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My Story of vasectomy and reversal

So struggled with pain bilaterally this week after my stupid post. Waiting for a better day to arise. Still trying to figure out if my pain is constant after having sex. Need some help thinking about this. If there is pain, more than usual after sex would you all think it is congestion or still nerve issues? So frustrating. No sex will never be an option for my wife and I. Your thoughts. Or did some of you still have pain after sex after reversals for atleast up to the 1st year of healing post reversal.

If I have gentle sex once or twice a week then I’m generally fine, but if things get faster or more than once a day, or consecutive days, then I’ll ache at the reconnection for up to a week. Still true till now.

that is actually a positive for me. to know that i am not the only one. how far out are you again? 10 months here. had sex on friday, and nothing since, and it is starting to die down a bit. even if it lasts for less and less days in the future is a positive, just thinking about time healing all still.

Nearly 17 months here and am still very cautious. I find anti imflammatory meds help a lot. I know how tough it is to stick to celibacy, but for the sake of healing, needs must. Heard stories of guys taking ~3 years to feel ok after sex.

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as long as there is a light at the end of the tunnel. so how are you feeling overall now, 17 months post reversal? when did you start to really get a normal life back?

Hi Mike, ups and downs TBH, by far toughest time of my life. Have a read through my journal, I tried to keep it as detailed as possible hoping that it would be helpful to others.

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how are you doing brother?

Ups and downs, don’t want to jinx myself, still not as good as I were just under 3 months ago, but can see small positive changes. Decided to be super patient now and pray for the best

@SomeGreyBIoke @mklamut79 i feel your pain and hope for your continued recovery non-linear recoveries are so hard mentally and physically… Am one month from reversal and starting to stress which isn’t good for my body… I just need to keep reassuring myself that this is the right decision and have faith in my surgeon and the entire reversal process and my body able to health from this. If i have learned anything its to have patience and give it time.

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please keep us informed. we are all in this together! wish you the best

Hey dudes, I have intentionally been off of the forum for a bit as I tried “Nerve Shield” and Physical Therapy, and also wanted to stay off until I have met my 1 year mark of my reversal. That was on march 19th. As I am not completely recovered, i believe I am getting better, very slowly, very slowly, very slowly. I still have aches and pains, some days are better than others, and I have had some days i was able to go about all things, without hesitation. I do not think the nerve shield is helping, and not too sure about PT. Every session of PT leaves me a week of discomfort, so i am not sure on that yet. I have been very busy at the hospital with covid-19, and working, so stress and work I do not feel have been helping either. So honestly, I guess to some it up, i am better than I was post-vasectomy (probably would say 70% better), but still looking for 80, 90 and 100%. i am hoping this happens with time. It appears that every 6 months helps in recovery right now. i am lifting weights, and tried running (running left me aching for about 3 days), but have been on the elliptical for about 3 weeks. i am slowly returning to my normal self, but please don’t take it as a success story. it is, but it isn’t, if you understand. if this is the best that I will be, it is much better than pre-reversal. I haven’t been in the grouchy mood as much, but am looking to improve some more. Hang in there, as I will too. Time still seems to be the best answer, and staying active. I can definitely tell the difference between being active and nonactive on days. it feels like the endorphins help with the calming of the nerves. You have to get active. I didn’t and was just a couch potato dwelling in my own shit. t wasn’t a miracle cure but it helped. my physical therapist said getting back to lifting was the smartest thing to do, because it forces more blood to the nerves, and keeps them active. I will let you know how i am doing, and as always please keep your stories coming, and if i can help you in anyway, just reach out to me. i will more than likely try to be on here 2x’s a month now just to keep you informed, and check in with you all. Until then stay safe, and wash your hands!



Mike - great to hear. You appear to be making progress, just on the back of a tortoise. We’ll never know why, so don’t beat yourself up. If 40% better today, maybe 60% in June.

Take care and keep us posted on CV19 at the CC. You guys are on the front line. I’m ex Air Force and came close to getting deployed for Gulf War 1. Now, 30 years later, biggest threat I’ve seen, and I’m told to stay home and sit on the couch.

Fight the good fight.


so hey guys, just wanted to inform you all on my current situation. I have been in bad aching pain for the last week. not too sure what is causing it, stress, or just still healing. seems so crazy to say “still healing”, but i guess you just have to ride out this shit storm. hoping to find you all in good health or getting better. be safe out there, and practice good hygiene. hoping the next 3 months brings more pain relief!!

@mklamut79 i imagine your current situation of being on the front line for this cov-id crisis isn’t helping… stress, nervousness, and mind all play a role in this shit that am sure of… Am only 2 weeks post my reversal and just keep saying to myself one day at a time. But i can imagine being a 1yr post reversal this is much easier said than done. Hang in there as were all on a differnet recovery path but ultimately if he keep seeing improvements even month to month still a positive.

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Hey Guys, almost at month 14 post reversal, and I must say that I have had some really good days, but I do get this occasional setback, which lasts about a week. Constant throbbing and achiness. I am for sure not 100%, still not running, but doing more of the elliptical, and definitely things can hurt if i am sitting the wrong way. I am still cautious about alot of stuff, but I am truly hoping that time will heal this. I am probably feeling 70% better than I did pre-reversal. i can go through stretches of good days, but have not yet felt like my “old” self. Not too sure if this will ever happen, but I will still continue to hope. I sure hope that in the future this all goes away. stay safe everyone, and be careful during the pandemic! Still would love to hear reversal success stories, or post about how long it took to feel normal again.


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I am Air Force as well, Thanks for your service brother! 68th IOS, Brooks AFB

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Excellent! Same to you. I was actually “just” a reservist for about 9 years at 179th Tactical Airlift Wing in Mansfield (Air Guard).

Hey guys, 2 weeks of crap! Throbbing and achy pain. 14months and 5 days post reversal. Ease tell me someo e has gone through a very long time of healing and managed to get better. This is driving me nuts. I almost feel like I am reverting g back to my old original days. I was doing OK, not great, but now am taking 800mg ibuprofen everyday just to get through the day. Onve again, tour knowledge and help is greatly appreciated. Starting to go down that dark he again.

800 ibuprofen daily isn’t much. Max dose is 2500. Maybe try to up the dose, I’d recommend taking it with something like omeprazole or espramasole. Helped me no end

Thanks man, just wish it would end. I know you know what I’m talking about. Might do 800mg twice a day, mid morning, and then around 4pm to get through bb the day. Maybe that will break the cycle. Wish I could say if it was nerve related or not. Thisw damn connection sites are where it hurts. Anything that runs up against that area causes pain. Feels achy and dull.

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