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My story from 8-years ago

image Hello everyone. I haven’t interacted with this group for over 5-years, but from 2011-2013 I was very active in this group or what the group used to be…. I thought I would create an account and just give a quick update of my experience. I will keep this very brief but have a much longer and thorough diary of everything I experienced in those 2.5 years.

I had a vasectomy in the fall of 2011 and everything was ok at first… Pain started to increase after a couple months, and by 6-months post vasectomy I was starting to loose my mind from the amount of pain I was in. Ended up getting a reversal in the fall of 2012, exactly 1-year post vasectomy. At first the reversal didn’t seem to have worked. 9-months post reversal there was no real relief from pain… by 12 months post reversal pain started to subside and by 18-months post reversal I was nearly pain free. That was 5.5 years ago and I have been living a completely normal life ever since. I have very slight pain occasionally today, but nothing debilitating.

Anyway, that’s a very brief summary of my experience. But for 2-years (2011-2013) my life was a living hell. I couldn’t work, laid up in bed, couldn’t exercise – I literally thought my life was over…. But here I am living a totally normal life for the last 5.5 years.

Hope this could possibly encourage some of you… Happy to give more details if it could help anyone.


I remember you. Glad to hear you eventually made significant progress post reversal over time, and thanks for sharing some of your story here.


Thanks for coming back and sharing. I think it helps the new victims when they see others were able to at least partly recover.

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Hey BBalk. You and I reversed around the same time-frame. Glad to hear you are okay. It took me a while for pain to go away after reversal as well. Like you I had become pretty much disabled in the years after my vasectomy. I wish I had acted sooner like you but I had no idea what was going on. I was on the old Yahoo forum. I can’t remember my handle.

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Good to hear from you Mike. Sounds like you’re doing well?? Once I was basically healed I kinda tried to put that dark time behind me - and disappeared from the group… I’d say I’m 98% recovered - every now and then a little mild discomfort. This group really helped me during that time so I want to be available to help others if I can.

Hello @bbalk thank you for coming back to this forum. I’m currently 15 months post reversal, and still have good and bad weeks. Can I please ask you if you ever experienced any pains across your inner thigh and leg?

There were times when I thought the pain was radiating all the way into my inner thighs but for the most part my pain seemed to come from the reconnected vas’s and the epididymis. I had a fair amount of blood in my sack that didn’t completely go away until around 18 months.

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Do you know if you’re still fertile? Have you ever had SA done?

I had one test done at 6-months post and I was fertile. The local dr. I did it through didn’t have technology to give SA levels, but just whether or not there was sperm. Roughly a year later my wife became pregnant - but it wasn’t a viable pregnancy as it was outside the uterus… That was a bit of a shock for us… I haven’t done any tests since - as I was basically pain free at that point - but guessing I still am as I was at 18-months post reversal.

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Did you have any setbacks in your recovery? For me it feels like I’m nearly perfect for 2-3 weeks, and then painful for a week or so. No rhyme or reason.

Oh yes - I can totally relate to that. I had many ups and downs with recovery… 3 steps forward, 2 steps back etc… Such a mental game and often times like you, I was unable to pinpoint why pain would return. Honestly it was more just hanging on for the long haul and over time the bad days or weeks just became less painful and less frequent.