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My Story of vasectomy and reversal


Hi guys, I have frequented this site many times and many days, and just wanted to share with you my story, and continue to look for answers and support during my healing process. I had my vasectomy performed in December of 2017, and have been in pain ever since. Of course my dr. thought I was crazy, and told me just to keep chomping on advil. Not the answer I was looking for from the guy who cut my boys. I was dealing with chronic pressure pains that seemed to ride up from my testicles all the way up to my lower abdomen. My testicles were also very sensitive , and during sex, I would get the feeling of “a cramp” from my testicles to my inguinal area. Very painful. I dealt with this for 15 months until my wife and I decided to have the reversal. We had to pull the cash out of our 401k, and I had to struggle with the depressing issue of “stealing” money from my family to pay for a poor decision I made. Unbelievable! Everyone in my family and friends have had vasectomies, and have had no issues. Just complete crap man, and nobody believes you when you talk about it. That leads to my next point, not many people talk about it either. It is a embarrassing topic to discuss.

So we pulled the money out and paid for the surgery, and my surgeon let me know that there was no guarantee that any relief would come my way. I figured I had to do it and just try, because I didn’t think there was anything else we could do. My wife and I just celebrated 20 years of marriage and took the kids to Disney for Christmas in December of 2018, and I was in excruciating throbbing pain the entire trip. Nothing I did could help, and standing in line was miserable. I couldn’t wait for the days to end and just get back to the hotel room, and lie down. Not a perfect anniversary present or vacation stay. That is what really pushed me to do the reversal. I couldn’t go through life anymore ruining all the moments I spent with my family, or be the “no-fun dad/husband” everytime we needed to go or do something. So march 19, 2019 I had the reversal.


Update from the reversal. As soon as I was out of surgery and woken up, I thought that everything was doing pretty well. I didn’t feel the pressure pain I was having before, but I was still on the pain killers and completely swollen. I thought to myself, Great!! It truly was the original vasectomy that was the issue. Swelling was huge for the next 3 weeks. I was lucky with my surgeon that he went through the original scars, and didn’t perform a hack job on my sac. My surgeon told me that he removed the granuloma, and that there was “Much More” scar tissue that he had to remove then what he thought he was going to. I am assuming he didn’t think that there was going to much at all. I was feeling great, but as my swelling started to decrease, I started to freak out, because I started having that original “ride up” pain from the bottom of my left testicle to my lower inguinal area. I thought for sure I was screwed. Just paid an obscene amt. of cash for nothing. I do have to credit @GM18501 who has been there for my through it all. I continued his take on the vitamin C, vitamin D, and the cranberry extract. he has been my right hand man/wing man through this, and I am an anxious person to begin with, so I know at times, I must drive him nuts, but I am so thankful for him and this forum, on helping me out. Also a shot out to @raising4girls for calling me and helping me out as well. I have another guy to thank, but can’t think of his call sign right now, but if you are reading this, know that I have not forgotten you and am thankful for you reaching out to me. So back to my recovery…As I thought that I was getting better I had an ejaculation overnight in my sleep at the 2 week post op period. Totally freaked me out because my surgeon said no ejaculations for 4 weeks. I thought that I might have messed stuff up. I felt some throbbing pain throughout the day, but nothing too bad, and it seemed to go away a day or two later. On to the next part of my recovery. this might not have anything to do with it, but at the 2.5 week mark, I started to have some pain in the middle of both of my butt cheeks. I thought this was just due to laying in the same spot for such a long time. Then I developed bilateral wrist, feet, ankles, heels, elbows, and shoulder pain, with lower back pain. I thought for sure this was all due to the surgery, so as I write this post, I am waiting on my steroid to be filled at the pharmacy. I have never had any issues with anything like this before, and all of my labs came back normal other than a high crp c-reactive protein level. so that states that there is inflammation going on in the body. hopefully it works and kills this shit. Just to let you guys know, there is something called "Delayed reactive Inflammation response that can happen post surgery, and I found this related to vasectomies. I can’t believe that vas or reversal would be much different since they both deal with tissue damage., so if your joints are hurting, just a heads up on that. I would love to know if anyone else has had to deal with this. this has taken some of the awareness of reversal pain and healing away. But, what I can tell you about the reversal pain for 5 weeks is this: The pressure feeling is gone, and the lower abdomen pain is gone, but I still have the sensitive left testicle (one of the original problems) still active. I do have that heavy ball sack feeling, and I would assume there is still some swelling going on and healing going on in there. Just heartbreaking because you want it to go away so fast, and if 2/3 symptoms have gone away, why is the 3rd one sticking around? Let the mental games begin. This testicle pain I feel starts at the bottom of my left testicle, and when the testicle is held up or brought up, sends this pain riding up to the vas reconnected site. My reconnection sites are sore, not horrific, I could honestly live with that for good, if that was the final result. They started to hurt this past weekend because I work in a hospital and have to move patients all day. People aren’t small, and they are dead weight, so this honestly was the first strenuous activity I have done. So it makes perfect sense to why they are sore. So doing ok, I guess, but still waiting for that sensitivity and pain to leave the left testicle. it feels like the original pain, but I am hoping that it goes away with time. I know that I am in the early stages of recovery, but I guess I feel like if swelling has gone down, then healing must be almost done too. From what I have read, this is going to be a loooooong process. I hope to be able to run, and not have to guard my nuts when my kids are around me. Thanks for listening to me guys! I will keep you updated, and please give me any wisdom, advice, knowledge or any help you can. we are all in this together, and I feel sorry for you all! Hopefully better posts in the future.


First of all you are NEVER a bother. Speaking specifically for myself , it was the hardest road I have ever traveled and don’t wish the pain or time it took to get back to normal on ANYONE! I will always be here as a sounding board should you wonder what I was feeling at different points in my recovery. I’m hoping in the next few months to come your able to heal as I did and move on from this. Everyone’s body is different . Give yourself the time to recuperate from the reversal. As mentioned , it s MAJOR surgery. But one 16 month later I’m glad I did! . I remember saying to myself before the surgery "I was in pain for 8-9 months… I’m going to give myself AT LEAST that much time to heal before I even start comparing… And oddly enough healed even sooner. Try and stay happy, try and fool around with the wife to release the endorphins and get the tubes flowing, TRY and get back to normal as much as possible.

We love ya brother! Stay strong.


Thanks man, you know I appreciate you!


I think I’m heading down this road too, but I’m only at 3 months post vas and I’m going to give it another 3 months. Did you get better at all throughout the months or were you the same? I completely get the heavy ball feeling from standing for too long as well.

I also understand about life being different with the family. It breaks my heart when my 6 year old asks me “when are you going to feel better, so we can play again”. This was the worst decision we all made, but none us knew we would end up like this. We have to keep pushing forward and try to get better.

Who did your reversal and how much was it? I read somewhere Dr.Marks is no longer doing them for PVPS guys? He was the one I was considering. Luckily, I have some savings and can get this thing reversed. From what I hear it runs around 10k which is a lot of money.

Hope you better and get your life back.



I hope that all of your symptoms and pain go away, and that you do not ever have to deal with this long term (15 months for me). I completely understand what you are talking about when you talk about your children, and how they pick up on this stuff, and how it is gut wrenching when you are no longer the father you use to be. try to hang in there and be positive. You are still in the beginning stages, which many consider 3 months or longer to be PVPS. I got mine done in Cleveland, Ohio, @ Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Sabanegh (now president of the clinic) did my reversal. It cost $10,120., that is supposed to be a “package deal” which should have covered everything. We are kind of in a dispute right now, because the billing system is not perfect, and I think they never combined it as a package, and gave me a statement for $18k!! So we are disputing this right now. His colleague is Dr. Sarah Vij, and she has taken over his practice, so she would be the one more likely to perform yours if you chose the clinic. She is very smart, I actually see her next week, and doesn’t pull any punches. I am still in the recovering stages, but my mental toughness is tested for sure with this crap. I hope to get my life back as well. I use to be an amateur bodybuilder (all natural), and haven’t lifted in almost 16 months, a shell of the man I used to be. Looking to regain that back as the following months are hopefully kind to me. Let me know if I can help with anything else.



Awesome news! I am also on the slow-slow road to reversal recovery.

Vasectomy - July 2017
Pain begins - January 2018 and gets progressively worse throughout the year.
Reversal with Dr. Shane Russel in Ohio ($6,300) - December 2018 (highly recommend him)

So I’m four months post reversal and feeling pretty good most days. Still in regular pain and soreness, but I can feel most of it radiating from the reversal incision sites still healing internally and not from the epi or other internal sources like before. I still can’t jog, but I can work longer in the yard and play with the kids more. I’d say I’m improving about 1% each week with light exercise, and good sleep and diet.

I have turned boxer brief selection into an art. I’m 6’ 2" 200 lbs and always wore size large. Now the XL is the only thing I can wear. Also, baby powder is my best friend these days. Really reduces the friction and agitation.

I’ve also had a lot of luck with stretchy dress pants. I have a couple pairs and they are a real game changer. I also get them 1-2" larger in the waist.

The Old Navy Go-Dry pants are around $30 if you catch a sale. Very stretchy and still have a dress pant look. Just don’t get the lighter navy colors, they don’t look as dressy.

I also have one pair of lululemon Commission pants (their ABC Anti-Ball Crusher material). Most comfortable pair of pants I’ve ever owned and they look great as dress pants. Only problem is they are usually over $100, which sucks, but having one pair has been worth it.


That sounds great man. When you said “original pain” were you talking about the pain you had after the vasectomy, bc later, you talk about just pain from surgery sites. I am going on almost 6 weeks and know I can’t run, just have that heavy ball/swollen feeling, so I think they are still a little puffy from reversal. not as much as they were originally after surgery. just still have that pain that rides from the bottom of the testicle to the top of the inguinal area. I have 6 week post op meeting next week, and will see what dr. says. I am hoping it is all nerve realated, and that they grown over time and calm down. keep us posted. it helps me mentally to know that you are still recovering after 4 months, since I am almost 6 weeks, and looking for miracles already, which I think we all do.


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Almost 6 weeks post op, and definitely having good and bad days. Scrotum looks like most of the swelling is gone, but my left testicle I would say is still swollen, and still pretty sensitive. I also believe that my left vas is still swollen/hard, and am contributing that to the reason the testicle is still swollen. Will see the Dr. tuesday, and will share the info I receive from them. Still dull achy pain, at times, and still some “ride-up” pain from the bottom of my testicle that is quite annoying, like the original pain I had before reversal. Hopefully that calms down with time, and isn’t something else, that I will have to look into and try and figure out what the hell else is going on.


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It’s a long journey @mklamut79, I’m 9 months post, and just begging to have good days. Just keep taking your anti inflammatory meds. I kept journal on how I progressed with recovery on the forum


6 week post op Dr. visit.

Well had my 6 week follow up today, Dr. Says everything seems to be healing nicely. I still have some swelling and fluid on my left side (this was the major side of pain/with granuloma and much scar tissue), but the Dr. said that this should hopefully keep lessening as we give it more time. Gave him all the updates and concerns that I had, which probably sounded like a broken record, but he seemed very confident that “Time” is our best friend, and that I need to understand that I may not ever be 100% again, and that is something that I need to understand. he wasn’t downplaying it, but I feel just wanted to be honest. So I hope that with the upcoming months and weeks, that I can start to write more positive updates here for you guys. I am extremely happy that I paid and had the reversal done, because as of right now, I am in a much better place than I was pre-reversal. I can only pray that things just continue to keep getting better. They talked about nerves, and the body still healing, and more of my left side might take longer to heal since it was the most problematic for me. So, the main update is time, and more time. Even when having sex, I use to get PAINFUL contractions, which made it rough as well. I have to say, it seems like that pain is gone, but I do have some throbbing and pulsations later into the next day after sex. Once again, hopefully a time issue, but definitely the pain is gone from that. So just another positive to try and take away from all of this, as I try and piece my life back together, one day at a time. hang in there guys.



Happy for you mate that’s awesome. I am very happy with my reversal 8 months on and no pain hang in there

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thanks @Francis, I just hope it all calms down, the only main issue that I hate is that ride up pain from the bottom of the testicle to the inguinal area still. Anytime the testicle is raised or palpated I can feel it. Hopefully just a slow recovery for the nerves to calm down. You said 8 months, and many say 6 months, so I have some time. Thanks to guys like you and this forum, it is a little easier to get through this difficult time.



ok, guys, week 8 today, and some minor relief. there are days where I don’t thinkn about it as much, which is crazy, because for the alst year and a half I thought about it every second. Still pressure pains, now having some pressure pains after sex. hopefully that goes away. still have a swollen left vas, that is slooooooowly going down, bbut still have that ride up pain from the left side that gets triggered every time the testicle is raised and moved. that is my biggest concern right now, waiting for that sharp, dull pain to go away. I must say I believe I am getting better, but pain is a tricky thing, and it only takes one moment to set you back mentally. Also, feel like my testicles have actually become smaller, this might be due to the fact that both of my testicles had larger , pronounced epididymides, and they were larger, so maybe it just feels and looks different because my balls are returning to their normal state prior to the original vas. hang in there guys.



hey everyone, week 9 in the books, and I must admit that life is better. I do have some pain, still, but swelling is still slowly decreasing, so I think when the swelling is finished, I will be better than I am today. Some throbbing,pulsing pains still, but that could all be due to swelling and healing. looking forward to the upcoming weeks, and looking to finally enjoy a summer again. I wish you all the best of luck on here, and I will continue to leave updates of my reversal. So far, all seems better with having the reversal performed. The cost of the surgery was brutal, but well worth every penny so far.


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Hey guys, another update, just passed 9 weeks, and been pretty good, but today is a step back. chronic pressure pain feeling, and aching today. probably a 4, manageable, but still sucks. still have a hard left vas. going down I believe, but very very slowly. trying to stay positive, and hoping time just heals all wounds.


İ pray for You…


Stay strong brother, takes long time. I found that Naproxen helped me no end with inflammation and pain. I read posts from Dr Marks on FB that anti inflammatory medicine greatly reduce the chance of scarring over