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My Story in a Nutshell

One week to go before scheduled SCD. Tired of the pain and the change in acitivity level, but with some reservations.

It’s hard to be objective. I think that I hurt less than I did 3 months ago…but yesterday my daughter asked me why I am grimacing and digging into the carpet with my toes.

I think that I’ve just gotten used to being in pain much of the day.

Anyway no new insights…and not expecting advice here…just sharing some anxiety with latest roll of the dice.

Regarding the Botox block to spermatic cord- denied by insurance as experimental. No regrets here, as given the paucity of evidence, I don’t blame them. At best was probably looking at 90 days relief.


Hi @Roy, have you considered some other form of ablation?
I wish you all the best for your surgery. I understood you get it done locally and not with PUR?
Are you not convinced that their targeted approach offers some benefit? Maybe an inappropriate point in time to ask; I certainly don’t want to raise your anxiety. I can fully understand how you must feel now.

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Had SCD today…felt that my urologist (Tom Walsh, UW) also offered targeted approach. Used microscopy without robotics, but basic concept similar. Having the typical post op pain currently (much less so than reversal) but feeling optimistic. Will spare you all the day by day details and plan to post in the next few weeks, hopefully with a positive story. Thanks to all of you for the support. Your posts and helpful comments have sustained me through some rough times.


All the best, I wish you a speedy recovery and that you achieve a pain free state


All the best Roy! Praying this is the answer for you. Please provide us with updates!


Post op day 3. Recovery has been easier than either vasectomy or reversal. Minimal swelling or bruising. Incision in inguinal area barely over one cm long. Some incisional pain, so too early to judge whether this is a success. Ice and ibuprofen are sufficient.

Have scheduled time off which I would recommend to all who can. Tried to tough it out on previous rounds which was no good.


Rooting for you! Please keep us posted.


@Roy how’s it going? Feeling any improvement from the denervation?

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@Karl_Hungus I think so. And thank you for asking. Was holding off on an update, hoping I’d be better able to distinguish between post-op, incisional pain and the usual crap.

Almost 2 weeks out. Inguinal incision completely healed outside-still a bit swollen underneath, just slight bruising (that tracked down into the scrotum). Relief was not “night and day” like the blocks were. But from about the one week mark, each day has had slightly less pain. I returned to work on Monday and made it till 4 pm till I really hurt. Today (Wednesday) timing was about the same but intensity less. pain is more dull “pulling” and less sharp, stabbing than before. Much less of the referred pain to the feet that would make me clench my toes. Ice and ibuprofen are still in steady rotation.

Regarding function, quite happy to report that the equipment is working. In fact, don’t have the “day after” ache in the posterior portion of the nut following ejaculation. That alone may have been worth the ticket. I was expecting more numbness on the left side of the scrotum, as has been reported, but that hasn’t been my experience.

I am exercising again. Yoga still helps as pelvic floor muscles were unhappy with surgery. Getting them stretched out again. Bicycle riding still restricted to the hand bike at the gym…but I remain hopeful!

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Glad to hear it. You had the targeted denervation as opposed to the traditional approach, right?

@Roy how are you feeling now? Don’t mean to pester you but I am considering the same procedure (with Dr. P tho) in about two months time assuming no major improvements.

Well, I think I am now around 5 weeks out. I am better, though results are not as dramatic as the block. Mornings are good, but I remain sore in the evening. Ice and ibuprofen do help. Today, for first time in nearly 2 years I got on a bike. Not my racer, but I am traveling in Europe and rented a clunker (with Cush saddle) to get around town. I’ve also been able to walk for an entire day…which would not have been possible a month ago.
There is still some slight swelling and tenderness around the inguinal site…turns out that at 50, I don’t heal as fast ( or as completely) as I used to. Still, I hope that things will continue to improve.
Thanks to everyone for checking in…will let you know how things go.


Update. Now nearly 8 weeks out from SCD. I am reluctant to say…but SLOWLY getting better. Still with good and bad days.

Yoga has been a huge help. If you are suffering and haven’t tried it- do yourself a favor. The stretches would be part of any pelvic PT program and the sense of mental calm is a bonus. On bad days, I can count on the hour of yoga to provide significant pain reduction. Three days a week is what I can manage…trying to fit a fourth. For beginners, look for slower paced “Hatha” style as Vinyasa or “flow” tends to move too fast.

Got on my racing bike last weekend (no I didn’t race anyone, I’d be dropped from the group ). But there is more Hope than ever.

For everyone out there on the forum who have offered support. THANK YOU and hang in there!


Sounds like you are on a good path. Hope you find your peace and permanent pain relieve.
Seems like Yoga offers combined benefits of stretching and meditation.

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10 weeks out from SCD. Still with (slow) improvement. Did a 25 mile bike ride. Two years ago was doing 80, so not full throttle by a long shot. Still sore day afterwards. Very sore the next day after sex. Had to stop ibuprofen as my gut was not tolerating it anymore. Doing yoga, Nerve Shield, and icing. Occasionally, topical lidocaine. Feeling grateful and hopeful.


Hi Roy!

Slow progress is still progress :wink:


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Encouraging for all us out there considering Denervation. Fingers crossed for you.


A bit of a relapse. Had been doing better, even did a couple of spin classes then recurrence of pain for past two weeks. Then yesterday knocked out with a respiratory infection. I think the nerves now are a weak spot and indicated a prodromal condition. Not super scientific, I know. Hoping that as I recovery from my URI, it will take the pain with it and I can get back to biking.

Since I had the day to sit around with my dark thoughts…if the urologist who did the vas had to endure this pain for even a week, i’m fairly certain he would stop this nonsensical procedure. And I’m on 2 years. stepping off soap box

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Relapse lasted 3 weeks and depressing as all get out. Trying to shake things up. Acupuncture - 1st treatment fixed cold of two weeks duration. Coincidence, perhaps. 2nd treatment, a reduction in intensity of nut pain. Still not 100%, or even 70%, but if I have my way, I’m back on the bike for a social ride this weekend. Didn’t get around to trying lyrica- insurance issues.

Really miss working outdoors exercise. Running not happening. Biking hit or miss- mostly miss at this time. Kayaking?