike again. My pain specialist says that he will start weaning me off my pills starting in October if things keep improving.

Regarding the reversal, be prepared for your balls to look terrible, I got quite a fright after the surgery, they were black and blue and swollen. I wore a jock strap for six weeks, only taking it off for showering, that was quite a pain. The scars now are almost gone, so you will get there, visually. I am still in fairly constant discomfort, more than pain, particularly when I sit for extended periods. I am hopeful that eventually that too will fade, but time will tell.

My advice for post surgery would be to take as much time as you possibly can to lie on the couch and ice.

Hope it goes really well, keep us posted!

Thanks. I hope this is the fastest year of my life!

Hi guys, I am 6 months post reversal and am still having achy, pain which seems to be coming from the reconnection sites. Have any of you experienced this in your healing? Definitely better than after vas, but I hear that am still in the recovery stage, and just need to give it more time, maybe up to a year. Can the reconnection sites be hurting from nerve pain? Just curious to what you have all gone through. Can it take a full year or longer to have relief? I still guard myself whenever my kids come near me or I lean up against things. Crazy!! looking to be better, but just a struggle to just giving it more time. Definitely not wanting any more surgery, but was hoping most of the pain was gone 6 months after. Hoping someone has the same story and healing lengths. Just hoping this will die down soon. Half way through a year, and was hoping most of the pain would be gone, what are your thoughts? Sbnick how are you doing?


Wanted to just updates the pain throughout the day. i swear it’s nerves at times because the left side hurts one day, and then the right hurts the next day. one side will be completely fine, and then switch to the other side. everyday is the conection site soreness. hoping that will die down in the future, but the switching of the pain, is crazy. you feel that one day the one side that is “quiet” has healed and will be ok, but just comes back to flare up. I however do not remember when I have had bilateral pain on both sides at the same time. hopefully it’s just my body learning to speak to itself again, and time will be the best medicine. Just feel like pulling my hair out right now, and I am so sick of this!!

still hurts to sit and get up at times. just getting going is a pain, and that can lead you to just wanting to lie on the coach or just stay seated.